What is leslie and kalyn relationship

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what is leslie and kalyn relationship

Melissa tells Maddie she needs to talk some sense into Kalyn before everyone calls her a slut. Maddie is like, too late. Leslie's parenting (or. Kalyn Nicole Braun is a sweet California girl, who is trying to adjust to this Leslie and my relationship hasnt changed if anything we have only. Since Leslie is out, Kalyn is put on the spot, which is really crappy on Leslie's I' m happy to hear her relationship with her father has improved.

DeAynni decides to cheer for Alex. At one point, she tells Alex to snap her wrists better and get low… get low… hip shimmy… get low. Right then, I would have tunneled my way to China.

Shaye tells DeAynni that she's embarrassing and doesn't get slapped. Two points for Shaye. Kalyn got fired from the ranch for being a hoe. DeAynni drives Alex home so she can harass Cindy.

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On the couch, DeAynni says, "I like Cindy. I think she's a lot of fun, but the fact of the matter is, she's just not the most involved parent. She has a lot to do. You know, because her shopping career keeps her super busy.

what is leslie and kalyn relationship

Cindy asks, "Are you, like, calling me a bad parent? Right or wrong, DeAynni needs to work on her own parenting skills before she attempts to help or pass judgment on someone else. DeAynni says she's just looking out for Alex. Cindy is like, "Girl, I'm bussssyyy. Those moms have nothing better to do. Melissa tells Maddie she needs to talk some sense into Kalyn before everyone calls her a slut.

what is leslie and kalyn relationship

Maddie is like, too late. Leslie's parenting or lack there of is under attack, and then DeAynni starts in on Cindy again.

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Kalyn makes her move on kinda brother number two. After Cindy learns about Kalyn slutting up the ranch and being fired, she lectures the girls… no dating, no sex, no piercings, pursue a career which is rich, no pun intended, coming from her. Alex begs her mom to stop.

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Instead, she gets personal, points to Maddie, and says, "Her mom let her have six piercings and she lost her virginity. When asked about moving in with Nikki, Adam says, "If I ever move in with a girl, it's going to be the girl I'm going to marry.

what is leslie and kalyn relationship

After the date, Whitney encourages Nikki to break up with Adam. Are you ready for the event of the year? Bonnie wears a hard hat and tool belt. Nikki tells Whitney that she and Adam broke up. Whitney and Nikki agree, men are stupid. Melissa tells Cindy that DeAynni is going around telling everyone that she is a bad mom. Cindy says, "That's bullshit. I'm going to handle this right now. Cindy approaches DeAynni and yells, "I just became friends with you, and you're already starting shit about me!

My daughter is a straight A student and top ten of her class.

what is leslie and kalyn relationship

My daughter did not do that on her own. We'll talk about this later. DeAynni manages to avoid a scene with Cindy, but there's another storm brewing between Whitney and Kalyn.

Not that there was any doubt. I was annoyed for Bonnie during that episode. DeAynni says, "The way she dresses… I didn't think she was as prudish as she was. New Orleans also brought us the police report drama. Since Leslie already left the building, she's not there to spew her nonsense defend herself.

Bonnie says, "She's Pinocchio. When her nose grows, she doesn't want us to see it. On Leslie's behalf, Kalyn explains, "She wanted to do an incident report because she wanted it to be on file just in case anything else happens.

It happened… it's over with… you can't go back and change time. Vivica reads the police report paraphrased: Jason intentionally pushed Leslie, and she believed the assault to be offensive, though she was not injured.

In New Orleans, Leslie went on and on about the bruises Jason gave her and how scared she was for Tyler. Melissa points out that there's no mention of Tyler in Leslie's report. Bonnie agrees, adding, "It was about her. I would have been okay if Tyler were to file it against Jason because Jason did threaten to him.

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TMZ would not make it a story unless there was a police report. Kalyn opens up about her family drama. Vivica cries off her lashes. I feel for Kalyn. I'm happy to hear her relationship with her father has improved. I admit that I've been hard on Kalyn this season.

what is leslie and kalyn relationship

Kalyn doesn't think her age matters. I think she's found that with Paul and his family. He's good for her and they seem really happy. Jason goes on to say his blessing doesn't matter because the engagement happened anyway, to which Booger says, "I apologize for asking her to marry me without your blessing.

I tried to be as respectful as I could towards waiting. I waited, I asked, I did all that. I took the steps, but there is an element to my personality that nothing is going to stop me from being with the girl of my dreams. Nothing is going to stop us from getting married. My heart skips a beat. Booger is the real deal… Whitney is one lucky girl!