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How to Get Away With Murder Murder 2, Annalise Keating, Scandal Quotes, Series . htgawm, wes gibbins and wes deserved better image on We Heart It. Many interesting facts about Annalise Keating's past and her possible connection to Wes Gibbins even before the law student knew her were. Wesley "Wes" Gibbins, born as Christophe Edmond, was one of the main characters of The Mahoneys then hire Annalise Keating to serve as Charles's lawyer. .. Rebecca Sutter: Rebecca and Wes' relationship started off as rocky at first.

Repeatedly swears to the kids that she'll help them get away with Sam's murder and her devotion to this results in actions like framing Nate in order to protect them. Annalise was sexually abused by her uncle. She has this reputation and encourages it with her speech about placement in her class being the result of the students' bad karma, but she's actually quite reasonable though naturally firm.

Later on, a girl in her class that stutters through an answer to a substitute teacher is shown answering Annalise quickly and correctly. After realizing in the pilot that Wes knows virtually nothing about the class he's taking, she tells the class that in the next lecture, they must all come up with a plan to get her client found not guilty, and Wes must go last There are dozens of students in the class.

By the time it's Wes' turn, all of his ideas have been suggested and he's forced to think very quickly to come up with an idea — and she ends up being impressed enough by his quick thinking that she offers him a job at her practice.

Or at least, that's what she says, though she denies that she offered him the job as a bribe to keep quiet about her affair. She's very strict about the goings-on in her class.

For example, in the pilot, she releases serious venom when Laurel "steals a learning opportunity" from Wes. Annalise is cold, emotionally distant, and is a task-master. But, underneath it all, she is someone with warmth and understanding. As events unfold and her husband's true colors emerge, you can't help but sympathize with her and her affair.

Lampshaded by Wes' shrink, who states that his relationship with her is very confusing and possibly very maternal. Her life gets worse each season. First she discovers her husband is cheating on her and was responsible for the death of Lila. Then she loses control of her alcoholism, and has her licence suspended. Then Wes dies, and she is imprisoned for his murder, her reputation is ruined and has her remaining career dangling by a thread.

She has Wes shoot her in order to frame Catherine and once again protect the Murder Quintet. She drops this on Bonnie when she realizes the latter murdered Rebecca, outright comparing her to Sam. She had an affair with Nate Lahey while both were married. Alfred Enoch A law student fresh off the waitlist, Wes is surprised to be selected as one of the Keating Five.

Sweet and awkward, but the flash-forwards indicate a darker turn in personality. He is neighbors with Rebecca, and manages to befriend her despite her protests. Later, it's revealed that his real name is Christophe Edmond. Sweet, awkward, and has been canonically called a puppy on the show. He truly believes in trying to help others. Wes has shown to become completely fixated on a subject that others would deem normal.

At first, he's the most out of depth among all the go-getters on the show due to being from the waitlist. The audience is introduced to Keating's work as he is. The eleventh episode shows he's haunted by nightmares after dealing with Sam. Wes becomes noticeably enraged when Annalise starts talking about his mother.

Beware the Nice Ones: Despite being by far the nicest person in the cast, he accepts Annalise's job offer while clearly understanding that working for her means he's going to have to discard at least some of his morals, given her 'Do anything it takes to win the case, legal or illegal' attitude.

He shoots Annalise in the stomach after she tells him that she was aware that Rebecca was murdered and she'd been lying about not knowing. Beware the Quiet Ones: He's revealed to be Sam's killer, and also the one who shot Annalise.

In "Meet Bonnie", Connor wants to see "what the puppy's packing". Holds the fact that he knows that Sam and Lila were having relations over Annalise's head to get her to find Rebecca when the latter takes off. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: This line in "He Deserved to Die": I'm allergic to peanuts, I have a really bad sense of direction, my mom killed herself when I was twelve Break Her Heart to Save Her: He breaks up with his girlfriend Meggy in season three, partly because he doesn't want her to be part of the mess his life has become, and partly because he has feelings for Laurel.

Revealed to be the body under the sheet in 3. Curiously, he died before the house fire. Rebecca, Laurel, and Meggy have all been interested in him. Annalise tells Wes that he's a product of this in 2. His mother had been raped repeatedly by Wallace Mahoney, the father of her client, and that her suicide had been a last desperate attempt to protect Wes from him. Later on, it's revealed that it was Wallace's son, Charles Mahoney, that had raped her and fathered Wes.

Looks like this is going to happen, based on the flash-forwards where he goes from shocked and appalled at lying in the present to lying to his classmates about the coin flip and possibly getting them to murder Mr. Keating for Rebecca's sake. The mid-season finale reveals that he killed Sam to protect Rebecca from being choked to death, and that Annalise had a hand in how he seems to have had all the angles covered in disposing of the body.

He grew up poor and was bullied by some of the kids. His mother committed suicide when he was only The ending flashback for the mid-season 2 finale reveals Wes was present in the aftermath of his mother's suicide.

Set up as the Deuteragonist of the series and the main student character, only to die in the third season. He's the second main character, after Annalise. Annalise lampshades how quick he is to throw everything away for Rebecca despite barely knowing her. He easily lets his entre life and focus be consumed by one single thing.

First, Rebecca, later, the scratch marks in his wall, lastly, the case his mother was involved. He ended up with a foster family after his mother's death and they encouraged him to change his name. At the end of season three, he's made the posthumous scapegoat for the murders of Sam Keating and Rebecca. All of this does nothing but reinforce his distrust in Annalise.

He's the illegitimate son of Wallace Mahoney's son, Charles Mahoney, who had been sexually assaulting Wes' mother before her suicide. But, Wes is nothing but a sweetheart. Wes stays relatively cool-headed when the murder occurs, from going back for the murder weapon to getting everyone to agree what to do with the body.

Also lies to his classmates about which way the coin flipped so they will deal with the body they way he wants them to.

He also manages to stay focused and practical enough to destroy the evidence that Rebecca gathered, as it placed them at the scene of the crime.

Annalise having seen him pick up the trophy beside Sam's dead body may have had something to do with this, though. While Annalise tends to be harsh towards all her students, Wes is the one she cuts slack the most.

He feels deep regret over murdering Sam. Because of the waitlist, he's caught flat-footed when he steps into Annalise's class. And he knows how to use it to his advantage when getting people to trust him. No Sense of Direction: Wes lampshades this about himself: I have a really bad sense of direction The Only One I Trust: Annalise does what she does in order to protect him in particular, revealed in second half of season two to be because she was involved in the case that drove Wes's mother to suicide.

Wes kicks off the first season finale's plot by finding out Rebecca called the cops on Rudy Walters and landed him in a mental hospital despite previously claiming not to have known him. He becomes increasingly suspicious and realizes that previous testimonies were telling the truth, eventually dragging the others into it with him. He begins to suffer nightmares after the murder in Episode 11 and fears he's going crazy.

He starts to spiral after shooting Annalise in season two, and ends up in a psych ward for mandatory observation. A lot of Annalise's secrets seem to find their way to his lap. She Is Not My Girlfriend: Says this verbatim regarding his relationship with Rebecca when the others accuse him of it. Stalker with a Crush: Rebecca accuses him of this and, while we from a Doylist perspective know he's a good guy, he is still pulling stunts that could do serious damage to his career for a girl he's talked to all of three times and always ending with her very firmly rejecting him.

Among the least talkative and outwardly emotional of the main characters, along with Frank, Bonnie, and Laurel. As the season wide arcs wear on him, however, his stoicism is washed away while Frank, Bonnie, and Laurel tend to remain cool under pressure. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Wes pretty much always does things for a good reason, but he seems to be taking the attitude that there is no such thing as going too far for a good cause. Will They or Won't They? Between him and Laurel. They eventually do halfway through Season 3. Wise Beyond His Years: A flashback shows a young Wes give shocking understanding that his mother is dead and that the police officer is lying because she doesn't want him to "freak out".

Would Hit a Girl: He's the one that shot Annalise. Laurel Castillo "I just Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

Karla Souza Another of the students selected by Annalise, Laurel is a sensitive girl from a wealthy background who attends law school in order to make the world better and defend the less fortunate. Because of her quiet nature, she is easily overlooked by the other students. She carries on a relationship with Frank. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Laurel is in a relationship with the snarky, cynical Frank. She soon starts to develop nebulous feelings towards Wes after he shoots Annalise, and after helping him find out the truth of his mother's death.

Laurel is idealistic and believes in the doing what's right. Hits on Michaela several times and offers to sleep with her jokingly. She also kisses her out of joy in Season 3 Episode 9, "Who's Dead? Laurel has long had problems with her father, disliking his greed and habit of putting himself before the issues of his family. However, upon discovering he had Wes murdered, she grows to outright hate him, and is now obsessed with bringing him down for it.

One of the two nicest of the Keating Five the other being Wesbut has proven to be quite ruthless when the need calls for it. She produces the grisly ' he's a hunter - he knows how to kill ' defense that wins the second case. She also played Connor and Michaela like fiddles in Episode 10 and thrashed their efforts to take her down with then in their confession to the police. She's definitely all for aiming low when it comes to arguments: You do realize I'm not scared to hit a bitch?

Oh, just throw me down the stairs. You did a pretty good job with Sam. Versus Michaela in the Season 2 premiere. Laurel grows from the quiet, idealistic "wallflower" in season one to the most badass student lawyer of Annalise's who has no problems letting her morals go if it means winning a case; she got so good at it, Annalise even dubbed her "new Bonnie". Her goal is to become a lawyer to defend those who can't help themselves. Her more cynical seniors call her out on it, telling her she's not going to get anywhere with that attitude.

And quite a few. The main one seems to be that she feels that her father values his money over her or her family, especially since he left his mom while she was in a bad place psychologically and he did not paid ransom when Laurel was kidnapped when she was Gets considerably worse after she discovers her father had Wes murdered. Despite being one of the most manipulative characters and per Annalise has a sketchy family backgroundshe quietly decides that helping cover up Sinclair's murder is too much, and maybe they should go to jail.

She tries to convince Wes to not give into his anger to shoot Annalise, but fails. Evolves into this as the show progresses, tipping Frank off to have Connor's car stolen so it wouldn't be cataloged as evidence. She even managed to fool Connor and Michaela! The first season finale reveals that she's been keeping Michaela's ring on her the whole time to stop the latter from tattling.

Tries to be this for the other three students involved in the murder, telling them they have to try to get along if they don't want to get sent to jail. She's still more manipulative than most examples, but her heart's in the right place. She keeps her cool when the murder occurs, enough to come up with a believable alibi for the four after the body is disposed of.

Laurel gets upset over Frank having another girlfriend despite them being a couple, even though she's cheating on Kan with Frank. She's nicknamed "Wallflower" by Bonnie and Frank when they're discussing who of the five students would become the "shooting star".

Everyone's called her out on how her idealistic mindset will get her absolutely nowhere, but as the series progressed, she became the most badass out of the Keating Five. She's the most composed on the night of the murder, secretly found and kept Michaela's engagement ring in order to keep her quiet about the event. Also, when Connor and Michaela try to take her down with them in their confession to the authority, she immediately alerts Annalise which thwarts their plans instantly.

Lastly, she determines the possibility of Rebecca's death in the Season 2 premiere, knowing she would've gone to the police if she was alive. Jury and Witness Tampering: Does this in Episode 5 despite the whole episode being about not telling the jurors about jury nullification, even if it could save the protagonists' case. They wind up with a mistrial. Know When to Fold 'Em: She has a light complexion, but is Mexican. Nicer than most example, but she can be just as manipulative as Annalise.

He's the closest to Laurel, and gradually becomes nicer to her. Less than Wes, but she is a bit of an idealist. Stays calm, cool and collected even when transporting a dead body. She's nice and sweet towards people in general. She specifically wants to help the less fortunate with her law degree, despite not needing the money. Seems to be developing this with Bonnie in Season Three. Is impregnated by Wes in season three.

She decides to keep the baby, and spends the first half of season four pregnant. So much that Frank and Bonnie's nickname for her is "Wallflower. She poses as Rudy Walters's sister when investigating him. This leads her to almost murder a man based on circumstantial evidence that he is guilty. She's clearly uncomfortable with her family's wealth and insipid hobbies.

In the flashforwards she calls the other students out for questioning her relationship with Frank while they're dealing with a dead body. She's easily the most unflappable member of the Murder Quartet, even after Sam's death and while disposing his body, she was the most level-headed and aware of the consequences of any errors, even going as far as to create an alibi.

The flash-forward of season three reveals that she's pregnant. Whether she knows — and who the father is — is yet to be revealed. Took a Level in Badass: Ever since the night of the murder, she's become bolder and crafty as ever.

She manages to shut down Conner and Michaela's effort to take her down with them in their confession of the murder to the police by bringing in Annalise behind their backs.

Took a Level in Jerkass: She and Wes pretend to be husband and wife when checking out Rudy Walters in a psychiatric ward. Her taking a jab at Michaela throwing Sam down the stairs as a catty retort becomes more poignant when you remember the latter did it to protect her, but to be fair, Michaela pretty much started the whole altercation by mimicking Laurel for stealing her ring.

She's the type that goes to law school to change the world and protect the rights of innocent people. She slept with Frank while she was dating Kan. At one point, she slept with Frank while being in a relationship with Wes.

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It's because of this, she isn't sure of her baby is Wes or Frank's. Asher Millstone "And you guys call me immature? I'm like the most grown up Matt McGorry Another of the students Annalise selected, Asher is immature, obnoxious, and privileged, but cares where it counts. Starting in "What Happened to You, Annalise? He's complained several times about the rest of the K5 not including him.

He was miffed when they went to the bonfire after they had made fun of him for wanting to go before, as well as when he learned that he had missed Oliver bringing Philip to the house after seemingly having been kidnapped by him in the beginning of episode 2x Insulting his father is a big one for him.

He seems to be a skilled hacker, and it's established he and Connor are still on good terms by the night of the murder. There are likely security cams somewhere near Annalise's house.

Perhaps Oliver's skills will be used to cover up evidence, or plant it on someone else. Oliver starts to play a more and more important role, and by Season 2 is instrumental in the main plotline. As of season 3, the actor who plays Oliver is a series regular, and Oliver plays an important part in Murder Night when Annalise sneaks her phone to him and asks him to wipe it clean just before she is arrested.

We see him doing something with the phone in another flashforward, so presumably he followed her instructions. Bonnie is Sam's first wife. As much as she seems to like Annalise, it's obvious that she cares a hell of a lot about Sam, and she's going out of her way to protect him. Maybe despite not being married to him any more, she's still holding a torch, so she works for Annalise to stay close to him. Annalise says she and Sam have been together for 20 years.

So Sam must have married Bonnie when she was a teenager. In season two we find out that Sam was Bonnie's therapist after Annalise somehow saved Bonnie from her abusive father. So Annalise is the reason Bonnie met Sam. Annalise will represent her husband's killer. She will either be convinced that they didn't do it, cares too much for them, or simply doesn't care that Sam is dead.

Or they'll offer her a lot of money. Jossed Bonnie is in love with Annalise It explains a good amount of her actions and makes sense given how emotionally she reacts around her compared to everyone else.

In season three, Bonnie tells Annalise that she loves her. Later in season three, Annalise kisses Bonnie. Bonnie doesn't seem reluctant to do it or upset by it.

Bonnie also tries to convince Frank, who she slept with and who she says she loves, to take the fall for all of them, making it clear that her primary loyalty is to Annalise. Asher is Sam's killer. The scales fell off the statue, what if they did fall off at his house? Also, we don't know where he was when Sam was murdered. He's strong enough to deliver a single fatal blow, and what better way to hide than in plain sight, acting too suspicious so everybody will think it's too easy?

Jossed Wes isn't nearly as nice as he looks. He joins Annalise's firm while knowing that he'll have to shed some of his morals, and goes from sweet, naive and upset when he thinks that Annalise is bribing him to ready and willing to lie and manipulate Michaela, Laurel and Connor into helping him get rid of a body in a few months. He could have done similarly dark things before, given how he seems to be willing to do anything if it's to help Rebecca.

Connor really does have a drug problem On the night of Sam's murder, Connor returns to Oliver's place in a frenzied panic and promises to tell him everything, then after taking a shower and calming himself, he opts to tell Oliver he has a drug problem instead of admitting his involvement in Sam's death and disappearance.

This could be a way of diverting attention from the truth because while it certainly isn't all that pleasant or noble sounding, it's far less damning and could still work as an alibi in the future. Connor could have actually tried a new concoction of drugs in order to help cram and study for exams as they were planning to do, and it would help explain how his behavior went off-kilter even earlier into the night before any traumatic events occurred.

It works so well at explaining his behavior that it feels almost too good of a cover to be entirely false. Considering Connor's other hedonistic tendencies, this wouldn't be surprising. Connor is a sex addict. Oliver's not quite as together as he appears If you thought him kicking Connor out of his apartment was Advertisement: The Flash Forwards will have a Twist Ending with the creation of Deadpool Annalise's firm is a front for Weapon X and the death of her husband was a recruitment vehicle.

The five students will be transformed into a Mind Hiveand go crazy as a result. How do you get away with murder? By becoming walking talking undead cancer. He comes off as having a crush on Connor, seems to be awfully curious about his love life, and comments he wishes he were gay. Considering his background, it's entirely plausible that Asher doesn't even realize bisexuality is a "thing.

There's something significant about the former occupant of Wes's apartment. Those scratch marks have been featured too many times, and Rebecca spent several episodes mentioning the guy. Since he was a law student too, maybe he was in Annalise's class at some point. Confirmed, his name is Rudy Walters and Rebecca was involved in getting him stuck at a psychiatric ward. Wes and Laurel meet him in 1x Annalise will defend her students, while Bonnie and Asher prosecute them Annalise because she wants to make sure Wes stays on her side so that the stuff he's discovered about her life like the affair don't come out, and Bonnie because she wants to get back at Annalise.

And Asher because he's crushing on Bonnie. Bonnie reluctantly helps Annalise defend them while Asher remains clueless.

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While pretending to have a drug problem, Connor will develop a drug problem He'll have to get some stuff in his system and learn lingo and everything in order to be able to seem like an addict in therapy, but along they way will become the mask. The second half of season 1 will flash forward to the students on trial Jossed. WES has a lot more to do with the initial murder that we think All this case rely on one enormous coincidence: Maybe, he did not take this flat by accident Annalise killed Lila and Nate is on to her She felt obligated to defend Rebecca.

She is desperate to prove Sam guilty even though she has shown signs of obviously missing him. Nate told her a straight up lie about what the evidence he found about Sam's involvement with the murder because he knew she would use the information to pin it on Sam. This also explains why he wanted to break off their relationship. She knows exactly how to get away with murder. Frank killed Lila, and it would seem he did so on Sam's orders.

Asher will accidentally shoot Annalise Asher will finally figure out everything that's been going on around him, more or lessand will start carrying a gun to protect himself. They'll be some kind of confrontation about what he knows at the adopted kids house while he, Wes and Annalise are there - and that he's been a mole, passion in info to the DA under threat of blackmail from the DA because of something in his past.

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Something in his past that Annalise already knows. Annalise will try and tell him they're not going to hurt him or anything, but - paranoid - he'll pull the gun attempting to leave. Asher, really panicked now, will run off and Wes will chase after him, which is why there's the shot of him running through the woods.

Asher doesn't do that, but he does murder Sinclair, which kind of leads up to that.