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Kim and Ron enjoy the last couple seconds of their first kiss as they stand in eachother's arms. A crowd of fellow "Oh Ron. You really know nothing about relationships do you?" Kim asks him. Are you saying that you want to start dating?" Ron So I guess it makes sense why he is acting like this. "KP?. They shared a passionate kiss at the end of Junior Prom, and they were The relationship between Kim and Ron, like any couple's, has had its Up and Downs, which the following will detail. . Kim wants to go to a dance with Josh Mankey. If I was Ron I'd be like Ik the boyfriend rules, then complaint. Open Greatest show ever." kim and ron kiss Kim And Ron, Kim Possible And Ron, Old Disney.

At Bueno Nacho, Ron was trying to figure out what was happening between him and Kim. His friend Ned had his own problems. He had been replaced as assitant manager by Lars who was sent by the new CEO.

There were alot of changes in store for Bueno Nacho including Kiddie Meals wirh toys. Just then, Ron's beeper went off.

Ir was Kim with ashe had learned Drakken had her father. Kim and Ron arrived at Drakken's lair only to find it deserted. Suddenly, Kim and Ron fell through a trap door into a secret room. There, a hologram of Drakken showed them the sitiuation: Kim's father was dangling over a mutant sea-monster, but they also had to deal with Drakken's Synthodrones and his new motion-detecting deathray.

While Kim did battle with the synthodrones, Ron tried to rescue Dr. Possible, but to no avail. After using the laser to get rid of the synthodrones and reflecting the beam back at itself, Kim saved her father from the sea-beast, who had no memory of what Drakken did to him.

At the mall, Kim and Monique were trying out dresses for the prom. Kim had no idea what Drakken's plan was. Erik came in and was about to ask Kim about the prom, when Bonnie interrupted saying how close Kim and Ron were. Monique managed to trick Bonnie into leaving, while she was still wearing the dress she hadn't paid for. Kim and Erik left the store, Ron watching from his booth with a frown on his face.

Kim wasn't the only one wondering what Drakken was cooking up. Shego tried to figure it out but couldn't see the connection between a toy design, cybertronic technology, synthodrone upgrades, and teenage wasteland. Shego tried to get Drakken to tell her, but he refused, saying if she can't figure out his plan, than never can Kim, meaning there was a chance he might win. Drakken left the still-confused Shego for a board meeting at a company he recently got control of.

Bueno Nachos all over the globe were giving out the little devil-like toy which was a big hit with children everywhere. Unfortunately, Ron, who couldn't handle all the kids, broke down on live t. Upon seeing this, Kim decide to talk to Ron, who was in the old treehouse. At the treehouse, Kim and Ron reminicised about old times such as when Kim saved Ron from a bully he pelted with his slingshot when they were six Ron claims it was him who saved Kim, but the details were sketchy.

They also talked about Ron's time at Camp Wannaweep, where Ron admitted that of all the terrible things that happened to him including dealing with bullies, rabid squirrels, bugs, poison ivy, a mad monkey, a polluted lake and the fact that his mother wouldn't come get himthe worse thing was spending a whole summer away from Kim. When Kim asked if there was more bothering him than Bueno Nacho, Ron immedately said he had no problem with Erik, while giving off the same bluffing signs he did at his card game.

Kim assured Ron that they would always be friends, but it was time to grow up a little. Erik arrived but Ron wouldn't let him come up "This treehouse has a weight limit, and while I'm holding this slingshot, we're already pushing it"so Kim left with him.

As she did, Ron muttered to Rufus that he wasn't jealous. While walking her back home, Erik told Kim he thought the stuff she did was cool and asked her to the prom. The night of the prom came.

As Rufus helped Ron get ready, Ron told him how he couldn't understand what was happening to him. He wasn't bothered with Kim being with other guys before, but for some reason it was different this time. It was then Ron began to realize what was up with him: Ron figured it was time to tell Kim the truth about his feelings, but after some second thought, he decided against it, not wanting to take the risk if Kim chose Erik over him, especially if it had negative consequences on their friendship.

At the Possible house, Erik arrived to pick up Kim. Erik even won Kim's dad over, saying he would have her back by ten. Kim looked more attractive than ever, however her graceful desecendant down the steps was interrupted by the twins on their rockets. Strangely enough, Erik had fast enough reflexes to dodge them. As Kim left for the prom with Erik, her mother looked at an old picture of Kim and Ron and wondered if her daughter was making the right choice. At the prom, Kim and Erik were the center of attention.

Off the side at a table was Brick and a scowling Bonnie. Ron, who decided not to go to the dance, went to Bueno Nacho. At first, he was getting an order to go, but an anxious Rufus begged have it now. While Lars was preparing Ron's order, Ned tried to tell Ron that something weird was happening, but Ron didn't pay attention.

As Rufus began scarfing nachos, he discoverd the message and tried to get Ron to look at it, but Ron was too down about losing Kim to give it a glance. In fact, the only thing he did notice was that the bendy straws had been taken away. He contacted Wade and had him patch him through.

Ron was surprised that the CEO was It seems Drakken used his new torture methods to get control of the company. Realizing Ron had learned too much, Lars had Ron attacked Ron and Rufus managed to escape the attacking miniture robots on Ron's scooter despite how slow it was and headed for the prom, with the Diablos in hot pursuit.

Back at the prom, Wade tried to contact Kim to tell about Ron's discovery, but she was too distracted by Erik to pay attention. Ron busted in saying the Diablo toys were evil, causing everything to stop.

When Ron pointed outside to the Diablos who had chased him, they had gone into hiding. Erik thought Ron was making it up, but Ron didn't care, all that mattered was that Kim believed him. At first she didn't, until he mentioned Drakken was in control of Bueno Nacho. Kim called Wade who confirmed everything Ron said. The Diablos were made of a technology more advanced than Wade every saw. Kim decided to show the designs to her father and she left with Ron, leaving behind a not so thrilled Erik.

While Kim and Ron tried to figure out the meaning of this maddness, Drakken ordered Shego to give him a status report on the plan. Good news for him: There were enough Diablos scattered across the earth to implement the final phase at the stroke of midnight.

Kim was on to it. Determined not to lose this time, Drakken ordered his men to activate the Diablos in Middleton immedately and told Shego to pick up something for him while he was holding a picture of Kim and Erik. Back at the Possible house, Kim's dad revealed that the Hephaestus Project was a living metal capable modifying itself and growing.

Seeing the shocked looks on everyones faces, he assured them it was useless without a command signal. Just then, the taco sign at the Middleton Bueno Nacho turned into a signal attenna and began broadcasting a signal across the town. Jim and Tim's Diablos instantly transformed into giant killer robots. Kim's family heads for the garage while Kim and Ron deal with the Diablos. Things don't look good, the Diablos are unlike any of Drakken's other creations they've faced.

Kim's family decides to help by upgrading Ron's scooter with Jim and Tim's rockets. Kim contacts Wade for help, but he is also having robot trouble. Wade says the only way to stop the Diablos is to take out the command signal but he is unable to track it at the moment. Ron figures the signal is coming from were the Diablos originated: Kim and Ron jump on Ron's rocket boosted scooter and head to Bueno Nacho with one of the Diablos giving chase.

Dodging the robot's laser blasts they arrive at Bueno Nacho and get the robot to knock over the transmitter. With the signal gone, all the Diablos in Middleton turn back into harmless toys.

A safe and sound Wade contacts Kim and Ron, saying there's a hit on the site. It was Drakken congraduating Kim for surviving the attack, but she must surrender if she cares about the safety of Erik, who it seems Shego kidnapped from the prom. Angrily, Kim rushes home and puts on the experimental battle suit Wade developed for her then raced to Bueno Nacho headquarters, Shego and Drakken watching her approach on the monitor.

Shego is surprised, but Drakken is expecting her. Kim and Ron arrive at Drakken's lair and discover among they gadgets Wade gave them was a toy gun modified into an electromagnetic scrambler that could take down Drakken's system. Inside, Kim and Ron are attacked by the sumo ninja, who now has a high voice thanks to the atomic wedgie Ron gave him. Rufus opens the container and the sumo ninja is out cold. Kim dodges an energy blast from Shego and the two once again fight. It seems Kim has the edge with the battle suit.

Down below, Ron is cheering Kim on. The sumo ninja who recovered from the knockout gas sneaks up behind him, but Ron accidentaly knocks him out again. After a few well place punches and the right motivation, it seem's Kim has won the fight. Erik comes down the escalator and embraces Kim, only to reveal he is really Synthodrone Kim tries to get away from him, but sends an electric shock through her, shorting out her suit and knocking her out as he reverts to his true sythodrone form.

Ron angrily charges at the sythodrone but is knocked out by Shego who got her second wind. Kim and Ron wake to find they are tied to Bueno Nacho props. Kim is down that she didn't realize Erik wasn't human and that Drakken played her so easily.

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She feels it's all over and Drakken has defeated her. But Ron gives her a peptalk and says it is not too late to stop Drakken and also says she'll find the right guy as he says "there is bound to be one out there or Kim begins to realize what Ron is trying to say.

Just then, Rufus appears and, using Kim's laser, cuts his friends down. Kim grabs the electromagneticb scrambler, pockets it and the trio head for the final battle. Midnight strikes, and Drakken and his men activate the main signal tower, which sends out the command signal to the entire world.

Diablos everywhere transform into killer robots and begin attacking their resident areas. It appears Drakken has finally succeded.

He begins boasting about how he was able to learn Kim's weakness: Up on the roof, it is storming and the sky is filled with Diablos. Kim tries to aim the scrambler at the signal tower, but it is knocked out of her hands by Shego. Ron runs up to the roof and attempts to grab the scrambler, but busts through the roof and snatchs it, then he insults Rufus. Ron knocks over and the scrambler goes flying. Rufus grabs the scrambler before it goes over the side.

As Rufus attempts to pull the scrambler back up, Kim and Ron continue their fights with Shego andKim is holding her own against Shego, but it seems is too strong for Ron. Rufus manages to get the scrambler back on the roof and passes to Ron who while is standing on top of him in turn passes it to Kim.

Kim knocks Shego out of the way, grabs the scrambler and fires it at the signal tower. But before the unit hits its target, jumps onto the tower and grabs the unit. It seems all is lost. But a grudge-holding Rufus appears and bites 's foot, causing his synthogoo to come pouring out.

As collapses into a puddle, he drops the scrambler unit and it makes contact with the tower. The tower shorts out, the computer system explodes, and Diablos all over the world turn back into harmless toys, some of which are picked up by happy children. Realizing his plan is ruined, Drakken tries to run for it, but is stopped by a miffed Ron who says he'll pay for what he did to Bueno Nacho.

Drakken begs for mercy and finally says Ron's name. Shego also tried to escape, but is blocked by Kim who, like Ron, isn't in a happy mood and she gives Shego a kick into the base of the shorted out signal tower, causing it to collapse. Drakken, his henchmen, and Shego who is sporting a new look after her electrifying encounter with the tower are loaded into the paddy wagon, Drakken saying he can't believe he lost again.

As he shuts the door to the paddy wagon, Ron says "Deal with it, dude. As Kim takes Ron's hand and they walk away, Ron asks "Where are we going? Back at the prom, everyone is watching the news of Kim and Ron's latest victory over Drakken on the janitor's miniture t.

Everyone gasps as two familar figures come through the door. Kim in her prom dress and Ron in his tux, both holding hands. Even an idiot could figure this out.

Realizing that it has finally happened between Kim and Ron, Bonnie takes this as the ultimate opportunatey to insult them.

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She makes fun of the new couple and laughs, expecting everyone else to do the same. Instead, to her surprise and Kim and Ron's as welleveryone cheers and applauds, like they were waiting for Kim and Ron to get together all along. The multicolor lights come on and the prom resumes. At first, Kim and Ron just stand in the doorway, too nervous to move. Rufus jumps out of Ron's pocket and pushes the two closer together. Taking the hint, Kim and Ron take each other's hands and start dancing.

Kim begins to realize the man of her dreams has been with her since Pre-K. From the look on Kim's face, we can tell Kim is having a better time with Ron than she had with Erik. On the side, Rufus and Monique happily watch their friends fall in love. On the other side, we once again see Brick and a scowling Bonnie. Kim and Ron stop in the middle of the song, look in each other's eyes, smile at each other, then summoning up more courage than ever before, they share their first kiss.

Trivia At the start of the movie, as a guy jumps off of the parade float, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard. The Wilhelm Scream is a popular sound effect used by producers when characters fall a great distance. When Kim and Ron get out of the water outside of the casino, Kim doesn't have an air tank with her. Then during the scene where Kim is putting on her dress, Rufus is by an air tank, and there is another one next to him. When Kim activates her rocket skates in the beginning, she presses a button on her glove.

Ron kissed her on the top of her head and then surprised her by whispering gently, "Shhhhh. What is going on here? Near the end of the movie, Kim found herself in a very awkward sitch. She felt like she was going to cry.

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She used to never cry, ever For some reason this movie was threatening to break her down. They never overwhelmed her emotionally. Was the movie that good, or was it because she was now really involved with someone? Was it because she was in love herself there's that word again with someone who felt the same way about her so that a story about the same thing could touch her like it never had before?

In any case, she was NOT going to cry now. She clutched Ron's hand, and, for some reason, that seemed to steady her. Just as she felt she had passed her danger zone, she realized that Ron was sniffling!

She looked up from where her head was laying on his chest, and, sure enough, there were tear tracks coming from both of his eyes. She immediately wanted to comfort him. Kim was so shocked she couldn't think of anything to say. Ron had cried at movies before--the final car chase in Bricks of Fury II had, she recalled, proved to be very heartrending for Ron. But he had never done anything except snore during one of her romantic films.

Apparently, their relationship was having a similar effect upon Ron's emotions as well. As they walked out of the theater, Ron tried to apologize for crying in the movie. Kim would hear none of it. You don't have to apologize. But I would like to know why you felt like crying. I guess it kinda reminded me about us. Now I'm getting oblivious to it! Kim had Ron stop the car a few blocks before they reached her house.

We're going to be late for curfew. I don't want to get on your dad's bad side on only our second date. We still have fifteen minutes and what I have in mind won't take that long. After he got out, she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "I wanted some good-night Ron Factor.

Although it was good, real real good, the experience would be so much better if Ron were to move his hands from around her back to someplace … better. What are you doing, KP! She had been guiding his hands down to her butt. The look she shot him froze the blood in his veins.

One, this," she grabbed his right hand and gave her butt a little smack with it, "is NOT second base. You have inadvertently touched my chest on missions before, no big. She saw you do it, and I think it freaked her out a little. I am certainly glad I had you stop here. You probably would have had your hand there all the way up my parents' driveway.