Vocaloid rin and len relationship help

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vocaloid rin and len relationship help

In particular if its about the Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len relationship, its been between Vocaloids, other backstories will be handled by other "Help" pages. LEN AND RIN HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP. They are Len x Rin (Vocaloid) Twincest Kaito, Hatsune Miku, Diabolik Lovers, I Love Anime, Cute Art, Anime. This is a very frequently asked question. What is Rin and Lens true relationship between Kagamine Ri.

Kagamine Len's introduction artwork: He has "Act 2" on his headphones. The cyber-on-normal clothing design on the detached sleeves were changed from a green bar to a blue one. His fringe was reshaped and other strands were adjusted.

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Len's face, particularly around the cheekbones, was reshaped. His left knee had a minor tweak. Boxart changes; Kagamine Rin's leg position was changed in the boxart so it was lifted off the ground. The only way the previous position would have worked was if her leg were deformed or broken. Rin's body itself compared to the length of her legs is shorter than in the original boxart, where the legs were longer.

Rin's knee is rounded instead of sharp. Both had the cyber details changed on their detached sleeves. For their appends, Wat wanted them to have a sense of transparency with their design.

vocaloid rin and len relationship help

Continuing the tradition of the Item War Internet Mememany items were proposed for the pair. In the end, Len's item was a banana because his hair was commented to resemble a bunch of them, while Rin's item was an orange since her bow gave the impression of orange leaves. Before her release, Rin had the road roller assigned to her by accident in a video that suddenly received many views on December 1, Len had yet to be revealed at the time of the road roller meme.

These exist because there is not much "canon" information on many of the Vocaloids and fans often fill in the gaps. This is most notable in songs, wherein two Vocaloids can be in a relationship of any nature be it professional, romantic or family. However, songs have no barring on the Vocaloids themselves and are not considered "canon".

vocaloid rin and len relationship help

Therefore these relationships will not be addressed here. Fans, however, have been largely influenced by these songs.

Love & Hate Series

This results in certain Vocaloids being in a relationship of some form, often romantic, being paired with each other when no such relationship exists. What is a "Relationship"? A relationship is a direct and deep link or bond between two separate people, items, animals, etc. It can be family, romantic, professional, work, development, etc.

vocaloid rin and len relationship help

This page is designed to answer all questions related to Vocaloid relationships. Vocaloid relationships come generally in two forms; Character and Development. Official Character relationships As of date the following are the official relationships between Vocaloid characters and non-Vocaloid characters.

Xingchen is the "elder sister" and Haiyi is the second eldest. Cangqiong and Shian are currently the youngest. Official romantic relationships There are currently no romantic relationships between any Vocaloid. Their rivalry is on a Protagonist and Antagonist level. They are also friends with two other girls, Yosano Yuzu and Ono Koume.

Luna was a later guest addition to the band who appeared in a song. Note that the following also were meant to have a band but did not; Vocaloidol; was meant to be a group of female singers of which Tone Rion was a part of.

Only Rion was produced for this band. Official development relationships The following are lists of Vocaloids related by release only and have no other link to each other either as family, friend, professional etc unless it has been stated in the previous "Official Character relationships" section.

In other words this is not a storyline relationship and are linked simply by one vocal being made to fit with another.

Due to circumstances though the links may have been intentional, in some cases these links in development may be dropped or reconsidered due to change of direction. They will still be mentioned here.

vocaloid rin and len relationship help

This simply means their vocals are designed to be used together in song or were originally designed to convey the same idea in a different manner, thus providing contrasting results to each other. Tonio and Prima ; a pair of opera singers, Tonio is the male and Prima the female. Ken and Kaori; Ken is the male vocal to Kaori. Dex and Daina ; Dex is the male counterpart to Daina.

Bruno and Clara ; Bruno is the male counterpart to Clara.