Vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

Divyanka Tripathi refutes rumors about dating Vivek Dahiya - News18

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

TV star Divyanka Tripathi, who married actor Vivek Dahiya in , recently spoke about her previous relationship with actor Ssharad Malhotra. Telly world's cutest couple, Divyanka and Vivek are all set to get married on July 8. Vivek Dahiya Proposed To Divyanka Tripathi For Marriage By Divyanka Tripathi Messages Ex-Boyfriend Ssharad Malhotra For Help. Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are one of the most adorable couples in the television industry. Their fans have nicknamed them as DiVek.

I had done a small scene with him and we were barely speaking to each other. Since I had no intention of having a relationship with him, I did not give him much of a thought. Vivek do you still think she is Tulsi of today? Apart from that she is a cheerful, positive person, who brings liveliness on the sets.

She is a lot similar to Ishita on screen.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

When a co-actor suggested that Divyanka and I should meet as both of us were single, my first reaction was 'What!

But he insisted that we at least go for a coffee and we did. We had met with the perspective of seeing other as a life partner and in the first meeting itself I was largely convinced that she is the one for me. But I decided not be hasty about it. The first time we met, the breeze of love had started blowing and by the third-fourth meeting it had taken us by storm.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

I realised we are meant to be together. Vivek is a positive person who pulled me out of a major low that I was going through. Weren't you apprehensive that this would be a relationship on the rebound for her? No, I never feared that. We all go through heartbreaks in life and that is normal. I also had one heartbreak. Divyanka is wise and sensible and I know that she will not take the biggest decision of her life without thinking through.

This was not a casual fling or a random affair that we were getting into.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

I feel it was a bonus that she had had a long term relationship because a heartbreak teaches you a lot. It gears you up for the next big thing which is marriage. I am somewhere glad that she had a past as she has evolved as a human being. Both of us had been in a relationship earlier, so we knew this was for real and not something on the rebound. We decided there was no use delaying this beautiful relationship. Divyanka is very pleasant, positive person and I need that.

I cannot handle negativity, possesiveness and restrictions. She blows me away while her smile — She has the best smile ever! I also love her eyes which show the willingness to commit. And the way she makes me feel when she is around is just great. We talk highly of compatibility but there is something beyond that which is underrated and that is the willingness to make it work, to be patient and give space to each other.

Divyanka Tripathi tears up as she talks about her break-up. Watch video

These are major attributes for a successful relationship and she has all that. He is a very decent, polite, well-mannered guy unlike the industry people or actors around me. He is chivalrous and knows how to take care of his lady amongst his family and friends.

There are many small things and everyday with her is romantic for me. But the most romantic would be the day she cooked for me. It may sound like a common thing, but I know how busy Divyanka is and I value it. We were supposed to go out for dinner but she called me over to her house.

When I went, she had laid out a nice dinner comprising paneer, dal, an egg dish and more. There was no need for her to do it because she has a person to cook. Also, after a 14 hours shoot she could have taken it easy and slept, but she chose to cook for me.

That really touched me. Whenever we meet, it's romantic, but yes the most romantic thing was the day when I went to his place. I saw a beautiful photoframe with my picture in it.

He had clicked the picture some time, which I wasn't aware of. With her very first show Divyanka became a household name in the country. And, on the sets of her first TV show, she met the first love of her life - her co-star Ssharad Malhotra. Divyanka and Ssharad kept their relationship under wraps for a long time. The couple were together for nine years and everyone was speculating a marriage announcement to happen sometime in However, they called it quits in January And, this left Divyanka with a broken heart.

Actually, I do laughs. But still, there are certain things which I believe even I was at fault I used to be very busy. But still I always went out of my way and made time for his family, because I knew he was very close to his family. I was there for him at every hour. I would sleep for lesser hours, just to keep him happy. The person should be good and I want to be loved. There should be equal reciprocation of love and warmth from him.

No more one-sided love. Inafter winning the Mr. Chandigarh title, he decided to take up a career in acting and moved to Mumbai. Well, given what we usually know about love stories of TV co-stars, believing that it would have been love at first sight for these two would be quite logical.

But, it was not so.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help

There was no love at first sight. Hold your horses, we are getting to it. It was an arranged match. We were introduced by a common friend who is also a fellow actor.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya tell us how they fell in love!

We often met after work and eventually started understanding that we are very compatible and similar to each other and we can take it further. Can you guess who was their co-star friend who played cupid between the two? Yes, that is what it actually is. And as for Vivek, his scene was quite the same. He too was looking for a serious relationship.

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Even Vivek had told our common friend once that he wants to have a serious relationship and settle down. Uske baad Vivek and I started talking to each other, thoda thoda but awkwardly. Suddenly, we felt that we like each other a lot. I informed my parents soon after I was sure that I had started loving him. The moment Divyanka was sure that she was in love with Vivek, she told her parents. And then it was my turn. His parents were concerned if I could be a good homemaker since I am an actress.

We had gone to Bengaluru together to visit my family and it was the first time he was meeting my parents. He told me 'you have everything, but you need somebody who will be committed to you for life. I promise I will never hurt you and keep you happy all your life'.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship help