Vettel and hamilton relationship quizzes

Pay Attention: Formula 1 Finally Has The Driver Rivalry It Has Badly Needed |

vettel and hamilton relationship quizzes

In , Hamilton was quizzed about their relationship, hammering home But, after eight races in the current season, Vettel leads Hamilton. The Ferrari driver overtook championship leader Hamilton on the first lap before taking the chequered flag. LEWIS HAMILTON says he and Sebastian Vettel have massively improved their relationship since their fiery clash in Azerbaijan 12 months.

Gloves are off for Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and a bitter rivalry is badly needed in F1

It was never bad. That is just another assumption. Just because you like the Beatles more than the Rolling Stones doesn't mean you respect them less than the other. It' a bit silly really do you not think? Now, however, both are divided on the one issue: Hamilton won his first Championship inwith Vettel then taking four-in-a-row in a dominant Red Bull car from Hamilton then regained control in and Remarkably, despite the championship resembling a virtual duopoly this decade, Vettel and Hamilton have never both finished in the top two in the same season.

Lewis Hamilton reveals what he REALLY thinks of Sebastian Vettel after Azerbaijan clash

This season promises a change, however. Both have had three wins each thus far, with Hamilton trailing Vettel by 14 points. Tensions frayed last month in Spain, as Hamilton was forced off the track as he was grazed by Vettel as they battled for the lead at turn one. Hamilton admitted afterward that he wasn't sure if the friendship would survive the thrust of direct competition.

Advertisement There is little doubt about that now, as Toto Wolff of Mercedes gleefully tells us all that "the gloves are off". Nobody wanted to see the schmoozing anyway, so now the gloves are off. The sport needs the rivalry. What we have seen today is the ingredient of a great championship. They are at war at that moment. They are fighting for the race wins and the championship.

At a certain stage, the best ones that compete for the world championship in that phase of their careers can't be friends. Maybe we've seen the limit of that respect today.

While both men have had their internecine squabbles with teammates in recent years: The front of Alonso's car then hit Leclerc's halo. The three-pronged halo which sits above the driver's head became mandatory this year, and Alonso said it did its job. Getty Images Europe The race resumed at the end of lap four but Ferrari's superiority in the dry paid dividends as Vettel romped to a timely win with the Italian team's home race in Monza just a week away.

vettel and hamilton relationship quizzes

As soon as I was ahead I was quite relieved. After the safety car, I had a good re-start and a very good exit so after that it was a very smooth race.

Hamilton and Vettel Funny talk Seagulls F1 Canada GP 2016

I did everything I could in the race. He drove past me like I wasn't there on the straight.

vettel and hamilton relationship quizzes

Getty Images Europe Image: Valtteri Bottas moved up 13 places to fourth despite suffering front wing damage after hitting Sergey Sirotkin's Williams on the first lap. Perez and Ocon finished fifth and sixth for the Force India team.