Tristana and teemo relationship

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tristana and teemo relationship

Both Teemo and Tristana are soldiers, while Rumble isn't. does mention that Tristana avoids talking about any romantic relationship she may. LoL forum thread "The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and. sure if there was anything like Garen and Katarina or Teemo and Tristana. Tristana. Undeterred by even the most dangerous and threatening of obstacles, Teemo scouts the world with boundless enthusiasm and a cheerful spirit.

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He doesn't really have a connection with the other yordles, but he does seem to be friends with Annie. Corki is a veteran of the Yordle Army, which means he is tangentially connected with Teemo and Tristana.

Heimerdinger founded the Yordle University in Piltover. Rumble considers him to be a rival, and he is a co-worker and colleague of Ziggs.

tristana and teemo relationship

Kennen doesn't need Yordle friends, since he has Shen and Akali. He does not seem to have a connection with the others. Lulu's friends all exist within whatever Faerie dimension she got lost in.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and :: League of Legends (LoL) Forum on MOBAFire

She is hinted at being friendly with Veigar, but the lore doesn't really go over it. Poppy is on friendly terms with the yordles, but counts the Demacians as closer allies. Rumble is Heimerdinger's rival, and is also attracted to Tristana. Which leads to him bumping heads with Teemo from tiem to time.

Teemo is dangerously close to turning evil, or whatever the yordle term for that is. The only yordle he associates with much is Tristana, and even then he spends most of is time on solo assignments hunting people down with poison and devious traps.

tristana and teemo relationship

It's sadly only a matter of time before he loses it completely. Tristana is the close friend of Teemo and occasional acquaintance of Rumble. And being in the army, she would know of Corki, perhaps even working with him.

I feel it important to note that she is a key relationship for both Rumble and Teemo adn that both of them would suffer negatively without her presence. Veigar is already crazy and evil. He doesn't really have any positive relationships. Ziggs works at the Yordle College in Piltover with Heimerdinger.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and.....

It is unstated what his opinion is of Rumble, but I like to think they would get along. Fizz has a working relationship with Miss Fortune and Gangplank, and I assume he and Nami at least are aware of each other, but he's not well explored in the lore.

The Facts So, this one's really interesting. So, let's start with my single favorite lore trivia ever! Did you know that Rumble calls his mech "Tristy"?

tristana and teemo relationship

You would've learned that from reading the Journal of Justice if you knew that already. If you have Super Galaxy Rumble which I do and you recall next to Tristana which I haveyou'd be aware of this by now, since he has special interactions with there like: But, does Tristana feel the same towards Rumble, is the question of the day. Well, reading through both Teemo's and Tristana's lore entries, you'll find a very similar last paragraph, where it mentions that both have developed a 'very close friendship' and that others have rumored they are having a romantic relationship, although these rumors are usually avoided by both Tristana and Teemo.

Also, both lore entries end with a quote from the other, saying how much they enjoy being friends with one another. Both Teemo and Tristana are soldiers, while Rumble isn't.

So, what can we take from all this? The Myths Well, before answering that question, there's some other things we need to go over. Maybe, Tristana friend zoned him. After all, they are listed as friends in their champion profile pages. Another interesting detail, is that Teemo and Rumble are listed as rivals in their champion profile pages, which is very interesting. This whole love triangle thing seems to make sense after all.