Tristana and teemo relationship poems

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tristana and teemo relationship poems

Especially since I play Tristana .. Funny Memes, Car Memes, Vegan Memes, Vegan Humor, Vegan Quotes, . Tristana and Teemo League of Legends LoL. Quinn, Riven x Irelia, Irelia x Syndra, Teemo x Tristana, Tristana x Lulu, Gnar x Lulu, Kha'Zix x Lulu, . Two short, angsty poems that'll be my last work for now. From his quotes we can deduce that all his fellow scouts, including the The lore is Teemo and Tristana being in a ''close friendship'' where.

Who can it be? Are the clues enough to figure it out? But give it a shot!

tristana and teemo relationship poems

Hopefully you like it. This story was given as a prompt by my sister. T - English - Romance - Chapters: But will their new love survive Hogwarts, and the upcoming battle? Two short, angsty poems that'll be my last work for now.

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With their burdened pasts and lives catching up to them, and an unknown enemy starting to tear the whole world apart, would they manage to make it through and restore peace Let's just say chaos ensue as they try desperately to reverse this. Rated M for adult references and language.

tristana and teemo relationship poems

She believes that she is insane How could she trust Kalista, and how would she believe that she is real, when nothing she sees may be true anymore? Can she believe that love still exists? The answer is what none of them had expected. Yet, as the two discover more about each other and finds an unusual bond forming, both allies and enemies are directly and indirectly trying to split them apart.

They were the best of friends, until one single act of betrayal tore them apart. As unforeseen events occur, they realize that this may be the last time they'll even have a chance to find back their lost friendship.


The two yordles will have to understand that nothing lasts forever. Can she discover something more in this new life when another lost soul that once only sought after vengeance arrives to comfort her? Is Gnar the missing piece in his life, the piece that deserved all of his love and care?

Will Teemo be able to understand and handle all the responsibilities he had brought upon himself? But what they never expect is that the one they secretly loves will save them at the last minute. When a Marai saves her, she finds that Tristana has lost almost all of her memory. Now, Nami takes care of her in her own home, but falling in love with her was not part of her plan.

At least, not at first. Eventually she will have to make a choice: Rated M for possible lemon. Little does she know that she will soon discover the hidden truth about the Kindred Although it seems unlikely, Tristana was found without her memories of her current life in Runeterra. Little does Lynne know an unbreakable bond will soon form. But, does Tristana feel the same towards Rumble, is the question of the day.

Well, reading through both Teemo's and Tristana's lore entries, you'll find a very similar last paragraph, where it mentions that both have developed a 'very close friendship' and that others have rumored they are having a romantic relationship, although these rumors are usually avoided by both Tristana and Teemo.

Also, both lore entries end with a quote from the other, saying how much they enjoy being friends with one another.

Both Teemo and Tristana are soldiers, while Rumble isn't. So, what can we take from all this? The Myths Well, before answering that question, there's some other things we need to go over. Maybe, Tristana friend zoned him. After all, they are listed as friends in their champion profile pages. Another interesting detail, is that Teemo and Rumble are listed as rivals in their champion profile pages, which is very interesting.

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This whole love triangle thing seems to make sense after all. It appears as though Teemo and Rumble both, have a thing for Tristana. The Theories Now, Tristana's lore entry does mention that Tristana avoids talking about any romantic relationship she may have with the Swift Scout. What can we learn from this?

Well, maybe she doesn't feel anything for Teemo and avoids the question, because she thinks it's ridiculous. Or maybe, she does feel something about him and that is why she avoids talking about it.