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The couple move north to Kovir, where Merigold earns a handsome living as an advisor If Geralt avoids romancing Triss Merigold and instead attempts to woo . c)Geralt automatic flirting with Yen after you commited to Triss, yes you can avoid . This does not have to mean he wants a relationship with her. It's a pretty universal rule, but especially handy advice when dealing with two. This sounds like the ending where Geralt has attempted to tell both Triss of them being interesting in continuing a relationship with Geralt.

Geralt admitted his feelings for Triss in the books after she was summoned to Kaer Morhen to help him raise Ciri and control her powers.

She was his first choice to raise her and she was the first sorceress he turned to for help. Ciri began to like her as soon as she met her and she considered her as an older sister. This conversation took place between them in Kaer Morhen after he knew that she suvived the battle despite of the rumors. Geralt admitted his feelings for Triss. The obelisk in memory of your heroic death at the battle of Sodden.

The news that it was a mistake only reached me recently. And please forgive me for the disagreeable moment. Except perhaps what I feel now when I look at you. Her fear of meeting the white-haired witcher, which had accompanied her throughout her journey, had struggled within her with her hope of having such a meeting.

Followed by the sight of that tired, jaded face, those sick eyes which saw everything, cold and calculating, which were unnaturally calm but yet so infused with emotion… She threw her arms around his neck, instantly, without thinking. She caught hold of his hand, abruptly placed it on the nape of her neck, under her hair. A tingling ran down her back, penetrated her with such rapture she almost cried out.

In order to muffle and restrain the cry her lips found his lips and stuck to them. She trembled, pressing hard against him, her excitement building and increasing, forgetting herself more and more. Geralt did not forget himself. From Blood of Elves Triss describing the day of the battle.

After all, you want to know what happened there, on the Hill. But it was my own. And then I saw what they had done to me, and I started to howl, howl like a beaten dog, like a battered child— Leave me alone! There are fourteen graves at the foot of the obelisk on the Hill, but only thirteen bodies.

  • The game-breaking romance plot. I feel dirty now [Spoilers]

Most of the corpses were in hard-to-recognise pieces — no one identified them. The living were hard to account for, too. Of those who had known me well, Yennefer was the only one to survive, and Yennefer was blind.

Others knew me fleetingly and always recognised me by my beautiful hair. She no longer tried to push him away. Nothing was left wanting for the wounded heroes of the Hill. We were cured, patched up, our former appearances returned to us, our hair and sight restored. You can hardly see the marks. But I will never wear a plunging neckline again, Geralt. Her physical injuries were completely gone without leaving any scars, but she was left with a degree of mental scarring.

Triss also saved Geralt's life during The Thanedd coup after he was seriously wounded by Vilgefortz and was left there dying at the end of the skirmish by transporting him to Brokilon with the help of Tissaia de Vries. Triss helping Geralt get to the dryads of Brokilon to save him. The healer was known for her taciturnity.

But Milva had already heard excited accounts from dryads in the eastern marches of Brokilon; she already knew the details of the events that had occurred a fortnight earlier. About the chestnut-haired sorceress who had appeared in Brokilon in a burst of magic; about the cripple with a broken arm and leg she had been dragging with her. A cripple who had turned out to be the Witcher, known to the dryads as Gwynbleidd: At first, according to the dryads, no one had known what steps to take.

Milva did not believe that at all: Send the sorceress away, said the ruler of the Forest of the Dryads. And tend to the Witcher She did some other heroic deeds. Ending the massacure in Rivia was one of them. Triss was actually able to cast Alzur's Thunder - Merigold's Hailstorm they called it.

Basically, the name is used illegally, since the magic has never been registered, and no one has been able to repeat it except for her. Triss's relationship history before she met Geralt. Spoiler As far as her erotic life was concerned, Triss Merigold had the right to consider herself a typical enchantress.

It had began with the sour taste of forbidden fruit, made all the more exciting by the strict rules of the academy and the prohibitions of the mistress under whom she practised. Then came her independence, freedom and a crazy promiscuity which ended, as it usually does, in bitterness, disillusionment and resignation.

Then followed a long period of loneliness and the discovery that if she wanted to release her tension and stress then someone who wanted to consider himself her lord and master — as soon as he had turned on his back and wiped the sweat from his brow — was entirely superfluous. There were far less troublesome ways of calming her nerves — ones with the additional advantages of not staining her towels with blood, not passing wind under the quilt and not demanding breakfast.

That was followed by a short-lived and entertaining fascination with the same sex, which ended in the conclusion that soiling towels, passing wind and greediness were by no means exclusively male attributes. Finally, like all but a few magicians, Triss moved to affairs with other wizards, which proved sporadic and frustrating in their cold, technical and almost ritual course.

Triss first love was Geralt and before she met him, she never knew what true love was. Spoiler Then Geralt of Rivia appeared. A witcher leading a stormy life, and tied to her good friend Yennefer in a strange, turbulent and almost violent relationship.

Triss had watched them both and was jealous even though it seemed there was little to be jealous of. Their relationship quite obviously made them both unhappy, had led straight to destruction, pain and yet, against all logic… it had lasted.

And it had fascinated her. It had fascinated her to such an extent that… …she had seduced the witcher — with the help of a little magic. Geralt had needed warmth, and had wanted to forget. No, Triss had not desired to take him away from Yennefer. As a matter of fact, her friend was more important to her than he was. But her brief relationship with the witcher had not disappointed.

She had found what she was looking for — emotions in the form of guilt, anxiety and pain. She had experienced his emotions, it had excited her and, when they parted, she had been unable to forget it. And she had only recently understood what pain is. The moment when she had overwhelmingly wanted to be with him again. For a short while — just for a moment — to be with him.

Triss always felt that Yennefer's relationship with Geralt was toxic and she wasn't the only one.

Why did Triss & Geralt break up between witcher 2 and 3?

She envied her for having him. The magic she used wasn't used to seduce Geralt. Triss's relationship with Vesemir. Spoiler Vesemir welcoming Triss to Kaer Morhen. Who knows, he could be even older than Kaer Morhen.

Why did Triss & Geralt break up between witcher 2 and 3? | Forums - CD PROJEKT RED

But he walked towards her with a brisk, energetic and sprightly step; his grip was vigorous and his hands strong. No, not on the hand, little sorceress. Which will, no doubt, be soon. Oh, Triss, it is a good thing you have come… Who can cure me if not you? Of behaving like a child, surely! I keep forgetting you are grown up, and I can no longer put you on my knee and pat you. As to my health… Oh, Triss, old age is no joke. My bones ache so I want to howl. Will you help an old man, child?

It was beautiful in TW1, It was beautiful in TW2 and it definitely have a lot of good moments in TW3 though due to all of the inconsistencies and plot holes in her romance story and options. The decision about their relationship in TW3 is yet to be made. For those who have and haven't read the books. Triss obviously had a charming personality, an exotic and radiant appearance that left anyone who met her wanting more. A lot of us who read the books always wondered what could have happened "If" Triss was able to help Ciri back in Kaer Morhen and what if her and Geralt stayed together to raise Ciri there.

This is why she couldn't stay there and why their happiness didn't last. The girl is an exceptionally powerful medium. Something wants to take possession of her. Something which is too powerful for me. The romance part in the game is too underdeveloped to explore both characters. When you continue your romance continuity with Triss you already develop some kind of true relationship with her, what makes it so difficult to break up with her after that when you meet Yen and develop Geralts relationship with her.

Triss is a MUCH weaker character in TW3 so Yen nearly takes all the screen time away from her and is built up as the "true" or "right" mate for Geralt. It isnt even something we choose, it's how the story is constructed. In the second part of the game we get to know Yen and now it is cleary, she IS the main woman from now on in the story.

She gets much more screen time, she is far better written than MOST characters in the game, and clearly becomes after Ciri and Geralt the most important character in the whole game.

Triss Merigold (all spoilers)

Now it is logical for Geralt to rebuild his relationship with her again and when he does so, he discovers his feelings for Yen and shows his love to her. BUT, at this time of the game you are already locked on the Triss romance and you dont have the chance to sort things out in the end.

Their characterization is pretty obvious in this regard! For example Yen immediately got rid of the bed in Kaer Morhen. She did that for obvious reason and if you discuss that matter with her after breaking up you'll earn a pretty strong response too! Even apart from that you can get a good feeling that a menage a troi is not really what they are looking for.

For both it's obviously either Geralt or a fresh start. In real life it can happen that you develop feelings for someone else as well while being in a relationship Explaining both women that you love the other one too is usually a big mistake and will get you in trouble.