Travelsphere india and nepal relationship

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travelsphere india and nepal relationship

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It earned the hostility of hill communities; and it could not deliver to Madhesis and get the constitution overhauled.

India-Nepal relations back on track in 2017

Delhi tried to block his electoral alliance with the Maoists; it tried to block their election victory; and it tried to stop the announcement of the merger of the two communist parties. It failed on all ends. Second, a geopolitical alignment is underway.

travelsphere india and nepal relationship

China was getting aggressive in precisely this period. It had stepped up economic investment and trade linkages. But as Indian influence waned, it got involved in shaping politics. KP Oli himself had made a trip to the Nepal-China border right after his win, and has said he will deepen ties with the north to increase his leverage with the south. Nepal and India set up an EPG, of four members each, to relook at the entire gamut of relations - in particular the treaty.

It is now clear that the group would recommend an overhaul of the treaty. This in itself is fine. But Nepali members have pressed hard for regulation of the border and documenting entry and exit of each person. This is bound to generate complexities for communities who live at the border, who have deep cross-border livelihood networks, and could well jeopardise the people to people ties. BIMSTEC was created with the fundamental objective of enhancing cooperation for economic development among its member states rather than having political or strategic objectives.

At the same time, the portrayal of the exercise by certain leaders and media in Nepal as a move to build a military alliance at the initiation of India is also an extreme observation.

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Although India did not convey its displeasure officially, it can be inferred that it must surely have expressed dissatisfaction at the decision unofficially through its concerned channels. In any case, Nepal will never be a part of any military alliance as it is contrary to the principles of non-alignment, which is one of the fundamental features of its foreign policy.

The controversy should be addressed before there are diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

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The third event was related to the intra-party political dynamics of Nepal and its relationship with the external political environment. It has always been speculated that Prachanda and Oli had some sort of undisclosed understanding for party unification and power-sharing prior to the parliamentary elections held at the end of Prachanda, who met a wide range of high-ranking leaders and officials including Modi during his visit, seems to have used this opportunity of being received in New Delhi as a tool to bargain with Oli in the quest to control the internal political dynamics of their party.

travelsphere india and nepal relationship

Nepal has attained political stability after decades of problems and a strong government with a broad mandate has been formed. Moves to destabilize the government to serve personal interests cannot be accepted by the people.

travelsphere india and nepal relationship

If the government starts acting against the wishes of the people, then it will surely meet its deserved fate in the next elections. It would be in the best interests of both nations if India works in close coordination with the incumbent prime minister and government of Nepal rather than putting out feelers for someone else.

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Although the above-mentioned events appear minor, they could very well lead to a gradual decline in mutual trust. Therefore, diplomatic irritants should be nipped in the bud so that the bilateral relationship between Nepal and India, which has been flourishing recently, can reach its full potential.

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