Tidus and yuna relationship marketing

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tidus and yuna relationship marketing

Tidus and Yuna's watery love story (Final Fantasy X) Without spoiling things, it's the moment many in long-distance relationships have fantasized about. Women of esports: Crystal Dugan, Head of Marketing for Bionik and. Yuna (ユウナ, Yūna) is a fictional character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy series. She was . The book Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes described Yuna's appearance as being a "sexy MTV video Readers of Game Informer voted Yuna's relationship with Tidus as the best of They pretty much have 'relationship' conversations but it didn't seem like it the PS3, so have less of a need to upgrade" - Yusuf Mehdi, Marketing, MS during- Spira Tidus would have took Lulu, Post-FFX would be Yuna.

She then decides to become a Summoner herself with ALL that that implies. Why she decides to do this at the age of only 17 is a mystery.

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Certainly there are issues there. Certainly some summoners are young but there are those who are older, have had families etc.

tidus and yuna relationship marketing

For instance, Braska married and had Yuna before going on the pilgrimage. Is she even strong enough or experienced enough at 17 to do this. Shouldn't there be some law to prevent KIDS from doing this?? Anyway, it just goes to show that Spira and the whole religion of Yevon is sick, sick, sick.

So things are in a sense kinda depressing. He's 17 and grew up in Dream Zanarkand where by definition things are usually pretty idyllic. Aside from a few hiccups like Jecht training for Blitzball too damn far from the city and getting touched by Sin accidentally nothing bad really ever happens.

Tidus shows up and is initially just a typical happy-go-lucky jock. He knows nothing in the beginning of the whole pilgrimage or Sin or the sacrifice. He's happy and cheerful and is really into Yuna. In essence he represents something that is only a dream to her. Thus from my point of view, it is perfectly natural for her to fall in love with him. As for why Tidus should fall in love with Yuna?

I mean everyone who knows her loves her. I also think the lake scene is a very moving and natural development of their relationship when Yuna realizes how much she has to give up now that she has fallen in love and yet still decides to carry on and Tidus decides to stick by her and respect her decision. As for Kimahri, well. It spawn demons, wrecks villages, and is generally a walking natural disaster.

Think of the Kaiju from Pacific Rimonly bigger. They go on a pilgrimage to the ruins of Zanarkand.

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As they go, they learn to summon larger and larger supernatural beings — called AeonsIt really is hard to avoid jargon. At the end of their journey they master their powers and summon the Final Aeon.

tidus and yuna relationship marketing

This Aeon battles Sin. If the summoner is strong enough, they defeat Sin. Either way, the summoner always dies in the process. This brings about a period they call The Calm. They build a statue to the fallen summoner. They pray thanks at the temple. And they pray that maybe this time, Sin will stay dead for good. But Sin always comes back. Sometimes it takes a decade.

But it always returns. The temple teaches that if people could just be good enough, they could be free of Sin forever.

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But now for the real spoilers. The latter ones used by advanced summoners get to be really gigantic. He was a badass summoner back in the day. He sort of lost himself in the process, and became mindless. Now all he wants to do is control the biggest beast around. When the summoner calls the Final Aeon to defeat Sin, Yu Yevon just ditches his current monster body and takes control of the new one. It takes him a while to master the new body and build up its power.

This is The Calm. Not only does the summoner die when they call the Final Aeon, but they need the soul of a person to power it. And they need to have a strong emotional bond with that person if they want the Aeon to be strong. So they must also sacrifice one of their friends. So the religion of Spira is a sham. Beating Sin has nothing to do with atonement.

tidus and yuna relationship marketing

Summoners take their friends to their death, and all they do is stave off the world-devouring monster that torments their people. You can see how the temple leadership — who are in on the secret — came to accept this awful system. We need to keep this sham religion going, for the good of everyone.

We need to get people worked up, and give them hope that maybe they can win. Instead of asking us for answers, people will try to be more virtuous in hopes of ridding the world of Sin. This process grinds on for a thousand years, killing people, breaking hearts, destroying cities.

Spira is in a rut of misery. The world needs an outside force to break out of the cycle.

tidus and yuna relationship marketing

And that outside force is Tidus.