The walking dead s5e5 ending a relationship

In one line, 'The Walking Dead' made the viewers hate a character

the walking dead s5e5 ending a relationship

Savannah has gained a new infestation of the walking dead. After choosing your option from the end of "Around Every Corner", Lee realizes that she is .. Originally if Lee was in a bad relationship with Kenny, in the attic Kenny would have. "Self Help," the fifth episode of The Walking Dead season 5, is another Abraham, his relationship with Eugene and Rosita, and his past are the By the end, we're left with a pretty underwhelming revelation that, while it will. Last night's episode of The Walking Dead, "What Comes After," not only during the series, providing emotional closure for some key relationships. A few moments from the episode's end, Rick has made his peace with.

He pursues a mission to take Eugene to Washington, D. Emily Kinney as Beth GreeneMaggie's kidnapped younger sister, who has formed a close bond with Daryl since the assault on the prison.

the walking dead s5e5 ending a relationship

Coleman as Tyreese WilliamsSasha's older brother, who is tough, compassionate, optimistic and places an emphasis on moral reasoning. He struggles to cope with the immoral nature of some of the group's survival tactics and finds it difficult to kill in defense of the group. Also starring[ edit ] Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha WilliamsTyreese's fiery younger sister and a former firefighter, who has since developed a relationship with Bob. Josh McDermitt as Dr.

Eugene Portera scientist rescued by Abraham, who insists on traveling to Washington, D. Alanna Masterson as Tara Chamblera former police academy student and ally of The Governor's, the only surviving member of her family, who often tries to boost the group's morale.

Seth Gilliam as Gabriel Stokesa cowardly priestwho lives alone in his church, whose encounter with Rick's group leads him to challenge his beliefs. West as Gareththe pragmatic leader of Terminus a group of canibals, who captures and coerces Rick's group into submission, and the primary antagonist of the first half of the season. Tate Ellington as Alex, a Terminus resident; Mary's son, and Gareth's brother, killed by friendly fire aimed at Rick, in season 4; he appears alive in a flashback and as a corpse in the present.

Later appears in Tyreese's hallucinations. Benjamin Papac as Albert, one of the Hunters, who tries to retaliate against Rick's group. Chris Burns as Mike, one of the Hunters, following leader Gareth to take revenge on Rick's group for the destruction of their home. April Billingsley as Theresa, a Terminus woman, one of the Hunters.

Travis Young as Greg, a Terminus man, one of the Hunters. Grady Memorial Hospital[ edit ] Tyler James Williams as Noah, a survivor Beth encounters, who originates from a walled community in Richmond, Virginia but was abducted and forced to stay in Grady. He is shown to be very resourceful but has minimal experience in the outside world. He initially feels distant from the group despite their having accepted him as part of the family, but he eventually becomes more settled in with them.

Ricky Wayne as O'Donnell, a violent and cynical police officer fed up with Dawn's leadership style, despite their having been friends since they were rookies, and who seeks to eliminate her. O'Donnell and Dawn also disagree about how they should conserve their resources, which O'Donnell mainly schemes to use for his selfish uses. Christine Woods as Dawn Lerner, a sadistic police officer, who holds Beth captive and the leader of the officers stationed at Grady Memorial Hospital.

She has a vision of "trying to keep society intact," believing that help will eventually come. However, despite her intentions, her manipulative, violent, and obsessive nature antagonizes most of her fellow officers, both good and bad, as well as her captives — most of whom want her dead. Erik Jensen as Dr.

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Ep. 5 Recap: 'Self Help' Reveals The Truth About Eugene

Steven Edwards, a scheming doctor secretly working for Lt. Lerner, who takes a liking to Beth. Ironically, he preserves his importance, as the only doctor at Grady, by killing captives "patients". Teri Wyble as Amanda Shepherd, a police officer and subordinate of Dawn's, who greatly distrusts her and is aware of the paranoid monster Dawn has become.

Amanda is far more reasonable than Dawn and will do whatever it takes to avoid bloodshed.

CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS OVER... - The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Episode 5 FINALE

Despite his resentment of Dawn's leadership, Bob is distrusting of strangers. Christopher Matthew Cook as Licari, a police officer and subordinate of Dawn's, who like Shepherd is aware of what she really is and knows how to work around her.

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Joan, a survivor Beth encounters who'd been raped by the other cops at Grady and attempted to escape, only to have her arm bitten and forcibly amputated, despite her preference to die. Cullen Moss as Gorman, an abusive and manipulative police officer, who "rescued" Beth in the previous season; he rapes the women at Grady and quickly comes to antagonize Beth.

'The Walking Dead': Ranking All 99 Episodes

Alexandria Safe-Zone[ edit ] Ross Marquand as Aarona former NGO worker and now recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, who takes in Rick's group and forms a friendship with Daryl based on their both feeling like outsiders in their respective ways; Aaron's is attributable to his homosexuality.

Though she is confident Rick's group can help them survive, she is somewhat leery about their increasingly prominent roles in the community. Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie Andersona former hairstylist, who lives in Alexandria with her sons, Ron and Sam, and husband, Pete. She helps Rick adjust to the community, and Rick quickly becomes attracted to Jessie, which seems mutual, and they share moments of flirtation.

It's later revealed that Pete is abusing her, leading to a brutal conflict between him and Rick. Corey Brill as Pete Anderson, Alexandria's resident surgeon and Jessie's abusive husband; his actions culminate in a conflict between himself and Rick. Because Pete has saved lives, Deanna turns a blind eye to his abusive tendencies towards Jessie, just as Jessie remains unwilling to report or leave Pete; both women hope he'll get better.

Jason Douglas as Tobin, the foreman of Alexandria's construction crew, who is willing to let some members of his crew die to preserve the lives of the others.

Steve Coulter as Reg Monroe, Deanna's husband and an architect; he built Alexandria's walls and, unlike Deanna, understands Rick's brutality and desires to keep everyone together believing it's the only way to rebuild civilization.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas, a supply runner for Alexandria, whose cowardly nature has led to other people's getting killed; he forms a bitter grudge against Glenn. Eugene starts pulling his weight, barely, to fight them off before the bus eventually explodes. Abraham wants to press on, insisting "the mission hasn't changed," but Eugene suggests they go back to the church, now 15 miles away.

Another indicator that something's up.

the walking dead s5e5 ending a relationship

Everyone rallies behind the Sarge and they press on to find a bookstore to stay in for the night, which is when Eugene's first big secret is revealed: He put glass shards in the fuel line in order to sabotage the mission. Now, because Eugene initially tells Tara that he tried to stop the D. This leads to a painfully misguided conversation later on between Eugene and Maggie, in which Maggie says, "You're not the person people think you are," but in an encouraging, "be proud of yourself" kind of way.

Finally, after the group is forced to travel on foot and sees the biggest horde of walkers ever assembled in the distance, the truth comes out: Eugene is not a scientist. He, "Just knows things," thinks he's smarter than other people and believes that Washington, D.

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He considers himself a good liar, so he tricked Honest Abe and many others to get himself there. He even lists all the people who died doing so. Everyone is shocked beyond belief, except for Tara, who doesn't look too surprised. Abraham takes things a step further by knocking him out cold. Whatever this group decides to do next, they have to consider the fact that they gave Rick's group a map detailing their route to D.

Sex is reeeeeaaally awkward in the apocalypse. Let's talk about that night in the bookstore. Rosita even comments on his voyeurism while she does her thing with Abe, so apparently this is nothing new.

'The Walking Dead': Ranking All 99 Episodes

Tara, whom Eugene clearly had eyes for before she told him, "I like girls," is understandably surprised to hear Eugene rationalize his tendency to stare. Meanwhile, Maggie and Glenn cuddle up in another corner of the store to comfort each other in a more verbal way, save for a few pecks on the mouth.

You can kill walkers with a fire hose! But it's a huge waste of water. Another memorable scene from this week's episode showed us a new way to kill a bunch of walkers at once. Before leaving the bookstore, Maggie and Rosita suggest that the group look for supplies, like water that didn't come from a toilet, in this area of town that wasn't overly ransacked. Abraham has other ideas, mainly to ride out of there in a fire truck containing " gallons" of water that happens to be parked strategically, they later realize in front of the door of an adjacent building.

After moving it and realizing the air filter is clogged with human remains natch the group gets bombarded by walkers who had been quarantined inside.

Eugene thinks fast and uses the truck's fire house to blast the decaying walkers away, making for a pretty incredible visual, as long as you don't think about all the water they wasted.