Thanks for your time and attention in a relationship

Awesome Thank You Quotes That Portrays Deep Appreciation

thanks for your time and attention in a relationship

Whenever you can, take the time to give your partner % of your attention when they want to talk to you. Put down the remote control or whatever you're. Not only will you be expressing your gratitude, but it'll also help you maintain a strong professional relationship with that person. Is it for writing you a letter of recommendation or for a time a coworker covered your shifts when you had to take. The holidays: The best time of year, it's a great occasion to thank best if your business relationship is long-term and casual to some extent.

I appreciate that you show your gratitude, affection and share you feelings with me. I appreciate you for everything you do, even if I forget to tell you everyday. I appreciate that you are willing to move forward in this journey to learn about each other so that we can be closer not just sexually but emotionally.

I appreciate how supportive you are everyday, always being so positive I appreciate how sweet you are. It's a silly analogy, but when I think of many of the uppity, challenging, angry girls I've known in my life, I say, "Father, thank you for joining me to a wife who is so much my partner. When I can bounce ideas off with you, have deep discussions, and "share life" like this, it's the most wonderful feeling.

I appreciate how you encourage me to be the leader that God has called me to be. It would be so difficult if you weren't that way, but I never have to worry — you value me as our family's leader my greatest calling and I can't describe how grateful I am for it. I appreciate how understanding and loving you are, even when everything around you seems to be in turmoil. You are an amazing woman, a fantastic mother, and I am lucky enough to be able to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love and adore you.

I appreciate how will you are to share you day with me. Good, bad, and everything in between I appreciate how willingly you show your affection, even in public. I want to become better at doing this for you too. I appreciate how you always sends me email and ask how my day is.

I like it that you are thinking of me and sends email before you got to work to find out was my day was. I appreciate how you always strive to keep our house clean. I appreciate your growing interest in healthy food. I appreciated that you brought me flowers a few days ago. I appreciate how you always try to make things right. I appreciate your love and support.

I appreciate you putting the baby to bed giving me a few peace minutes. Thank for getting the house clean. Thanks for being a wonderful wife. I appreciate how you are eager to make me coffee in the morning, and how this morning you gave me very passionate kisses when you saw that I looked sad. I was sad and your kiss really brightened my day, letting me know that you are paying attention to me.

I appreciate how you bought my oatmeal when I was on my trip. I appreciate how you have tried some new things that you know I might like regarding intimacy. I appreciate how you care for me when I need it. I appreciate how you genuinely connect with those around you. When I talk to you, I can tell you are listening and your heart is invested in what I am saying. Thank you for helping me with the dishes and helping to host our friends and make them feel comfortable when they come over.

I am so grateful that you pray with me each night and cuddle with me. It makes me feel so loved and cared for by you. Thank you for helping me to recognize when I'm stressed by asking gentle questions so I can stop it in it's tracks. Thank you for your side commentary on life which is so entertaining and for showing me pictures of cute little friends.

Thank you for loving God so much and seeking to learn his word daily and sharing what you learn with me to help me grow in my knowledge and walk. I appreciate the way you tell me that I look nice and also help me to be on time. I appreciate how you have stayed calm with the situation we are in.

You always treat me well and I know you always will. I appreciate all the times you have dinner ready for me even after going to school. I appreciate how you make me smile. I could be freaking out and just talking to you helps me calm down and smile. Just hearing you laugh and you kind words and just thinking of you, I am warm in side and can't stop smiling.

I appreciate how you picked up the entire house. It was really nice to come home and be able to walk in the door without tripping on items. I am trying to be really good at helping to keep it picked up. Thanks so much I appreciate how you see the positive in almost all situations.

I also appreciate how supportive you are to me by calling me and e-mailing me to check in and ask his I'm doing as you travel the globe.

I'm amazed that we've been able to be close for more than 10 years despite our many periods of work-related separations. You're the closest person to me. I appreciate how you set an example for others to go out and try new things. I sit and think about how much I have been pushed to be better as a person and grow since we met.

I appreciate how you spend quality time with our son. I appreciate how you surround yourself with great people create wonderful opportunities for sharing energy and love with events like music nights.

I appreciate all of the effort you have put into our relationship. I appreciate all of the support you have shown me. I appreciate all of the wonderful gifts, notes, texts and loving messages you have given to me. I appreciate that you allowed your heart to love me. I appreciate that you shared your amazing body with me and allowed me to bring you pleasure.

I appreciate your patience with my criticisms. I appreciate that you are doing what is right for you, trusting your here and telling the truth. I appreciate that you texted me back tonight and the words you shared. I appreciate how you think of me every time you go to the store, and bring back special treats you know I love! I appreciate how you support my dreams and needs in this life, even if I have not reciprocated the same to you.

I appreciate all the work you put in to keep this home and family together. I am so thankful when I come home and see how much time you devote to keeping things in order even though it's not fun.

I appreciate you introducing new things in my life that at one time I may have felt were "weird" or "not me" only to find out they are things I needed most in my life.

I appreciate how you want to hear the hard things and how you see that I don't think bad about the hard things. I have never had anyone who wanted to hear me and you do and I appreciate that more than any gift or any material thing. It is just one reason why I love you and know you are perfect with me my love. I appreciate how you wash and rinse the bottles for me so they are clean when I get home.

Also, I appreciate how you take care of the kids through the night so I can get some sleep. I appreciate how you were so honest with your feelings even though they were difficult things to say the last time that we spoke to each other. I appreciate that you listened so closely to what it is that I have been missing and wanting and gave it to me for my birthday. I appreciate how you tell me you love me when we are making love. I appreciate how you made the effort to see me last night even though it was very cold outside.

I appreciate how you like to help me clean my apartment to make it a sunnier and more enjoyable place. I appreciate how you have left romantic gifts on my doorstep when we were going through a tough time. I appreciate how you brought me plants for my apartment and a chair for my cats to make it a lovelier place to live for them and for me. I appreciate the time that we have had together and how it was such a healing and warm space when I was alone and cold.

I appreciate how you've been taking care of your sleep apnea and how it is paying off with your having more energy, especially in taking care of the firewood. You ask me what's wrong I appreciate our conversations in the morning, no matter how brief they may be. They help me start the day feeling connected to you. I appreciate so much how you haven't forgotten about me!

Thanks for sending me pictures and keeping me in the loop. So happy we can be together for the holiday! So thankful for your calming presence through text. I appreciate so much that you made a delicious dinner last night and another delicious breakfast and coffee this morning. In short, I feel known, heard and loved by you on a daily basis I appreciate taking care of the kids while I rested.

I really appreciate it! I appreciate that most times no matter what is going on you always take the time to say good morning and good night. And also that you love me unconditonally even when we have hard times. I appreciate that you always recognize when something is wrong with me and that you care enough to sit down and really ask me what's wrong.

And I appreciate that you take the time to ask me what we can do to fix the situation. I appreciate it when you stay up late at night with me and that you take care of me when I'm sick. And how you always make an effort to tell me I'm beautiful and to let me know that I matter to you. I appreciate that you are a hard-working man. I appreciate that ever since we have been together you have financially given all that you have and have never been idle.

I appreciate that even when you were laid off or had to move to support me in my career you never stopped working and continued to make every effort to find and keep employment, keeping your family and our financial security in the forefront of your mind. I appreciate that you are alive and want to stay that way most of the time. I appreciate that you are always a gentleman, opening the car door for me. I appreciate that you are going to counseling with me. I appreciate that you are being honest with me about your feelings, even when things may be painful for me to hear.

I appreciate the many things you do around the house for me and for our family -- it helps a lot and I am grateful for all of it, including cleaning, cooking, driving kids and more. I appreciate that you held me when I was so upset. I appreciate that you are gentle in the way you speak to me and that you don't raise your voice.

I appreciate that you are going with me to Denver and are willing to spend time with me. I appreciate that you work hard at your job, even though it's stressful and difficult sometimes, so that we can have financial security, good insurance and nice things.

I appreciate that you are a loving parent to our children, and patient with them even when they are challenging.

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I appreciate that you are kind. I appreciate that you are patient with me and genuinely want to see me succeed in my work projects without becoming too involved. I appreciate that you are self-motivated and how hard you work. I appreciate that you are so understanding as we begin this journey. I appreciate how you help around the house when I am sure you do not always feel like it. I appreciate that you take care of my bratty daughter as fantastically as you do.

I appreciate your hugs and words of encouragement when I feel like I am overwhelmed. I appreciate you wiping away my tears when I get emotional about some of the things we have been talking about. I appreciate you for being such a good friend.

thanks for your time and attention in a relationship

I appreciate you for all the times I have said, and probably will say, I need a minute and you do not ask questions or try to comfort me immediately I appreciate that you are sticking with us and are trying to make our relationship work.

Thank you for starting us off last night listening to the things I had to say and reading my emails from the weekend I noticed last night that you didn't dismiss some of my suggestions out of hand and you considered them, like when you do your training.

Thank you for showing me you are considering me too even when what I say might not be what suits you. I appreciate that you are taking things slowly at the moment.

I appreciate that you have been very honest with me and kind gentle when we have spoken. I appreciate that you have been thinking of me and how I am feeling. I appreciate that you are willing to listen to me without judgement. I appreciate that you are always loving even when you are expressing discontent with me. I appreciate that you are as organized as you are. I appreciate that you are willing to guide me when I need it! I appreciate that you are willingly to stay by my side through these toughs times.

I appreciate that you challenge and encourage me. I appreciate how you look out for my kids. I appreciate that you are working so hard today at your stressful job with the other managers that aren't much help to you so we can enjoy going out to eat and doing things together without worrying about money. I appreciate that you are working to support your family even though you wanted to take time off.

I appreciate that you called me when I was late coming home the other night. I appreciate that you drive me around when ever I ask.

I appreciate that you fixed the rec room table on your own initiative. I appreciate that you got the car fixed today. I appreciate that you give me time to get dressed or take a shower in the morning even when you are totally exhausted.

I appreciate that you took both kids to the park last night so I could clean up the kitchen. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me the things that make you attracted to me. I appreciate that you go to work everyday to support our family. I appreciate how calm understanding and easy to talk to you've been this past week.

I appreciate how helpful and comforting you've been since the accident and throughout this pregnancy. I appreciate that you had the Advil PM set aside for me last night because you know I have had difficulty sleeping the past couple of nights. I appreciate that you have been so dedicated and thoughtful to the me and the girls for the holiday. You were amazing at getting all the gifts bought and things planned out. I appreciate that you have been so helpful and understanding of me needing to study as well as reviewing my papers.

I appreciate that you telling me that you are tired or needing alone time. I appreciate that you being open with me about what is on your mind big or small. I appreciate that you are happy for me and encouraging me to be my best even when it seems hopeless.

I appreciate that you are receptive to my compliments and love for you. I appreciate your love for me though I may not show it. I appreciate that you are willing to step outside your comfort zone to show me love even with fears in the back of your mind.

I appreciate how you challenge me to learn how to show you love and not love you the way I like to be loved. I appreciate you being you and not trying to change for me or make me change. I appreciate that you have been spending time with me and the kids while still visiting with your mother. I know that it is stressful on you. Thank you for putting us first. You tell me what you need to be happy I appreciate that you have not left me out in the cold while you have figured things out about us.

I appreciate that you have listened to my concerns and been understanding as to my reasons. I appreciate that you have been so loving even when I am not sure I deserve it. I appreciate that you are able to open up to me about the seemingly unimportant things. I appreciate that you woke me up this morning.

I appreciate you for having trust in me and knowing that I will not leave you. I appreciate you opening my heart because of you I now know where I belong and look forward to growing closer to you. I appreciate that you haven't given up on our marriage. I appreciate that you tell me what you need in order for you to be happy in this marriage. I appreciate that you hugged me and kept me warm last night when it got cold. I appreciate that you let me sleep in today.

I appreciate that you like cuddles as much as sex. I appreciate that you will help me with dinner or lunch. I appreciate all the hugs and kisses you give me. I appreciate that you are willing to take the time to show me a different view on a situation. I appreciate you helping me with my homework and studying even though I may not act like it at times. I appreciate you encouraging me to do what needs to be done without being an ass. I appreciate you allowing me to have you whenever and where I want you.

I appreciate that you like to go out and do things, be social and enjoy entertainment. I really think we can get into that together. I appreciate that you listened to me yesterday and agreed that to wait was the best solution. I appreciate that you love my friends and family.

I appreciate that you are willing to help whenever I need it. I appreciate that you love me unconditionally. I appreciate that you make me go to bed early because you don't want to see me tired. I appreciate that you fixed the AC the other night. I appreciate that you make time for dinner with me every evening. I appreciate that you really enjoy your job and want to give the best you can to those kids.

I appreciate that you remind me it will be OK. I appreciate that you step up to take care of my kids when I'm unable. I appreciate that you see the deep emotional connection we have and see the potential in our relationship and have encouraged me to spend some time alone to get my act together. I appreciate that you seem to really care for my son and you treat him well. I appreciate that you think of me often and share even though I seem un-interested.

I appreciated you going out in the middle of the night to go look for my phone when I couldn't, that meant a lot to me. I appreciate that you want to be a part of my family, you know how important they are to me and I believe you really want to be a full part of it. I appreciate the way you love me, not many woman would have stuck around with the situation I am in especially when you found out I was an asshole too!! I know you love me or you would not still be trying.

I appreciate that you don't say mean things about me to other people and you keep our private life pretty private. I really appreciate your humor, you are so much like me in that aspect. I've never laughed so hard with someone. I appreciate that you sent me a DTR, I appreciate that you are available for me to go to my fantasy FB drafts and take care of our wonderful children.

I appreciate all the meals you make and I appreciate that you are helping me to communicate with you better, I think this is a good step. I appreciate that you stay in contact with me throughout the night even though you are working. I appreciate that you understand and allow me to rest when I need it. I appreciate the love and affection you show towards me. I appreciate that you are so understanding that this is a learning experience for me too.

I appreciate that you understand me. I appreciate that you are patient with me and kind. I appreciate that you put in the effort for us.

I appreciate that you do what you can to make others happy. I appreciate your honesty and loyalty. I appreciate your help at the house and at work. I appreciate you helping with Wesley and being a great father. I appreciate you being your own person. I appreciate that you vacuumed the living room today so we could play on the floor. I appreciate that you went with us to the park.

I appreciate you trying to talk to me about our relationship. I appreciate that you will come to bed with me when your not tired and I'll pass out right away. I love that you will hold me and take care of me even though imma big bitch when I'm sick. I also love that you enjoy spending time with my friends and have excepted them into our family I appreciate the beautiful dinner you are making for us right now.

I especially appreciate it today because i know that you are tired after a long day of work. I appreciate the bonds that I have at work and that every day I go to work I am able to enjoy what I do and the people I work with. I appreciate you for offering to take care of me and be there to help me feel better when I am sick as well as being there for me when I learned that I lost my other grandma.

I appreciate the dedication you have for our family and the simple things you do for our kids and how much you love them and care for us I appreciate the DTR email you initiated and sent to me, that was great thank you. I appreciate you giving the girls work to do today. I appreciate you taking action in our lives. I appreciate the effort you put int our counseling. I also appreciate you calling every night before bed. I appreciate the effort you put into making our house function, and creating a healthy environment for our kids.

The Importance of Appreciation in a Relationship

I like that you care about their health and well being. I am thankful that my children have a mother who is concerned for their happiness, their development, and their safety. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I do realize that I give you a hard time about a lot of things. I do apologize for the way i communicate with you, and the way i come across. I don't mean to be hurtful, or difficult. I am thankful that i have you as a partner in life, and in raising our children. I think our kids are very lucky to you as a mother. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to move forward in spite of our problems.

187 Awesome Thank You Quotes That Portrays Deep Appreciation

I appreciate the fact that you found this site and took the time to send me this as it seems like a great idea. I also love the text you send me letting me know you miss me. It's always a great reminder. I appreciate the fact that you're willing to try to be friends, and the effort you place into being warm, friendly and caring when we speak. I appreciate the fact you bust your ass at a job I know you don't love, to take care of a family you do.

The life you provide I appreciate the generosity that you have shown since we reunited, especially getting up early to feed me and pack a lunch only because you feel good being there to nurture and look after me.

I was caught completely off guard and was so elated.

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I appreciate the level of trust and honesty that we have already achieved and am excited to continue along this path with you. I appreciate the life that you provide for myself and our family. I appreciate the love that you have for children and for our family.

You passionately care about kids--our kids and all kids. You pour yourself into teaching and assisting, this is part of what makes you an effective teacher and a great mom and mimi. I appreciate the luscious guzzing in bed this morning. You started my day off with a warm feeling in my heart. I appreciate the man you being the man you are with me.

I appreciate that you are there to support me whenever I need you. I appreciate that you are open to helping me to not feel the burden of finances alone. I appreciate that you understand, or at least empathize, that I miss my family. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I again learn to be a more active member of our unit.

I appreciate the meals he cook for me I love the work he does around the house. I appreciate you cooking for me and delivering it in bed. I appreciate you thinking about me when you were at the store and purchasing st.

I appreciate you willing to drive me when we go out. I appreciate the things that you are doing to better your life and will in-turn better the life we are trying to build for ourselves and our son. I appreciate you setting up a place for me to stay close to my midwife so that I have one less worry about the birth of our son. I would really appreciate it if you would actively work on our relationship with me and not just us standing here waiting for the other to make a change and holding the negative against each other letting the walls we are building up between the two of us get higher and higher.

I appreciate the time and effort that you give to me and making me happy; you are amazing at putting your family first. It has been such a joy to share this new journey with you. I appreciate your willingness to learn and try something new. I also appreciate that you are hanging in there and enduring such a critical time of transition.

I know you are doing it for the family and I appreciate that. I appreciate when you send mii good morning texts. I appreciate the things you teach me!

I appreciate that you compromise with me, and that you listen. I appreciate you choosing me to build with and I Love You for all that. I appreciate the trust we have for one another. I appreciate the respect you give me. I appreciate you choosing me. I appreciate you listening to me and being considerate of my feelings. I appreciate you making changes to make me happy. I appreciate the time you take to hug me. Not just a quick hug. The long hugs that make me forget everything else in the world.

That drowns out everything around us in that moment. The hugs that make me feel safe and loved. I appreciate how you cuddled me last night, that made me feel very loved. I appreciate the time you took to make reservations at a restaurant you knew I wanted to go to for my birthday. I appreciate you being affectionate with me and trying to connect when I'm not in the best mood and trying to make me laugh.

I appreciate you being friendly and social with my friends and making them all feel welcome and included in the conversation. I appreciate the time you took today to take care of our needs like coordinating with Jim and re-installing the wifi and printer. I appreciate the way that you are so helpful to those who are needing help. I also appreciate how you keep pictures of us for me and others to see. I love how you try to be a better person when I'm around you, by opening the door for me and taking the time to make sure I'm ok.

I appreciate the way that you sacrificed your weekend to make money for your family. I think it is a great example for our children to see you taking care of your family. I also appreciate the way that you let me have me time with my friends. I also appreciate how you apologized for your behavior when you were upset and I was introducing you to Tina. I see and apprecieate all the effort that you are putting forth for the betterment of our relationship.

I appreciate the way we work together to ensure that neither of us gets burned out. I also appreciate the way you work so hard to help me be healthy and whole in this relationship. Our humor makes life so much sweeter and your lovemaking is definitely life warming. I so appreciate your willingness to learn these parenting tips and apply them with our princess. It is a joy to go on this ride with you! I appreciate the way you allow me to come home and 'unload" my day upon you.

I appreciate the way you hold me tight and make me feel safe and secure. I appreciate the way you help me out by cleaning up the kitchen. I appreciate your compassion and your trust in God. I appreciate and honor your leadership and your vision for our home. I appreciate the way you are so good at taking care of our kids. When I come home and the kids are all having fun, even if plugged into electronics, and you are calm and not immediately complaining, I feel like you really value my contributions to the family.

I appreciate the way you dressed today since you know I love the outfit. I loved the way you apologized to me about little things today that required no apology because it was very sweet. I appreciate the way you have been listening to me and making an effort to communicate without getting angry our raising your voice.

It means so much to me and its such a huge step towards improving our relationship. I appreciate the way you make delicious dinners after working hard all day. I appreciate the way you make every effort to stay in this marriage when I know it would be easier to walk away. You used to be willing to leave so quick and now you say that you are not leaving. I like the way you don't want to leave in your actions, while your heart is faint. You are strong, because you press on, even though this business thing is new to you.

You want to succeed for us and for your children and for yourself. I admire your faith. Every morning you get on your knees to talk to your maker for us, for you.

Your humility in that is beautiful. Your commitment to always seek him is powerful. You have helped me succeed by being a good father to our girls. You make them laugh and try to spend time with them when they look for you. I like the talks you have with them to encourage them. They and we will always remember that. You are setting a legacy in allowing them and me to know we can count on you.

I am proud of you. I appreciate the way you organized the closet downstairs, especially the flooring I appreciate the way you take the time to make people feel welcome in our PAIRS classes. I appreciate the time you set aside in the morning to pray with me and review our days activities. I appreciate the fact that you are always seeking and desiring to improve our relationship. I appreciate the way you treat me daily. I appreciate the way you support in so many ways.

I appreciate the way you were so caring and helpful and non-judgmental when my cats died. Waking up in the morning to your text I appreciate your presence in my life for a period that was the best that I have had in my life. I appreciate ur support and care during my illness. I appreciate waking up in the morning to your good morning text.

I appreciate that you text me even though you don't like texting. I appreciate when you put forth the effort to make things better between us. I know it is hard for you to think and know when things are bad and what your part in it is, so I know when you do something to correct what is wrong that you have had to put a lot of thought into it. I do really appreciate how hard it is for you to look inside yourself to find things that are wrong and then to correct them. Having spent all these years doing crazy things with you, I think I may have overlooked thanking you for being a terrific friend.

After all, we are BFFs! Thanks for sticking with me all these years, buddy. My house, my car, my clothes, my money and everything else that I have in life are meaningless without the company of a friend like you. Thanks for being the real asset of my life.

Their lives must be void of gems like you. If I could give our friendship a name, it would be Memories Unlimited. Thanks for giving me beautiful memories that I am going to cherish for a lifetime. Sometimes I just wonder what I would have done without you. Thanks for being the support system of my life.

A friend like you is more than just a friend. You are like a magic pill which bids farewell to my sorrows and welcomes happiness in my life every day. Thanks for fixing my crazy life. You are my daily fix, and a conversation with you is all I need to start my day. Thanks for kickstarting my life every single day!

You believed in me when even when I stopped believing in myself. I started believing in myself only because you believed in me. Thanks for everything, my friend.

Sometimes I feel that you are my guardian angel. If you are, you are doing one hell of a job. Being friends with you makes me want to celebrate every day as Friendship Day. Thanks for adding truckloads of joy and happiness in my life, every day.

We have done everything together since childhood. Today I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. As the years have gone by, I realize today that you have been the only person in my life who bonded with me without any expectation. How can I ever thank you?

If friends like you came with price tags, I would have been a millionaire. You gave me your shoulder to lean on when I was down, a piece of your mind when I was acting crazy, your hand to help me move on and your heart to heal all my worries. Thanks for giving everything, for our friendship. Living life without a friend like you would be like celebrating Christmas without Santa Claus or Easter without a chocolate bunny.

Thanks for making my life a true celebration. The way you help me solve all the problems in my life, sometimes I think that you are a fairy in disguise. I want to become a successful person so I can share the joys, happiness, and riches of life with family and friends like you.

You are my motivation; you are my inspiration. A life without friends is like a flower without petals. Thanks for making my life colorful, dear friend! I like being your friend despite all your weird habits and crazy idiosyncrasies. Thanks for being the best friend ever. If only we were still friends, life would be much better. I miss you, my dear friend. Thank you for being by my side not just when success makes me a haughty snob, but also when failure makes me a lousy slob.

My friend, thanks for never asking for reasons or explanations when all I wanted was a long hug and a few laughs. People who say that there are no Sorrys or Thank Yous in friendship, are wrong. The best part of having a friend like you, is that I always have happy days to look forward to. Worries in my life are halved because I can share them with you. Happiness in my life is doubled because you never let me feel blue. Being far away from you has left an empty hole in my heart.

I just want a real friend like you. Thanks for being present in my life, all the time, all the way. The power of friendship is a lot more than fun times. Today, I take this chance to say thank you to the best friend ever. I am addicted to you, my dear friend. Thanks for feeding my addiction and pacifying my craving every time I needed the support of a true friend like you.

Lovers share their hearts; friends share their soul. From happy moments to tears of sadness to dark secrets, I have shared everything with you.

thanks for your time and attention in a relationship

You have taken all my mood swings and my midnight calls with a smile on your face. Thanks for being the sounding board I can always depend on. Your presence lightens up my sky like the crimson rays of the morning sun. Being around you makes even dull and boring moments seem so fun. You make happiness worth sharing and you make my dreams worth believing. Thanks for being by my side and making my life worth living.

thanks for your time and attention in a relationship

My friend… thanks for tolerating my idiosyncrasies and crazy habits. You might not know this, but you helped me find happiness in being the person that I really am. The secret to lifelong friendship is to treat is not just as a gift, but also as a responsibility. Thanks for playing your part to perfection.

There is no one with whom I can share my tears and fears, if you were not here. Thanks for being by my side, and always giving me reasons to cheer. Thank you for being my bestie. Thank you for being the friend that I always wanted, needed and appreciated.