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Zoella has two separate Youtube Channels one focusing on beauty and the Bisognin has a large international reach, % being in London. . upload was a relationship test with Tanya and her boyfriend Jim Chapman. See more ideas about British youtubers, Cute relationship goals and Good Joey Graceffa, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Alfie Deyes, Tyler .. Take the new from All Out to test your knowledge on anti-gay laws around the Meet the YouTube big hitters: The bright young vloggers who have more fans than 1D. TOP VLOGGER Jim Chapman, who has over 2 million followers, ROLE MODEL: Youtube stars are bigger role model to young Brits than footballers and actors [IG] YouTube stars, as bloggers like Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr and Alfie Now, Jim blogs about everything from home baking to relationship.

This is my first article ever on the Internet, although, I do post Game of Thrones reviews, theories and predictions videos on Youtube. And who am I? You know you love me. This is Ultimate Book Maniacs. Julie Plec had first made The Vampire Diaries, then The originals, and now with all that experience behind her, she brings us Legacies. Landon sees Hope using her magic, and they bring him to the school with them.

They put Landon in a cell for the Vervain to pass through his system so that they can compel him again. Rafael seems to like Josie more. She stops him from touching an ancient knife in the Stephen Salvatore Memorial Library. Later Landon Kisses Hope. MG compels Landon to forget about everything and go home. Hope gets Josie to perform black magic with her to track him down to a bus.

When they reach the bus, they find everyone on the bus has been incinerated. Alaric, Hope and Rafael leave the school to see Landon. In her fury, hope steals a black magic death spell before they go.

They find Landon who lies about having the knife and tells them a woman who breathes fire has killed all those people on the bus.

Dorian tells them the woman is a dragon. She comes after Landon for the knife. Hope uses the death spell on the dragon, but when she hesitates to kill her, Alaric kills the dragon. He is mad at Hope for wanting to use the death spell on Landon saying this is her father, not her.

Landon and Rafael leave while Hope and Alaric were busy with the Dragon. Landon leaves a letter behind. Can you guess who this famous star is?

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Monica Haas Patti Stanger Baddiewinkle This woman is a huge force in the fashion community, using social media to her benefit and making sure everyone knows her name.

She's an Instagram star and it's important to remember she only reached this fame recently through her outlandish fashion choices and her unique age. She's inspiring many people to just not care anymore about how people judge us in society and she's always putting out an attitude of 'I don't care'! But the question is, do you know her name? She obviously loves pink and she's known for her love of cute pastel colors. She surrounds her life in bright colors, fashion, and beauty products.

She's always uploading a new video about a latest fashion haul or a new makeup routine based around neon unicorn colors! I know I'm jealous of all the fun she always seems to be having! Can you guess who this social media personality is, take a shot?! He creates his own news show and he gives his own opinion while also offering real news coverage with all the facts, meant to encourage his audience of all ages to really think of themselves and have a discussion.

He's always super positive and making everyone feel motivated around him, no mater what the circumstances really are in the end. Can you guess who this news worthy YouTube star is? Lisa Rinna Draya Michele Elizabeth Chambers Even though Vine isn't around any more as a social media platform, this girl was one of the most famous Vine stars and she eventually moved her work to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

She has a huge cult following and she's actually only 15 years old! She has now moved on from prank and humor videos to working in high fashion and even starting her own company. Talk about a huge inspiration for the youth of today! It always seems like she knows exactly how she wants to live her life, never holding back and always embracing her confidence.

She's most famous for not only her YouTube videos, but also her cooking. She's released a number of interesting cook books that are all very minimalist and full of beautiful recipes. Can you guess who this social media star really is?

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Todd Waterman Sam Pepper Calvin Harris This social media star was extremely famous at one point but it wasn't for a good reason! He got millions of views every day until one horrible incident made him completely loose his career. He constantly was creating more and more prank videos until he finally made a video where he basically was sexually assaulting unsuspecting women by grabbing them in public as a prank.

That was his downfall and he lost his career entirely. Can you guess who this social media personality is? Tori Spelling Tia Mowry Taylor Swift This super popular beauty vlogger has a huge cult following on every social media platform.

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I'll even give you a hint, her brother was already on this list; they're both vloggers! But she doesn't just vlog, she creates haul videos, famous lifestyle and beauty products, she's even written a series of young adult books that everyone of this generation has probably read.

Can you guess correctly when it comes to figuring out who this ultra popular social media star really is? Brie Blythewood Kaley Cuoco Taliah Artiaga When it comes to popular social media stars, I constantly see more and more people appealing to the younger generation.

That's exactly what this star does with her audience. She tours the world with her stand up routine and her very specific and unique persona which she brings out only on stage and in her YouTube videos. You might not even recognize her without all her makeup on, so try your best to really figure out who this social media personality is! They constantly upload short clips of them singing a song or lip syncing to a hot new track or video.

It might seem a bit cringe at first, but there are actually some very successful kids on there, just like this specific social media star. Can you guess who she is? Selena Gomez Sheree Buchanan Sia Always known for sporting bright green looks, from lipstick, hair, to her nails, this woman is a huge success story when it comes to brand building. While she did start off with YouTube, that career popularity has resulted in her being able to interview Barack Obama and more!

She's a force to be reckoned with, always putting her best foot forward, plus you can't forget about her signature green color! Can you guess who this huge social media personalty is?

Jim Toth Joel Madden Jim Chapman This unique YouTube personality is a bit more on the high end and classic side; there are no pranks here, just recipes, vlogs, and tons of exciting moments.

This individual is actually the spouse of another celeb mentioned in this list. He's from England and actually mainly works in men's fashion. Working as a vlogger, blogger, fashion model, and overall internet celebrity. He is even a seasoned writer when it comes to style magazines. Can you guess who this star really is? Barbra Walters Carrington Durham Jennifer Lawrence Social media is always changing but this Instagram Star is always trying her best when it comes to new things and experiences.

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While she has a huge following already on Instagram, she recently started creating videos for YouTube, focusing on question and answer style videos so her viewers can get to know her a little bit better! She even has started pursuing acting recently as well. There's no stopping her! Can you guess who this social media starlit really is?

Alice Eve Alicia Cargile Sammi 'Sweetheart' Working as a self-proclaimed makeup and hair beauty guru, it's obvious her passion and obsession with the beauty and fashion community has propelled her to social media stardom. She constantly is uploading new videos, showcasing her routines when it comes to beauty, and tours of her living space.