Stem and fem relationship goals tumblr


stem and fem relationship goals tumblr

Three years later, after it failed to reach advertising goals set by former Yahoo CEO Marissa . nipples' I realized [Tumblr is] just another site that hates the female form. for, and about women,” and that Tumblr's “all porn” reputation stems from the fact that “I built up relationships with my followers . I just really want a relationship with someone who I know won't leave, someone that will protect me from my greatest fears, someone that will hold me when I. With millions of subscribers between them, these lesbian, bisexual and otherwise queer-identified YouTubers are taking over online video.

Well, I like to think of myself as someone who is not afraid to talk about the hard issues. Also I have been writing all my life, but it only been in the last 5 years, that I began to write for an audience. What other books have you written or been featured in? What does writing mean to you?

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Yes, I stay busy. Writing is like breathing for me. Even when I am not physically writing or typing I am always in my head thinking up another story. I have one project that I hope to have published by the end of this year and another that I am currently working on as we speak. Is it a sequel to Turn Me Out, perhaps? Hmm, well… There is not a sequel, but I do bring the characters back in another book.

It was important for me to let readers know what Ace and Angel are up to. These characters mean a lot to me because they live a life a lot of people cannot live in peace. But tell readers more about Turn Me Out. Turn Me Out is about a lesbian stud or a masculine of center female, Angel, who is starting to realize that she has developed feelings for her best friend, Ace.

Ace is also a stud and for the two of them, their relationship has always been strictly platonic. When Angel realizes that her feelings are more than she should have for a best friend, she decides to risk losing it all and go for what she really wants, regardless of what anyone else might think about it.

And she does go for it. She definitely goes for it. Yet she does have reservations: Did you think about this while writing TMO? Writing TMO was honestly, a hard, but very exciting write. It was difficult writing from a first-person POV and having to put myself in the role as Angel.

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Initially I thought about what others would think of me, if they would think that I was also S4S. The only thing that mattered is that maybe I could help someone who might be having these conflicting stories. When I first wrote it, I sent it out in an email to about people.

stem and fem relationship goals tumblr

Most told me how good it was, but one said the story made her cry because she had struggled with being a stud and feeling more like she was fem. There are these unspoken rules that I have only noticed in the African-American lesbian community. It is really sad that we constrict ourselves to what I know now is hetero-normative roles, and we are, simply said, NOT heterosexual people. So why follow their gender and relationship roles? Yes, we are extremely judgmental and that needs to change.

We need to learn to be more open and accepting so that we can be a more happy people. You will get no arguments from me on that one. Many different factors play into this, such as "different definitions of domestic violence, non-random, self selected and opportunistic sampling methods often organisation or agency based, or advertising for participants who have experienced violence and different methods and types of data collected".

This has caused rates of violence in lesbian relationships to range from 17 to 73 percent as of the s, being too large of a scale to accurately determine the pervasiveness of lesbian abuse in the community. This is "a consequence of the invisibility of such violence and fear of homophobic reactions".

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Popular approaches mainly discuss "the comparability of violence in lesbian and gay male relationships same sex violence, or draw on feminist theories of gendered power relations, comparing domestic violence between lesbians and heterosexual women". Findings from studies have shown that slapping was most the commonly reported form of abuse, while beatings and assaults with weapons were less frequent.

The most frequent type included forced kissing, breast, and genital fondling, and oral, anal, or vaginal penetration. Eighty percent of victims reported psychological abuse and verbal abuse.

Lesbians are also less likely to use physical force or threats than gay men. Also homophobia is an important factor in shaping the experience of domestic violence in lesbian relationships.

This may cause a general distaste or negative conception of the lesbian identity, both of oneself and others.

stem and fem relationship goals tumblr

This behavior is described as horizontal hostility, or minority groups becoming hostile or violent toward each other. In the case of domestic violence in lesbian relationships, this hostility is perpetuated in the form of intimate partner abuse. These negative feelings are then acted out in the form of lesbian battering. Also women fear that they might suffer from isolation, risk of losing their job, housing or family as consequences to homophobia and internalized homophobia.

This form of abuse could result in a variety of negative consequences for the victim, such as being shunned by family members and the loss of children, a job, and housing.

In fearing isolation due to homophobia, lesbians also experience the phenomenon of living in the "second closet", or that they must keep both their sexualities and experiences with domestic violence hidden from others due to fear of negative repercussions. This can also translate into how the couple raise potential children and implement discipline.

Abusive power and control Domestic violence in lesbian relationships happens for many reasons.