Stefan boll burscheid and relationship

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stefan boll burscheid and relationship

From Strassburg to Bale From Bollweiler to Ensisheim From Miilhausen There is, however, better authority for attributing to Meister Stephan Lochner the An Omnibus runs from the Central Station at Cologne in connection with the trains imposing ruins of the castle of Burscheid, below which is a tunnel. Nov 6, Daily newspaper from Galveston, Texas that includes local, state and national news along with extensive advertising. Seasonal leaf area development in citrus -relation to leaf miner injury. mit Sitz am Aquazoo-Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf, Burscheid 15(): 1–, 1–9 pls. An annotated list of insects feeding on Rumex obtusifolius L. (Polygonaceae) in Japan. — — — 14(): – Stephan, J.,

Mary Catho- lic Church, performed the "ceremony. The whole affair wtys enveloped in a degree of mystery that leut an additional interest to it.

The bride and her mother had been visiting in Kan- sas City for some time past, and arrived here about two weeks ago, living in a most retired way with friends. It was first arranged that the wedding should be solemnized at St. Mary church at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Later in the day it was changed to Tuesday and the hour to 2: The time was again changed, for the cere- mony occurred at 2 o'clock, and at 2: All this secrecy is a little astonishing, knowing that the groom is an honored representa- tive of one of the oldest, best and wealthiest fami- lies of St.

Louis, his descendants being among they most prominent French settlers of St. Choteau is at present practicing law iu Menisila, and bears an honorable an envied reputation.

The bride is well known among society people here. Her last visit to this city was three summers ago, when she attracted the most general attention on account of her remarkable beauty.

stefan boll burscheid and relationship

The wedding was so pri vate yesterday that three carriages were sufficient to accommodate the bridal party. It is understood that Mr. Choteau will go to Deadwood after a short bridal tour. Tho Tomperaturo at Waco. On the same dates the true tem- perature of said place was 07, 93 aud 95 re- spectively. The reason for the difference, as has been heretofore repeatedly alleged by citi zens of Waco, is the peculiar surroundings of the Houston and Texas Central railroad depot where the official record is taken.

The said depot is on the east side of the Brazos river in a low sand Hat where the intensest l ays of the sun and the reflection of the same from the white sand-beds are concentrated in and around the depot building. Complaint has frequently been made of the injustice done Waco and the country surrounding by this unfair test of tempera- ture.

To-dav I took occasion to call on Cap- teiu E. Mclneruey for the purpose of re- monstrating with him upon the unfair show- ing made for Waco by his official register. I find that he himself is satisfied that his pub- lished record of temperature for Waco is too high, and that he has been in correspondence with the headquarters of tho department, ad- vising a change of location of the thermome- ter; and with the consent of Colonel Swenson he will change the thermometer from the northwest to the.

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And be further assures me that if it appears that such change will not give satisfaction as a fair test which lam persuaded it will not, because of tho continuance of the major part of the controlling influencesthat he will cause the thermometer to be removed to the west side of the river and placed at the Missouri Pacific depot, or the Pacific hotel, according as suitable facilities may be offered for keeping a correct register of the same. Captain Mclner- n y concedes the fairness and justice of the change, and, I doubt uot, will oauso it to be inude iu the shortest time.

Owing to the protracted drouth and the drying of low, wet places with in a radius of three or four miles of Palestine to an unusual degree, there is much sickuess in our city, especially among children. Clifton Sentinel of Saturday: Thur man, grain buyer of R. Gardens in this vicinity are a complete failure, except where irrigation is practiced.

Baxley inforatf he has made aud put into walls in this city this seasonbrick. His contracts now ou hand will requiremore to fill them He expects to make aud work into walls this season 1, brick Mr. His first melons commanded 50 cents apiece by the wagou load; the last he sold were dull at 10 cents.

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The corn crop is of course made. In the lower part of the county the crop is very heavy. Even now, in that sec- tion, it can be bought at 25 cents per bushel In the middle aud northern part of "the county the corn is fair—enough for home consump- tion. The cotton varies in the same degree as the corn in the sections named above. Iu some localities, where the soil is sandy, the cofton well advanced and is opening rapidly.

Boll worms have attacked the cot- ton, and are injuring it to some extent. Gracillariidae on oak and birch. Biology of the parasite species.

Chalcidoidea and Mymarommatoidea Hymenoptera of a Juniperus thurifera L. Population trends and chemical control of citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae on citrus in the Jordan valley. Studies on elements of integrated management of Citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae on citrus of Jordan.

Parasitoid complex of citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella on lemon in the Central Jordan Valley. Cultural control of citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae on lemon in Jordan.

Bionomics, seasonal incidence and chemical control of cashew leaf miner. The citrus peel miner, more problems in the desert. Population biology and community ecology of leaf-mining insects on native and introduced oaks and chestnuts. Relative impact of interactions within and between trophic levels during an insect outbreak.

Occurrence and performance of the aspen blotch miner, Phyllonorycter salicifoliella, on three host-tree species. Host-race formation in a leaf-mining moth.

stefan boll burscheid and relationship

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Hongos, Plantas y Animales Terrestres. Lista de especies silvestres de Canarias. Hongos, Plantas y Animales terrestres. Hongos, plantas y animales terrestres A study on the moth Lithocolletis blancardella, a pest of fruit trees in eastern Gerogia. Les mineuses des arbres fruitiers en Suisse romande. Observations sur la biologie de deux mineuses du genre Lithocolletis: Gracilariidae [sic]nuisibles aux arbres fruitiers en Suisse romande. A new species of Micrurapteryx Spuler Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae from Tibet, China.

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Abschluss der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Fliedermotte. Insects and related pests of shrubs. Forest Service Miscellaneous Publication No. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. Mangfoldet av sommerfugler pa Tromoy-raet i kystsonen utenfor Arendal. Phyllonorycter Lithocolletis cerasicolella Herrich-Schaeffer aknazo rovarfajjal Kapcsolatos megfigyelesek Pest megyeben.

A new pest in Hungary, the locust-tree leaf miner, Parectopa robiniella Lep.: The occurrence of Phyllonoricter [sic] species in apple orchards. Study of leaf miner moths in the apple orchards of Hungary in Tomes I et II.

Comments on the proposed conservation of the specific name of Lithocolletis oxyacanthae Frey, currently Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae; Insecta, Lepidoptera by giving it precedence over Lithocolletis pomonella Zeller, Case Note su alcuni interessanti microlepidotteri raccolti in Puglia.

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Parasitism on Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic depending on diversity of the environment. Parasitoids of horse chestnut leaf miner Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic, Lepidoptera: No title in ZR. Aristaea pavoniella Zeller Lepidoptera: Phyllonorycter leucographella Zeller, Lepidoptera: Colonisation of Poland by three species of leaf-mining moths. European Congress of Lepidopterology. Bialowieza, Poland, 29 May — 02 June Gracillariidae in the western part of Poland.

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stefan boll burscheid and relationship

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