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Ship Manifesto Pairing: Chris/Gordie Fandom: Stand By Me Author: but that Gordie obviously trusts him and Richie seems to know that Chris won't tease Gordie . So much of their relationship is spent being sensitive of each other's feelings. Each of the characters: Gordie, Teddy, Vern, and Chris had a personality type that added to the cohesiveness of the group. However, they all. Chris Chambers and Gordie Lachance. Stand By Me. by John Fish. INTENTIONALLY OR UNINTENTIONALLY, every so often Hollywood comes up with a movie.

Teddy had a father that was held in a mental institute. His father once burnt his ear on the stove top and practically tried to kill him.

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Later, Teddy found it difficult to join the army, but he was rejected because of his glasses and his burnt ear. Vern who was the most immature, yet, self concerned of all was mostly worried about his pennies. He had many little issues such as loosing his comb and not having enough to eat.

One can say that his issues were not as serious as the others but on the other hand, seemed like a great deal to him.

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Although all four boys had a great relationship, they also portray superficial and altruistic friendships. One can easily tell that Chris and Gordie have a much stronger bond then they do with Teddy and Vern.

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They have shared deep feelings, stories and support for each other. On the other hand, Teddy and Vern seem like they would rather fool around and not have the same support and courage as Chris and Gordie do. This was proven when the four boys were confronted with the older gang.

As soon as Vern and Teddy saw sensed they were in danger, they immediately ran away leaving Chris and Gordie by themselves. Throughout the trip, all four boys had to learn how to survive with themselves, mentally and physically.

As discussed, Gordie had many issues with his parents neglecting him and the lack of support. However, throughout the movie Chris was the most supportive friend which indeed helped Gordie to get through the journey. Chris encouraged him to continue writing stories despite the attitude his father has against him. Yet, Gordie would compensate and do the same for Chris.

Yes but you can do anything you want, man. This conversation occurred when the boys returned to their town. The brother is seen in flashback, played by John Cusack. He has said he even chose to make A Few Good Men because he was so drawn to the central character, Daniel Kaffee played by Tom Cruisethe son of a hugely successful lawyer.

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It becomes a film about Kaffee breaking away from his father. I can connect to that. And I said if the audience likes this then it will validate what I want to do with my career. Feldman, the second of five children born to a record producer father and former Playboy playmate mother, was shunted into acting in commercials when he was just three years old.

I think that is what Rob saw in me. And he was the only kid that could play that kind of pain and anger. He subsequently told me some of the things he was going through in his own life. I mean he was literally just plunked down in Eugene, Oregon, and handed over to a guardian that [his parents] had never met. To the year-old Feldman, playing Teddy came naturally. His father was a soldier, so he thought he was a soldier too. He says he drank his first beer that summer; and that he and Phoenix were initiated into the illicit pleasures of marijuana.

He said it was with a family friend and that it happened under the stars and that she had shown him what to do. But in Chris Chambers, he was able to exude that tenderness, vulnerability and understated cool he would eventually become known for.

Here was a teenage star who had never had any formal training, despite appearing in The Goonies, Gremlins and two Friday 13th sequels. According to Reiner, it paid off. He describes a scene in the movie in which all four kids are walking away from the camera along the railroad tracks. Chris and Teddy make it across but Gordie and Vern who is crossing on his hands and knees are only half way across when they hear a train coming.

Finally, Reiner had had enough.