Spectacular spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

Revealed! Chapter 1, a spectacular spider-man fanfic | FanFiction

spectacular spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

She never thought that she would leave her old school until her path had crossed with that of her neighbor, Peter Parker. Meeting that young. Peter replied with a hint of nervousness, causing Gwen to raise an His secret identity was at risk here, and he hasn't been Spider-Man for that long! Randy shook his head in disappointment, his gaze meeting Peter's. When Gwen and Peter are about to leave the ESU Lab to meet Liz and Harry at the Silver Spoon. Peter. Plus being Spider-Man doesn't help.

May watched her nephew with a sad look in her eyes. Lately she had noticed that peter didn't look like the happy teen that he was a few weeks ago. She wished that she could help, but Peter wouldn't tell her exactly what the problem was. Once breakfast was over, May went to go wash the dishes, but was stopped when a bright light appeared and blinded her. Opening her eyes, she was shocked to see that she was in what appeared to be a large movie theater room. Looking around she noticed that a lot of other people were there too.

There was Gwen and her dad, Harry, J. J and his wife and son, who was better ever since his incident with the venom cells and his powers. Ruby, there was Felicia and her mother and father. Curt Connors and his family was there, and finally May herself. A few hours could pass here and only a few seconds will have passed in your world. I have brought you all here to watch something. I have brought you here to watch the past of all of you and someone that you all have in common.

This is something for all of you to see. Now, if everyone could find a seat we will get started.

Watching the Spectacular Spider-man Chapter 1, a spectacular spider-man fanfic | FanFiction

The movie started and everyone saw Spider-man jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I can sum it up in one glorious, hyphenated word. I am the spectacular spider-man. Sure the paper thought that Peter was Spider-man but they didn't have any proof. As she approached the door to answer it, the doorbell rang a second time.

Quickening her pace to avoid any more doorbells ringing, Glory finally made it and quickly looked through the hole with one eye. Seeing Ben Parker waiting patiently, she began to unlock the door before opening it. Once it was opened, Ben Parker flashed a kind, warm smile towards Glory. How are you doing? I'm doing alright, just bored from reading school books. Ben Parker's kindness always brought a smile out of Glory Grant.

Ben nodded in thanks once he fully stepped in and Glory shut the door closed and locked it. She spun around and already discovered Ben sitting at the dining table. She began to walk towards the kitchen table while she called out, "Dad, Mr.

For some reason he calls you Uncle Ben. Are you his actual Uncle or Ben Parker was never this silent and it scared her.

Finally, Ben Parker sighed. Ben sighed once again, "His parents dropped him at our house at the age of three, some business needed to be taken care of.

Then, a week later, his parents died in a plane crash. Ever since, Peter looked up to us; like we're his parents, but we're not; biologically that is.

He was too young to remember his parents We always wanted a child but we couldn't, but Peter's like the son we never had and I'm grateful. Peter had to deal with the constant bullying of Flash and his goons AND deal with the fact that his biological parent's weren't there for the rest of his childhood?!

spectacular spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

Glory couldn't imagine life without her biological parents. Ben gave her another warm smile. It was true, Peter only had two friends: Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. With great power, comes great responsibility. Present "So, that's how you knew. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I think we should leave him alone. At least two or three weeks. Still a geek after all. We just give him some time and then everything will be normal.

Liz felt the need to point something out, "But what if he's hurting himself right now? How would you feel if you lost someone? Fine, if he isn't here after lunch then we go looking for him. Shortly after, the others followed. Manhattan… "Alright, this is my first time web-swinging in daylight. Hmm, although someone might be able to get a clear shot of me instead of a blurry one Peter donned his red and blue suit, a step up from his old suit from when he entered the wresting competition.

Spectacular Spider-Man: Happy New Year!

His mask had black webs and two white lenses placed on the eyes of the mask. A black spider symbol was engraved on his chest.

Indeed, people below were pointing upwards to where Peter was swinging. Red and Blue not Blue and Red. Now people will stop guessing on what I look like. Though, I'll miss those pictures that those artists drew. Some made sense while others looked outright ridiculous like a Blue, White, and Yellow suit with an ant as a symbol, Peter had to laugh at the one.

Swinging past an alley, Spider-Man faintly heard a woman scream from inside the dark alley.

spectacular spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

Changing course, he swung towards the alley. As he entered the alley he found a group of seven thugs about to advance on a redheaded woman who was about the same age as him. Without a second thought, Spider-Man used his momentum to kick the thug closest to the woman.

Peter heard the other six thugs gasp in shock. He stood between the woman and the six conscious thugs, the thug he kicked was unconscious in a pile of trash. Peter stood up and extended his red gloved hand, much to the confusion of the thugs. You might be asking yourself, 'Why the red and blue suit?

Although, I feel like I should've added that enormous white star instead of this boring, plain, small black spider right here. Probably because you don't read the papers like every normal person does. I could tell that you guys probably don't understand anything I'm saying and I'm just babbling on and on about myself. If I'm the freak then what does that make you? Oddly, the redheaded woman didn't flee as he expected. She stood still, watching the conflict with interest.

The three remaining thugs charged at Spider-Man, two other thugs were still struggling beneath Peter's strong webbing. As the first one charged, Peter dodged the incoming punch with ease. His spider-sense alerted him of a flurry of punches coming from the other two thugs. He leaped in the air again and fired two web strands at the two fists that were about to collide with him and pulled them together, causing the two surprised thugs to give each other a punch to the face, incapacitating them.

The remaining thug looked confused and Spider-Man used that to his advantage. The thug didn't expect an extremely powerful punch connecting to his torso, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying three feet back.

He then kneeled in front of one of the two thugs struggling against his webbing. Why is it so damn strong and sticky? Spider-Man patted the thug's head as if to comfort him. One must be wise in order to steal one's belongings. Thou are arts of master criminology. Who sayin' I'm dumb? I'm gonna kill em'! He whispered, "I know how it feels You could probably count your IQ on a single hand, anyway. What's that supposed to mean?! Your going to post a blog of my awesomeness on the world wide web?

spectacular spider man fanfiction peter and gwen meet

It's called the internet! Spider-Man turned his attention to the redheaded woman. Throughout the conflict, she hasn't fled the scene. I'm sure if anyone else was in your position they would've ran away, but you're still here. Very strange if I do say so myself. I mean, your the first pretty woman I rescued," At this the redhead blushed at his compliment. Just in case if you didn't hear me say that with all the grunting and curses thrown my way.

Saw a beautiful lady in trouble and, as the good Samaritan I am, I decided to step right in. I'm a very shy person myself so we're like twinsies, ya know?

But seriously, there's nothing to be afraid of! I'm just a normal superhero who's just revealed himself to his first damsel in distress. So who might you be madame? It's like initials or something like that, heh. My fans expect a colorful, bright personality from a young hero like me, especially with the bright red and blue colors.

The colors represent my bright, colorful personality, ya know? Spider-Man sighed, "Figured as much.

Now it's all about the inter-webs. She has been dying for anything from Peter after their kiss on Thanksgiving. But she knew that she didn't do anything to help their situation either. When Pete came up to her the morning before school and she just said bye and ran away because the school bell rang.

Gwen wanted this talk. She needed this talk. Gwen was zapped back in the conversation when Peter continued talking. Pete knew that in 2 hours him and Gwen would share their feelings for each other. Can't wait to see you. Is this the day. Is this going to be the day that I waited for since the 7th grade? What am I going to say to him? What do I do when he says that he likes me back? But first things first, what am I going to where?

Now that Peter got off the phone with Gwen, he was really starting to get nervous. Should we talk about the kiss first, or do I just come out and say that I like her? Maybe I should focus on getting there on time. I am known for always being late for everything. He showered and got dressed so fast that even he was surprised how fast he did it. Peter was so excited that jumped his front door steps and started his walk to the restaurant. It was only that Mary Jane Watson was outside getting the newspaper when she saw Peter jump his steps.