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Mar 8, Sora and Kairi are arguably one of the best video game couples ever. and battled dangerous creatures at his own risk; all with the goal of saving the If the relationship between Sora and Kairi was so inspiring, magical and. Jan 21, anyway my feeling for sora and riku is that always that been .. as for this relationship thing in if sokai end up being the end goal im fin with that. Feb 15, Then you go into diverging goals in life. Not really an example of a bad relationship, Sora and Kairi are one of the cutest couples I've seen.

He almost always asks about Riku instead of Kiwi, or says Kiwi second, like she is second best; less important. This isn't to say that he doesn't hold a deep affection for her as a friend, but his goal in KH2 is more to find Riku, not Kiwi In KH1, it was the other way around, which provoked some frustration from Riku, as mentioned previously.

The end of the game is quite questionable. Kiwi earns a hug in their reunion, but once Sora learns that he has reunited with Riku, he is on his knees and crying, so relieved from the concern for him that he had been feeling during his entire journey.

When they are sitting together in that place at the end, it's like everything is right again, just with the two of them. Another hint is when Sora is groping Riku's butt when he helps him walk over somewhere the last time I beat KH2 was a few years ago so I forgot the specifics of where he was taking him, sorry. There are so many other ways to help someone walk along, but he chose his butt. The same concept as the first game applies here with Sora trying to see and protect his friends again.

The three have a very emotional reunion but Sora only gets a heartfelt hug from Kairi. Right before he gets on his knees for Riku, giggity! However, no further affections were shown! One of the key elements of Kingdom Hearts that have Sora as the main character is love. As such, one boy went above and beyond for love and friendship while the plot made it seem so much more meaningful. If the relationship between Sora and Kairi was so inspiring, magical and thought out, why was a hug the most memorable thing these two shared?

Again, if that was real life…two individuals would do a lot more than simply kiss. The reasons presented in this article as to what Sora did for Kairi are huge! Plus, Kairi took a few chances as well. Towards the end after the final attack used by Xemnas, Sora is left open and Riku takes a blow intended to finish off his friend, which allows Sora to finish Xemnas off with both Riku and Sora firing a beam of light from Sora's keyblade.

After the fall of Xemnas, Sora and the injured Riku face an onslaught of Dusks ready to fulfill their master's final order: However, the Dusks disintegrate back into nothingness, and Sora and Riku escape the realm, entering the Dark Meridian. Sora then manages to open the Door to Light, as King Mickey predicted while he read Kairi's Letterand the two return home, reuniting with their friends. Data-Riku In one of the memories recovered from the journal, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and Riku encounter each other shortly before Destiny Islands is completely swallowed by the darkness.

At the last minute, Ansem opens a portal for Riku, allowing him to escape. In another memory, revealed to Data-Sora in the digital version of Castle Oblivion, Riku stands on top of the Clock Tower with an unconscious Kairi, looking out at the moon. The real Riku does not appear again until the end of the game with the real Sora and Kairi as they read Mickey's letter. This scene corresponds the final scene of Kingdom Hearts II.

Blank Points Afterwards, Sora sits on the Paopu tree while holding the message from King Mickey, staring off into the sunset. He is then approached by Riku who asks him if he has decided about what is not specifiedand Sora says that he has.

Kairi then walks up to him and Sora tells her that everyone is suffering and waiting, and that he has to put back everything that is connected to him, or "Reconnect". She then hands him her lucky charm and tells him she'll see him soon. Riku and Sora are tasked with the mission to awaken seven different worlds from a state of sleep as part of their Mark of Mastery exam. However, as he and Sora go through these worlds deep within the Realm of Sleep in new attire, Riku encounters both "Ansem" and a younger incarnation of Master Xehanort.

Riku faces off against Xehanort's younger self in battle before Master Xehanort reveals himself. Revealing his overall scheme and role in the events of the years before, Xehanort reveals that Riku was originally planned to be the final vessel to complete the new Organization. However, Riku's ability to resist "Ansem" and retrain his inner darkness forces Xehanort to make Sora into a suitable replacement.

After Master Xehanort and his group leave, Riku and the others take Sora back to Yen Sid's tower where he enters Sora's dream world to save him. Personality "I've always wondered why we're here on this island.

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If there are other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? This is illustrated by his lack of fear while stepping into the dark portal during Destiny Islands' demise. His exclamation of, "I'm not afraid of the darkness! During Kingdom Hearts in particular, Riku has a strong competitive streak. He shows his competitive side when he challenges Sora, saying that his heart is stronger than his friend's.

Due to the influence that Maleficent has on him, Riku also becomes increasingly jealous of Sora. When he realises that Sora has acquired new friends in the form of Donald and Goofy, Riku feels that he has been replaced. His jealousy grows when he learns that Sora owns a Keyblade. This jealousy results in numerous fights with his former friend throughout Kingdom Hearts, and opens the door for Ansem, Seeker of Darkness to possess him. He eventually snaps out of it and feels tremendous guilt and remorse for all he had done.

Though his traits are not akin to those of a protagonist in Kingdom Hearts, he becomes more heroic in Kingdom Hearts: During his time spent in Castle Oblivion, Riku begins to confront the darkness which lingers within his heart. At first, he rejects it. However, as the story progresses, Riku realises that it is possible to use the darkness to achieve his goals. He matures immensely during this period, and leaves behind some of his more unlikable personality traits.

Riku had been curious about what lay outside of his world ever since his early youth in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Over time, his curiosity turned to obsession, and he began to think of his world as a prison surrounded by water. This obsession appears to diminished throughout the year of Sora's slumber, most likely because he had by then travelled to a number of worlds. When he returns to Destiny Islands in Kingdom Hearts II, he still comments that it is a small world, but agrees with Sora's remark that it is only a part of one that's much bigger.

Riku later stated that the real reason he wanted to explore outside of his home world was because of Terra. A postive personality trait demonstrated by Riku is a strong desire to protect his friends. Though Riku matures significantly over the course of the series, he retains some of his more youthful personality from Kingdom Hearts, particularly his sense of humor; he refers to Sora, Donald, and Goofy as "wise guys" when talking to the Emperorcracks a joke about Donald and Goofy's intelligence at their expense "Sora never did pick the brightest friends"and calls Sora a "total sap" when going to confront Xemnas.

Relationships Sora He and Riku are best friends, and care very much about each other.

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This is shown when Riku, to save Sora, did everything he could to bring Roxas to DiZ to make Sora whole again, going so far as to give up his physical form for that of Ansem.

Also, Riku seems to be aware of Sora's romantic feelings toward Kairi and often teases him for liking their friend, such as when he challenges Sora to a race, Sora saying that if he wins, he gets to become captain of the raft they're constructing; Riku ups the ante by saying that if he wins, he gets to share a paopu fruit with Kairi.

However, he reveals that he only made that bet to see the reaction on Sora's face, which shows his awareness of Sora's feelings for Kairi and vice versa. Besides their loyalty, Riku seems to be highly protective with his friends, as shown when he didn't want Kairi and Sora to discover about the time he spent in the darkness, fearing the things that could happen to them.


However, later, He took advantage of Riku's jealousy and transformed it into rage, forcing Riku to battle Sora and to fuse with him to acquire more power later on.

When both fused with each other, Riku realized that he was but using him, and started to struggle, like when he used the last of his strength to hold off his possessor so Kairi and the others can escape, leading to Ansem forcing Riku's heart out of his body.

Terra Riku is Terra's successor. When Terra visited Destiny Islands while Riku was five years old, he chose Riku to be his successor after he saw a vision of Riku as his older self, and did the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony with him.