Skyfall and silva relationship

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skyfall and silva relationship

Rather than M being Silva's real mother, I think a key element of the story is that Silva and Bond had virtually identical past relationships with M: both Silva and Bond had been orphaned or abandoned [Skyfall's closing lines]. We take a closer look at an intriguing fan theory surrounding Bond's 23rd movie outing. However, one fan theory that came about was that villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) may be M's (Judi Dench) son. (Remember Silva was the.

Bond barges in and a gunfight follows, in which Silva's plans are disrupted and Bond manages to flee, taking M with him.

Q&A: Sam Mendes on the sexual tension between Bond and Silva in ‘Skyfall’

Silva follows Bond and M to the former's childhood home in Scotlandwhere his men open fire. He pursues a mortally wounded M to a chapel at the side of the house, and begs her to kill them both by firing a bullet through her head and into his. At that moment, however, Bond appears and throws a knife into Silva's back, killing him. Sexuality[ edit ] The scene in which Silva and Bond first meet raised eyebrows among critics and fans alike for its supposed homoerotic subtext.

skyfall and silva relationship

In the scene Silva strokes Bond's thighs and chest while interrogating the secret agent, who is tied to a chair. Look what she's done to you.

Raoul Silva

Yes, well, she never tied me to a chair. Are you sure this is about M? It's about her, and you, and me. We are the last two rats, and we can either eat each other Ah, you're trying to think back to your training. What's the regulation to cover this?

skyfall and silva relationship

What makes you think this is my first time? The scene ignited speculation that screenwriter John Loganwho is gayintended to imply that Silva and Bond are gay or bisexual.

skyfall and silva relationship

No or Goldfinger or whatever, and there's been so many ways to a cat-and-mouse and intimidate Bond, and we thought, what would make the audience truly uncomfortable is sexual intimidation; playing the homoerotic card that is sort of always there subtextually with characters like Scaramanga in ' Man With the Golden Gun ' or Dr. So we just decided we would play the card and enjoy it. Retrieved April 18, Bond would obviously have to go rogue but with no relation to anything that was found at Skyfall and it would just be M's message that sent him, his loyalty to his late boss.

skyfall and silva relationship

Bond could then start to peel back the layers leading to what could have been centre piece of the film Bond finding White, White would wind up Bond with revealing he actually saved his life in a more extended sequence where White with nothing to loose would give Bond clues to the whole scheme of 9 eyes, Bond agreeing to protect his daugher and offering him an honourable route out would be his motivation.

Bond would be seen to investigating.

'Skyfall' Bisexual Scene: James Bond Screenwriter Reveals Impetus Behind Homoerotic Interrogation

White most certainly wouldn't feel that the organisation had lost it's way or was doing things he was ashamed of, White should remain as cold, all that women and children business felt like a total betrayal the character we got introduced to in CR. It would be down to White exposing Quantum and Blofeld feeling he needed to get rid of him depsite the fact they were friends that formed Quantum.

Skyfall - Escape scene

Blofeld would then dissolve Quantum secretly and have SPECTRE in the shadows unbeknown to White, although when he discovers the truth he tries to take out his old friend but ESB has infiltrated all elements and secretly changed them to SP leaving White with no one to turn to and seriously undermined. The brother relationship could still be explored but with White and ESB and how that relationship soured, Bond actually being the catalyst here as he discovered Quantum by capturing White in QOS.

Better talents in this department could flesh this out but the point of the original thread poses that Silva isn't part of the organisation just a button that ESB pushes as Dench's M is getting too close depsite being told to back out of investigation from up high, possibly Guy Haines is still pulling the strings being a high operative. Haines could have featured in SPECTRE as well, if you really wanted to try and tie things together with some credibilty and I'm using elements that are already there.

Silva is financially backed and assisted as it suits Blofeld's purposes, ESB could even have said to Bond when they meet that he was just a thug he used to take out Dench's M. Remington I'll do anything for a woman with a knife.

skyfall and silva relationship