Sita and ravana relationship

Ramayana reimagined: Was Ravan actually in love with Sita?

sita and ravana relationship

Devi Sita (the female lead in Ramayana) · Ravana (ancient Indian king) · Ramayana What was the relation between Hanuman and Ravana?. Indian Post - Sita- The Daughter of Ravan, According to the Jain version of Ramayana, Ravan did love Sita but as a daughter. Yes! Daughter! It is said that she. Is Sita Ravana's Daughter - Relation Between Ravana and Sita - Well, whether Sita was the daughter of Ravana or not, the fact remains that.

Ravana tried to molest Vedavati and her chastity was sullied beyond Ravana's redemption when she was performing penance to become consort of Vishnu. Vedavati immolated herself on a pyre to escape Ravana's lust, vowing to return in another age and be the cause of Ravana's destruction. She was duly reborn as Sita. Manivati is later reborn as the daughter of Ravana and Mandodari. But, astrologers predict ruin of Ravana because of this child. So, Ravana orders to kill the child.

Manivati is placed in a casket and buried in the ground of Mithila where she is discovered by some of the farmers of the kingdom. Then Janka, king of that state adopts her. According to this version, astrologers predict that first child of Vidyadhara Maya Ravana's wife will destroy his lineage.

Thus, Ravana abandons her and orders the infant to be buried in a distant land where she is later discovered and adopted by Janaka. When Sita reaches adulthood, Janaka organizes a Swayamvara in Janakpurdham with the condition that Sita would marry only that person who would be able to string Pinaka, the bow of the god Shiva.

Janaka knew that the bow of Shiva was not even liftable, let alone stringable for ordinary mortals, and for selfish people it was not even approachable. Thus, Janaka tries to find the best husband for Sita. At this time, Vishvamitra had brought Rama and his brother Lakshmana to the forest for the protection of sacrifice.

Hearing about this swayamvara, Vishvamitra asks Rama to participate in it and takes Rama and Lakshmana to the palace of Janaka in Janakpur.

Janaka is greatly pleased to learn that Rama and Lakshmana are sons of Dasharatha. Next morning, in the middle of the hall, Rama lifts up the bow of Shiva with his left hand, fastens the string tightly and finally breaks the bow. However, another avatar of Vishnu, Parashuramabecame really angry as the bow of Shiva was broken.

sita and ravana relationship

However, he does not realize that Rama is also an avatar of Vishnu, therefore after being informed of this, he apologizes for getting angry. Thus, Rama fulfills Janaka's condition to marry Sita. Later on Vivaha Panchamia marriage ceremony is conducted under the guidance of Satananda.

Sita and Lakshmana willingly renounced the comforts of the palace and joined Rama in exile. Ravana kidnapped Sita, disguising himself as a mendicant, while Rama was away fetching a golden deer to please her. Some versions of the Ramayana describe Sita taking refuge with the fire-god Agniwhile Maya Sitaher illusionary double, is kidnapped by the demon-king.

Jatayuthe vulture-king, tried to protect Sita but Ravana chopped off his wings. Jatayu survived long enough to inform Rama of what had happened.

During her captivity for a year in Lanka, Ravana expressed his desire for her; however, Sita refused his advances and struggled to maintain her chastity. Hanuman was sent by Rama to seek Sita and eventually succeeded in discovering Sita's whereabouts. Sita gave Hanuman her jewellery and asked him to give it to her husband. Hanuman returned across the sea to Rama. Upon rescue, Rama makes Sita undergo a trial by fire to prove her chastity. In some versions of Ramayana, during this test the fire-god Agni appears in front of Rama and attests to Sita's purity, or hands over to him the real Sita and declares it was Maya Sita who was abducted by Ravana.

In an ideal society sexual desire should exist only between a lawfully wedded man and his lawfully wedded wife. But no society is ideal and so desires often transgress marital law.

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The man looks at other women beside his wife and the woman looks at other men beside her husband. Sometimes, the line is crossed. Different societies have responded to this transgression in different ways. In the Ramayan, to prove that Sita did not even think of another man beside Ram, she is asked to walk through fire.

Ramayana reimagined: Was Ravan actually in love with Sita?

The flames do not touch her because she is pure. A pure woman, a chaste woman, a woman who desires no one else but her husband is known as a Sati in the Hindu mythological world. This Sati is supposed to have magical powers, which includes her ability to withstand the heat of fire.

sita and ravana relationship

Thus was the practice justified. The Mahabharat, however, does refers to this practice several times. Earlier in the epic, we are introduced to Ahilya, wife of sage Gautama, who is turned to stone for having sexual relations with Indra, king of the gods. Some versions claim she knew what she was doing while others claim she was innocent as Indra had taken the form of her husband. He desired no one but her.

And this makes one wonder. He refuses on grounds that he is married but offers Laxman instead because he is alone in the forest. Scholars argue if this was done seriously or in jest.

This enables Ram to kill Ravan. When Bhism refuses, she sends for her eldest son, Vyas, born before marriage and asks him to do the needful.

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This practice of letting a brother go to the childless wife was known as niyog. Another episode relates to Brihaspati forcing himself on his sister-in-law, Mamata. She rejects him not on moral grounds but on grounds that she is already pregnant! Unable to contain his lust, Brihaspati sheds his semen outside her body and thus is born Vitatha, an unwanted child, who curses Mamata that the child in her womb because of whom she rejected him will be born blind.

A furious Draupadi cursed the dog that henceforth he would copulate it public and be shamed before the world. A reading of the Mahabharat suggests that the institution of marriage and the value given to fidelity went through many changes.