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If I owned Skip Beat there would have been a naughty Ren/Kyoko scene in the dressing in front of her brother in much less because that's how their relationship is. . Will you give yourself to me and trust me to cherish you?. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. They have a special relationship, an unbreakable bond that others usually mistake for a romantic relationship. Sho knows about Kyoko's taste in food as well as.

Good for him that he was able to keep his normal demeanor as he unexpectedly meet the dangerous person.

He wanted to run away and refuse the offer but it's already late. The director had been a lot of trouble in finding actors to partake in the production. Now, he has to be extremely careful especially when Ren is around especially that he had discovered psychically that he is in a romantic relationship with Kyoko. One wrong move on Kyoko and he will meet hell. Apparently, he has no time to deal with Reino today. He is already exhausted for composing more songs last night and he has to attend to his recording in two minutes.

Just when he was about to say something again, he was cut off by a cute melodious voice. It's not from a female singer I know. But then, the door was immediately closed, indicating that Reino had entered.

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He got instantly disappointed at the lost of the voice. Unsatisfied, he peered through the little glass of the door but unfortunately, the girl he is expecting to see is covered by the vocalist. Attempting to open the door, he was pulled by the ear and dragged along the hallway.

We better hurry up. You have a lot of jobs lining up ahead. Inside the practice room, the instructor was so excited to have the two people sing together.

Unbeknownst to him, Kyoko is in a gloomy mood. She just wondered how long she will last during this practice. You should be in your professional mode. This is the part where your characters where united once again after that heart breaking break-up right? Tatsui played the l intro: I've been living with a shadow overhead, I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed, I've been lonely for so long, Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on She immediately glanced at her partner to listen to him.

To her surprise, his has a cool and soft voice. She just thought that he is truly a good singer. They really look up to him. Mogami appeared in one of Mr. Fuwa's promo clips, which is where he knows her from. This was one wily fox, disguised as a simple talk show host. And she was out for blood. Mogami played Mio in the drama.

She did an excellent job. Seems sort of late, doesn't it? After all, it was late in the evening, far too late for simple friends to be getting together, especially during the work week.

Neither actor or actress were known for their partying or clubbing, so those seemed unlikely as well. Tsuruga wasn't involved in a project with this Kyoko as far as they knew, so what reason could there be for the two to be getting together for professional reasons.

The most logical assumption was, therefore, that the two were having a late night rendezvous which could signal not only a romantic entanglement, but a possibly sexual one at that. The blood had been scented, the hounds were giving chase. Ren was in a world of trouble and he was fast coming to the conclusion that he must have massacred this woman's family in a past life, for her to be coming after him this enthusiastically.

She was all but licking her chops with a fork and knife in hand.

He was going to have to elaborate and lie really, really well. You must be very close, since they don't feel it problematic or rude to ask someone like you to play chauffeur. He wasn't used to being on the defensive like this, and he'd gotten rusty, Ren thought, trying not to wince as he recalled the blood bathes of past L.

Mogami and I belong to the same agency, I've given her rides home upon occasion and so they knew I wouldn't consider it too much of an inconvenience to do so again.

Do I look like a sucker? Annoyed with both of them and himself Ren did his best to pull himself together, and ignore his basic urge to take advantage of this chance to rake Fuwa over the coals a little. You were asking everyone about their love lives earlier as I recall.

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I'm afraid I'm just too busy with work. My schedule would drive even a saint crazy. She'd counted on boosting her ratings with news of Tsuruga's honey, but she certainly hadn't realized she'd stumbled into a love triangle, with two of the three already on set and the third in the wing.

Standing off to the side off set Kyoko looked up at Mr. Yashiro with something akin to terror. They'd arrived at the station only to be practically attacked by a horde of assistants, all seeming to know her name and wanting her attention for some reason. Yashiro had been herded up to the set's backstage, whispers all around them suggesting that something big was going on.

It wasn't until a few moments ago that they'd gotten their answer. Apparently the host of the show believed that Mr. Yashiro had left the station to pick up Mr. It didn't matter that he denied it, it didn't matted that Mr. It didn't even matter that she denied it and would do so to her dying breath.

They'd just said onstage that after the break she'd be appearing, and if she didn't want to, well that was her problem. The people in charge weren't letting them near him unless it was under their terms, the bastards. If only he knew how this whole mess had gotten started. Had Fuwa, that bastard, said something to tip them off? But how would he have known Kyoko was even coming here? Thank God she hadn't taken off her make up, Kyoko thought, having not even thought about that part until the woman mentioned it.

She shivered involuntarily and her nipples became erect. Her response turned him on so much that he bit down on her neck harder making her gasp in pain and indescribable pleasure. Ren slowly ran his hands up from her waist to her breasts and grazed her nipples with his thumbs. Kyoko's body trembled in his arms making Ren more hungry for her. After one last soft kiss to her neck he moved his mouth down to the nipples that stood at attention through the black lace and sucked.

The sounds escaping her lips were driving Ren wild with desire because he knew that some part of her desired him too. Pulling down the thin straps of her camisole he exposed her breasts which had gotten damp from being sucked through her shirt. Pinching her right nipple between his thumb and index finger he latched on to her left breast with the intensity of a child needing to be fed.

He ran his tongue up and down over her nipple and sucked again harder turning the flesh red. Sounds she had never heard before were coming from her and she couldn't stop them.

What was happening and why did it feel so good? She should stop this. She should stop but she couldn't. She couldn't speak, she couldn't think, she couldn't see anything but him. Suddenly she was afraid. Why is this happening? I don't think I'm ready. Is that what she calls me? I guess it's better than senpai and it does stroke my ego just a little bit. Ren fought back a smile and said, "The fact that you believe I will stop if you ask me to shows that you trust that I will never hurt you.

I can see that you're scared but I can also see that you want me as I want you. Will you trust me Mogami-san, Kyoko? Will you give yourself to me and trust me to cherish you? I don't know why but I want him to always look at me that way. He slid one hand behind her head and the other around her neck lightly caressing with his thumb.

He kissed harder spreading her lips apart with his tongue. He ran his tongue over her top and bottom lip then used it to slowly stroke her tongue over and over again until she was brave enough to slide her own out to meet his. As soon as they connected he pulled her tongue into his mouth and sucked it slowly making her release a sensual moan that reverberated through Ren where their mouths connected. He was suddenly a man possessed.

He gripped her under her butt with one arm as he stood and began untying the yukata he was wearing.