Shizuku and haru relationship goals

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shizuku and haru relationship goals

My Little MonsterLittle Monster BirthdayMonster Birthday PartiesLittle Monsters Birthday Party IdeasRomance AnimeRelationship GoalsAngel BeatsFilm. Explore Yu Nisu's board "Haru and Shizuku" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Little monsters, My little monster and The boy next door. board "คู่" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Anime couples, Manga couple and Couple. Shizuku & Haru, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Haru looks a lot like.

shizuku and haru relationship goals

The core of the group consists of Shizuku, Haru, Natsume, and Sasahara and I liked all of them collectively. Since we know Shizuku and Haru are the romantic duo, where does that leave Natsume and Sasahara? Natsume is typically seen 'third-wheeling' with Shizuku and Haru and often tags along with them to go places because she doesn't have friends either; she isn't very smart, is athletic, and is quite attractive to many guys in the show, leading her to be shunned by almost every other girl as a result.

Shizuku Mizutani

Sasahara is a baseball player that pops in every now and again, and though he's part of the core group he isn't there as much as Natsume is due to being in baseball and having other friends.

He seems to be the most normal of the group. I loved this group of weirdos because they each brought something interesting to the table and truly delivered on the comedy portion of the rom-com.

There are many times in My Little Monster that you will sadly forget the show is in fact a 'romantic' comedy since the romantic bits of the show are extremely lacking.

shizuku and haru relationship goals

In fact, I would go so far as to deem it underwhelming. It was such a nice change up for the main characters to admit they were in love with each other within the first three episodes that I developed higher expectations thinking the series would be one of the best rom-coms around.

Unfortunately, the romantic progress seemed to work backwards and the main characters went from knowing they were in love to becoming extremely passive, both unsure what they wanted from the relationship.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) -

Though this saddened me greatly, it does not ruin the show in the slightest. I enjoyed everything the show had to offer for this portion. There was the tingle of piano at dramatic moments, and upbeat silly music when things were getting fun, I couldn't ask for more. I also enjoyed the dialogue of My Little Monster very much.

The subtle comments and word choices used really made for some quality comedic entertainment. Haru started attending school the next day having been attached to Shizuku and wanting to see her more.

shizuku and haru relationship goals

Meeting Haru would inadvertently make Shizuku see a vast world beyond school and studying, whilst also making her feel emotions she hasn't shown before, eventually she started to realize her feelings towards Haru and decided to confess to him over time that she loves him and that she meant it.

However, he rejected her and told her that their concept of love was different. Shizuku took back her words, and told him that she'll wait for him to fall in love with her before saying it again.

The two would remain close to each other throughout their school year. After a while, Haru would start to experience uncertain feelings towards Shizuku, however Shizuku's feelings towards Haru resulted in a downgrade of her rank, from 2 to 29, causing Shizuku to push Haru away to focus more on her studies even going far as saying that she no longer has feelings for him.

Haru remembered what his aunt Kyoko told him before she died: He then became inseparable and almost clingy to Shizuku.

He licked her hand on one occasion when she tried to give him tickets to the school festival and nearly kissed her when she waited to give him a present from Natsume on the way home flustering her.

Haru easily gets erratic when Shizuku is with another guy, especially Yamaken. He even tells her to avoid his brother for her own good. Shizuku realizes that she still loves Haru from the time of the very first confession, and that she was only running away from her true feelings because of her grades suffering due to her inability to control her emotions.

shizuku and haru relationship goals

She asks him to give her more time to think about their relationship with Haru happily agreeing. Over the course of winter, Haru admits that he is jealous of Shizuku attending winter study with Yamaken but after months of thought she finally confesses to Haru that he shouldn't worry because she does indeed love him.

However, Haru causes a scene and continues to embarrass Shizuku during her time attending the winter study. Eventually, She realizes that her inability to understand him is the root of their problem. She promised Haru that they would have a picnic together next year but he has to behave for the rest of her winter study. On their picnic day which ends up being skiing in the mountains, Shizuku makes it her goal to make Haru have fun as a way to repay Haru for being there for her.

shizuku and haru relationship goals

During valentines which also happens to be Shizuku's birthdayShizuku felt upset about her mother not going home for her birthday. Haru visited her and gave her a fountain pen as a present.

While the two walked around, Haru encouraged Shizuku to call her mom, letting her hold his hand so she won't be scared. After that, Shizuku gave Haru a valentine's chocolate saying it is not "end of the year present but a valentine's one", telling Haru that she likes him, and kissing him afterwards. Shizuku admits to her mom that she was in love with Haru, the latter seemingly gives her approval.