Rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship test

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rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship test

In the meantime, I've gotten into Rumbelle on OUAT lately (swore I'd NEVER ship Rumpelstiltskin return home to work toward fixing their broken relationship. .. and a secret from Cole's past that will be the ultimate test to their relationship. Rumplestiltskin is reunited with Belle, his maid in the Enchanted Forest, and to relight the relationship with himself and an amnesiac Belle, until Regina's . When Victoria manages to awaken her daughter Anastasia, Weaver tests the girl to. Rumplestiltskin is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. . Mr. Gold discovers Belle, with false memories, calling herself Lacey. Mr. Gold believes the relationship won't work since Neal still have feelings for Emma. .. death can undo the command, to which Mr. Gold decides to test if she is right.

The pair had a sweet and heartwarming bond that survived even into the Curse. More than that, it was the first LGBT romance in the show that was given due attention and allowed to grow over the season.

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It blossomed into a sweet and loving relationship between two women who accepted each other and encouraged the best in the other. It was only fitting that this pair was officially engaged by the end of the season. After working so hard to find each other again, they deserved their own happy ending. We just only wish that we could have seen the wedding!

Even though the pair were together very briefly in the first season, their whole relationship just had a pervasive uncomfortableness that made it hard to watch.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship test

It was definitely one that hurt the most because he had that something with Emma. The couple, rather fascinatingly, represents the second chance at true love that each of them share.

Once Upon a Time: Is there hope for Belle and Rumple?

In the past, Regina had Daniel and Robin had Marian. Regina had run from a chance to have her true love with Robin and went down the dark path. Maybe it needed to happen for them to have their chance. Either way, their relationship was more tribulation than triumph.

When the pair were together, they were devoted to each other. Though it ended in tragedy, it did allow to Regina to fully commit to her own heroism and goodness. Sometimes, love can only transform us, no matter how brief it is. The reveal that Maid Marian was actually Zelena in disguise had come as an uncomfortable shock.

If she was so good at magic how did she not know about the whole ice curse thing? Why did she agree to separate from Robin? There can be drama from being in a relationship and having to open your heart to someone. Maybe it's that they more than earned their happy ending and made us all believe in the power of true love.

Either way over the course of six seasons, audiences watched how true love worked. It was basically a foundation that they had to build and continually tend to. Even though love at first sight exists with these two, true love takes work. Snow and Charming proved that the work was always worth it. Belle and Rumpelstiltskin had such a great story to them.

Yet time and time again, he disappointed her. He picked power over love, he continually lied to her. Even when she leaves him and tries to find her own happiness, Belle is always pulled back in. It was an unending cycle of the same retread of their issues, eventually you just wish they would put them both out of their misery.

In the end, season seven saw Rumple and Belle have a happy life together and reunite in the afterlife. Still, after all that came before it, you had to wonder if it was worth it. It felt like the show wanted you to root for them as a couple while providing nothing but evidence of why you should not. Last season went a long way towards redeeming his character, and this episode made his relationship with Belle work better than any of the previous seasons could.

It showed them growing old together. We saw the re-babied Gideon grow up and travel with his parents. We saw Rumplestiltskin being a good dad and struggling when it came time to let him go.

Belle convinced him to give up magic and build a home for themselves the hard way. For the first time in the series, Belle made Rumple a better person. That made their romance much sweeter and easier to accept. Seeing Belle age also helped. As the episode progressed, Belle started getting grey hair and wrinkles in her face.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship test

In the end, it paid off that the episode spent so much time with Belle and Rumple as a couple. The past six seasons were never able to, and this one episode did a fantastic job of getting us emotionally invested in them as a couple.

All so it could punch us right in the gut. After having a full life together, Belle collapses in the house she and Rumple share. He brings her to the couch where she tells him to seek out The Guardian. Alice, Tilly in this world, has stopped taking her pills.

She accosts Victoria Belfrey in her car, accusing her of bringing them all to this fake neighborhood in Seattle.

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For whatever reason, maybe having something to do with her time in Wonderland, Alice can see through the curse. Belfrey pressures him to drug Tilly, who takes him to her hideout to try to jog his true memory. Here, we get our second saddest death of the episode.