Rowdy and arnold relationship poems

rowdy and arnold relationship poems

which inspired Alexie to write his own poems. Alexie's . and Arnold notes that when Rowdy comes to school with a black eye, he gives “black eyes to two kids picked at . Relationships between Native Americans and Whites. In this way, their relationship plays into the theme of overlapping opposites, and The The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian quotes below are all either Related Characters: Junior (Arnold Spirit, Jr.) (speaker), Rowdy (speaker). When Arnold still goes to school on the reservation, he and Rowdy are like brothers. Rowdy spends a lot of time at Arnold's house because Rowdy's father is an.

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian

This all suggests that one's racial or ethnic identity can change depending on place or social setting. We see how poverty has squashed hope on the reservation: Though poverty may not teach us anything as Arnold is quick to tell usArnold's fight for a better life inspires us — and gives us hope that things can change.

rowdy and arnold relationship poems

For Arnold, writing and drawing become a means of reaching out and connecting to others. He refers to his drawings, after all, as little "life boats". For Gordy, books and knowledge have a way of expanding the world into a place of infinite possibility Chapter On the other hand, for Mary, reading and writing romance novels provide an escape from her existence on the reservation Chapter 5.

Similarly, Rowdy reads cheesy comic books in order to live a whole different life where people are happy and things are all sunshine and lollipops 3. For Arnold, death is pretty much relentless, and comes knocking at his family's door time after time. With bodies piling up left and right in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Arnold finds that death is a very hard thing to cope with to cope with — especially when it is senseless.

That is, the death Arnold is confronted with is primarily the result of poverty or alcoholism.

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Once he moves to Reardan, though, he becomes friends with a whole host of people: Penelope, Gordy, Roger, even the school basketball coach. Why is it important that Arnold meet new people and make new friends? What does he learn from these people?

In this novel, we see the consequences of people and even whole communities that lack hope. Why is it important to hope? Who has the most hope? Why do only white people seem to have hope? Why does Arnold have hope? His whole life is going against FEAR!

rowdy and arnold relationship poems

At the beginning of the book, before his dog best friend died, Arnold was actually living in fear. Every day, every time, when Oscar sneezes, Arnold stiffles a sob. He practically wants to close his eyes and wishes everything will be okay again. But, that doesn't help. Arnold's dad takes the gun and shoots Oscar, and he's dead.

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There's nothing Arnold can do to make Oscar come back to life again. This is why fear is the most dangerous thing in life. Once you have fear, you can never escape from it ever again.

rowdy and arnold relationship poems

This simple quote also applies to Rowdy. If you have read the book, you can probably see that Rowdy is the kind of person who can't control himself, he has a very big temper problem. He's not the kind of person that you can easily be friends with.

rowdy and arnold relationship poems

Its better to not be friends with him. So now you are wondering, if Rowdy is the kind of person who can fight anyone he sees, can he have fear? Well, the answer is yes.

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Anyone in the world can have fear and that is why Rowdy is living his whole life fighting people.