Rotj luke and leia relationship

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rotj luke and leia relationship

Poor Luke Skywalker had to deal with the shocking revelation that the didn't know about their familial relationship until "Return of the Jedi. And Luke is clearly attracted to Leia when he meets her . with himself when Leia kisses him - just after the kiss, everything he does is intended . before the revelation in ROTJ, Leia was somewhat sexually attracted to Luke. Many believe Luke and Leia's odd kiss in Episode 5 shows they weren't But then, in Episode 6: Return of the Jedi, we also learn that Leia.

Even further, the reveal included the fact that he very well may have been married at the time he first met-- and fell for-- Leia. Sana Starros was introduced as someone from Han's shadier past who claimed that they were married as part of a con job.

However, while that certainly played a large part in their separation, it turns out that there was growing tension and distance long before that.

Were Luke and Leia Supposed to Be Siblings When They Kissed in Empire Strikes Back?

In fact, the tension that grew and led to their distancing from one another is, unfortunately, something that could likely never have been avoided. Due to Leia's workaholic commitment, and Han's inability to handle stress and the need to run away when it presents itself, the two found themselves confronted with fundamentally incompatible lifestyles. No matter how much they loved one another, or how invested in their family they may have been, their work lives, in addition to their stubborn personalities, would never have allowed for a perfect union.

However, it's entirely possible that this scene may have never existed at all. After all, he won the Millennium Falcon in a bet against Lando Calrissian, and the sequel trilogy has decided to use his golden dice as the emblem for his character from The Last Jedi onward.

Leia speaks about her father tasking her with getting the Death Star plans to Obi-Wan Kenobi-- the most important thing she was ever asked to do. That moment defined her and made her realize that her duties were always with the Resistance first, and not with the Jedi. In that comic, she tells Luke: And knowing that I have to live up to it. We don't all get to be dreamers.

In that book, it is evident that Leia knows that Luke has passed away. As she sits in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, the two characters have a very emotional moment. Leia finds herself overcome with emotion and the two embrace. This suggests that Leia felt it when Luke's spirit moved on to become one with the Force. They had a lot of adventures in books and movies that never made it on film, but that doesn't mean that they didn't happen -- unless, of course, those adventures were part of the expanded universe, which Disney retconned.

rotj luke and leia relationship

In Star Wars 22, the three got together to do something big: That story was so exciting that it's a shame it's something that fans will never get to see on film. For those who haven't read the comic, though, find it now: That means that Luke and Leia did not know that they were brother and sister. In that issue, the two were stranded on an island, trying desperately to get a message to the Rebellion to find them.

While stranded, they, fortunately, did not kiss again, but spent a lot of time bonding in other ways. Leia spoke about losing her home planet, and they shared stories about their childhoods.

When Leia and Han realized that their son, Ben who would later become Kylo Renhad inherited the Skywalker talent for the Force, they decided to send him to the Jedi Academy run by his uncle, Luke. This means that Leia spent very little time with her son while he was growing up. Beru would often defend Luke's interests against Owen, who was overprotective out of fear that Luke might someday follow in Anakin's footsteps.

Beru did not share these fears and even encouraged her Luke to follow his dreams.

rotj luke and leia relationship

After Luke's failed attempt to rescue her from the Stormtroopers and heartbroken by her death - he left Tatooine - as there was now nothing left to keep him there. Leia Organa Luke and Leia were separated after they were born, he did not meet his twin sister until nineteen years later. Luke's first impression of Leia as he saw her in an hologram was; "She's beautiful". Luke, along with Han Solo rescue her from the first Death Star.

  • Were Luke and Leia Planned to Be Siblings Before "Return of the Jedi"?
  • Mark Hamill tells how Luke really felt about kissing his sister Leia
  • Yes, but it's not very strong; and usually mainly on Luke's side.

By the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke's crush on Leia had completely disappeared, as he only considers her a friend, he became annoying when Leia kissed him in a failed attempt to prove she doesn't have any romantic feelings for Han. In Return of the Jedi, Luke discovers that Leia is his younger twin sister and before allowing himself to be captured by the Empire; he reveals this information to her and that Vader was their father. She is not overly surprised as there was always a part of her that suspected the relationship between herself and Luke.

Vader would use Luke's devotion to his sister as a catalyst toward his anger, threating to turn Leia if Luke wouldn't. After the second Death Star, Luke joins the rebels in their ultimate victory against Empire. Luke and Leia lovingly embrace each other as brother and sister.

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Around 30 years after the Empire's defeat, Luke seemingly abandoned his sister under his grief and guilt of failing her son. Despite this, Luke eventually apologized for everything that happened to Leia in result of himself not being present.

Leia easily forgave him and was just glad that he was with her, proving her boundless love for him. Shortly after Luke sacrificed himself for the Resistance, Leia mourned over his death, but Rey told her that Luke found purpose in his passing.

Luke taught Ben the ways of the Light Side of the Force and lightsaber combat. Unfortunately, Luke made a mistake by contemplating and nearly considering killing him upon sensing how strong his connection to the Dark side of the Force is and this proved to be extremely disastrous, as Ben's former faith in his uncle was shattered and he became known as Kylo Ren and his by his fellow Jedi as they would later become members of the Knights of Ren who were some of Luke's own apprentices he had turned, he killed most of Luke's apprentices; this act greatly delayed his uncle's plan to restore the Jedi Order to it's former glory and left his uncle despondent, while Ren went on to terrorize the galaxy as a leader of the First Order.

Luke was the only one who managed to survive and escape the Jedi massacre. In the aftermath of the Jedi massacre, Luke was deeply grieved and wracked with guilt, blaming himself for his students' deaths, Ben and his other students' turn to the Dark side.

Luke then mysteriously disappeared; as he embarked on a quest to seek out the Ahch-To Jedi Temple. Ren, under the orders of Snokeis instructed to find and kill Luke, as Snoke knows that as long as Luke is alive, a new generation of Jedi Knights can rise once again. Luke came to lose faith in Ren for his destruction of the New Jedi Order and believed he is unable to ever come back to the Light side.

However, he showed deep remorse for failing to stop his fall to the Dark side. Despite this, it does not soften Luke's opinion towards Ren.

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However, Rey points out to Luke that he failed Ren in thinking that his falling to the Dark side was a premeditated choice. After Yoda in a gentle manner scolds Luke, pointing out that failure is one of the greatest lessons the Jedi could learn from, this causes Luke to realize that his failure wasn't for training Ben in the ways of the Force and lightsaber combat, his failure was for not trusting his nephew and believing in his inner goodness; as he apologized to Ben for failing him.

After Luke was born, Obi-Wan took him to Tatooine, to be raised by his father's step-brother, Owen Larsand his wife, Beru Whitesunin order to protect him from Palpatine. Obi-Wan watched over him for nineteen years. Before discovering Obi Wan's true identity, Luke believing him to be a strange hermit, under the name of Ben Kenobi. After this knowledge, he gained great respect and admiration for the Jedi Master.

rotj luke and leia relationship

During their journey to Alderaan, the two quickly became good friends. Luke was devastated by the death of his mentor, but continued to fight in in the Galactic Civil War, so that Obi-Wan's death would not be in vain.

rotj luke and leia relationship

When he discovered that Vader was his father, Luke became angry that Obi-Wan had deceived and lied to him, but eventually forgave him.