Riku and sora relationship memes

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riku and sora relationship memes

Looking from the outside in, it's pretty obvious that Sora and Riku have been friends for a long time. They're the classic dork and brooder duo. mickeyblades · gif request meme ♢ Kingdom Hearts favorite platonic relationship: Sora and Riku Riku:Sora and I are the best friends on this planet. Terra:Well. If Sora and Riku were in a romantic relationship with one another, it would prove to many that homosexuality need not define the entirety of a.

I obviously know Japan knows what guitars. A little inside joke from I Love You Man.

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I feel like he should be on Mr. Anyway, when I first heard Lance Bass was going to play Sephiroth my mouth dropped to the floor. He always looked like the starry-eyed dumb one of the band though. How could he portray the best villain in all of Final Fantasy? I dug in my heels, but in actuality, he was pretty good. I think he only says like seven words, but it was fine. The only thing bad is quite the opposite. Well, I think Nomura, for all intense and purposes the god of Kingdom Hearts, watched that movie and thought he could do it better.

Better, in his world, meaning infinitely more insane and illogical. There are sleeping keyholes Sora and Riku must seal in order to pass their Keyblade examine. Stay away from this nightmare Scary Terry. Now truthfully you could easily replace the writing on there for anything.

riku and sora relationship memes

Both have had their ups and downs and honestly, Kingdom Hearts has had more downs overall. Why make your title into an equation unless you want it to get made fun of? It made the camera situation almost virtually unplayable at times. The idea was solid. It was clunky, but a neat idea at least. As sort of a course correction five years later they changed it back to Aerith when Kingdom Hearts was released.

riku and sora relationship memes

While it is nice to correct an error, a name seems a little too late to swap for an entire region. A famous bad translation was in Metal Gear Solid. Now on paper that may not seem that weird.

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After all putting a fighting coliseum in an RPG is pretty standard and for that, I applaud the inclusions. That is when the content remains a fighting coliseum, but it has devastated from this structure multiple times. What else do you have to say about Hercules, Nomura? There was a short-lived cartoon show, the movie, and that was it.

Are you trying to create God of War, or something? Do you have a constant need for Phil? It always threw me off, but it might just be my hearing. His string of spears look real too unlike the Fisher Price stuff everyone else has. Coincidentally that happened once. That may be too inside-baseball, but whatever. I could probably do it.


Anyway, every fan knows the narrative is convoluted. We sure do hope to see these two Keyblade users in action. Initially, the Birth By Sleep main characters' name follows the same concept in which the trio are being named after elements. As discussed in a previous entry, Aqua is ultimately responsible for Kairi's journey.

riku and sora relationship memes

The series is usually rated E for Everyone in the ESRB ratings and even Kingdom Hearts producer claims he had to edit some features in order not to depict too much negativity in the game. However, this state of mind is less prevalent in the manga series. In an attempt to lure Sora, Saix summons two Berserker Nobodies and orders them to attack Kairi's cell in order for her to yell for help to lure Sora.

Though Kairi is visibly injured she even bleeds a bitshe remains stoic throughout the short scene. Further proof of her social skill is demonstrated in Kingdom Hearts II manga. When Kairi lands on Twilight Town. She is greeted by Hayner and his crew.

riku and sora relationship memes

While she casually engages with them, Organisation XIII member Vexen secretly stalks her and praises her ability to easily be friends with people she just met and even compares himself to her, saying he would have taken "5 years to get their trust.

God Bless The Ring. For any 2K babies reading this entry, this 3D fighting game pits two fighters against each other and mostly allows you to fight in a classic mano a mano. Though a few Final Fantasy 7 characters were featured in the game notably Cloud and Sephirothwe'd definitely ask Square to consider putting Kairi in a future sequel because she's definitely the most versatile fighter of the whole Kingdom Hearts universe.

Kairi seems to inflict a fair amount of damage with her knuckles in the Kingdom Hearts II manga. On one occasion, she manages to punch a Dusk Nobody to which the creature seems to agonize a bit. While attempting to recapture her with Nobodies, Kairi lands a punch in his face. Demyx responds by throwing the white flag and dismisses the Nobodies. But when we link all of these events together, we can't help but think that destiny is a key theme of Kairi.

First off, Kairi's meeting with Aqua enabled her the use of using the Keyblade. Then she lands on the "Destiny" Islands to meet with Riku who is also able to use a Keyblade.

On top of it, her Keyblade's name is Destiny's Embrace. Traditionally, a Keyblade's name and form seem to represent the main characteristic of its wielder. Therefore, destiny seems to be a big part of Kairi.

So what happens when your favorite Princess forgets a simple information from the biggest memory holder of Kingdom Hearts? If you recall Axel's motto "Got It Memorized", he mostly uses his signature line after saying a valuable information. When he opens himself to Kairi about best friend Roxas, she joyfully asks for his name, but Axel reminds her that he told her his name at the beginning of the conversation.

The reader then sees Axel talking to himself in order to hold his mental composure. Despite that, she gained an enormous fan cult and is considered the second most popular female of the series, right before veteran character Kairi.

Not only do they share the same voice actresses, but they also do look very similar. Because Roxas doesn't have any memories of his own due to being a Nobody, her physical appearance is based off Sora's strong memories of Kairi.

riku and sora relationship memes