Riker and guinan flirt scene

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Guinan is a recurring character that appeared in the American science fiction television series . It was later reported by Walter Koenig that Goldberg was annoyed as she saw that the fans wanted a scene with Guinan and Uhura together. . In Star Trek: Nemesis, Guinan has attended the wedding between Riker and Troi. The best flirting scene ever. Riker and Guinan flirt up a storm and it ends with a (version of a) "shut up Wesley!" #startrek #TNG #itsthebeard. Riker is even less helpful, demonstrating his own flirting moves on Guinan, Guinan is the only person who actually gives Wes good advice. on an episode when the most interesting scenes are between Worf and an old.

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Guinan Gives Wesley Crusher Good Advice About Losing Somebody You Love

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