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Glaiza de Castro (born January 21, ), is a Filipina actress and singer. After beginning her . (serving as the counterpart for Han Yoori, played by actress Kim Tae-hee), the envious stepsister of Jodi Reyes (played by Rhian Ramos). HAPPY RELATIONSHIP. Aside from her career, Rhian Ramos is very much happy with her new boyfriend. Photo by Manman Dejeto/Rappler. But lucky for us, Rhian Ramos and Glaiza De Castro still pushed Glaiza, she talks about her 'getting stronger' relationship with Rhian, .. Rhian Ramos: Like you know when you hug someone and it has a deeper meaning.

And a lot of things like what we did for LoveWins, like poetry videos. Rhian is also very creative and very artistic. So we might release some photos again or videos, who knows. There are a lot of things that we can do.

Glaiza on what she loves about Rhian Ramos Glaiza: Well physically, when we have a scene together, I already thought about that. I know how heavy her scenes are. But I appreciate that because her energy is contagious. And what people show me I just reciprocate it. At that time, I appreciate that she really look for a sponsor for me. She is very interesting like that. When we have a scene, even if the camera is not on her, she still gives the emotions that is needed for the scene.

I really appreciate that from her. But she still supports me. And lastly, her sense of humor is really one of a kind. Glaiza on what she hates about Rhian Ramos Glaiza: And also, how can one think of those jokes? Well I lack that kind of sense of humor. More printing because so far we only printed 4, Now that there are a lot of people that are supporting it, we got the funds to reprint. An hour before the store close. But Cali Burger was accommodating enough to let us stay to do some catch up.

Rhian is full of energy that evening despite being caught in heavy traffic. Watching Rhian and Glaiza together, you will immediately feel their chemistry even off the camera. Rhian and Glaiza shared a lot of funny stories, and we even have an inside joke that involves a tissue paper. What will happen to the both of you after the show? Yes, that will make them happy.

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Oh, I answered this! You know my answer? Someone asked me this! I did see that. I feel the same way! I also told them that earlier. So what are your favorite romantic scenes in the show? Personally, I really like the lipstick — the bathroom scene. My first scene with Jade and the lipstick cap.

Rhian Ramos on non-showbiz boyfriend: 'He's one of my great motivators'

We were kind of still at that stage of feeling each other out. But I think that worked for us as actors, where we were figuring things out, with that particular scene. As for me, a major scene I struggled with was when we were on the rooftop. That was my first day and also ours working together.

Then — Glaiza De Castro: Yeah, the first day! Then suddenly… Rhian Ramos: It was intense right away! Then after that scene wrapped, we were already crying and everything and the emotions were still there. Then we were still on the rooftop. That was before — Rhian Ramos: Can we do this? Oh no, stay in character! Oh, who are they focused on? Those are things you should ignore. But that scene was intense.

RaStro (Always) Rhian Ramos & Glaiza De Castro TRMD

Do you consider that as the most difficult scene or are there others? One of the difficult scenes is the hallway scene. The breakup where you visited my condo. I had a really hard time there. Actually, we felt the same way! Then there were also cuts. Yeah, how many fights already was that? I was only like this from afar. It was just that.

Rhian Ramos on non-showbiz boyfriend: 'He's one of my great motivators'

I wanted to shout then. What have you learned from your characters? Because in a way, I have difficulties expressing my feelings. When I explain my feelings, I struggle. When she wants to say something to someone, she says it right away. And if I learned something from the character… there were so many challenges that have happened to her. Althea versus Oscar and Tommy? Because that way, I feel like I have more to learn. If you were lesbians, is it possible for you to be in a relationship?

Does that question even need to be asked? I do feel like we naturally get along. We already know — G: So… you guys get it. You guys already know that!

No more hopia for you guys! Because that was a great experience for us. And one of the great factors about this project that was fun is that the fans were engaged. The TRMD supporters were involved and the support we received was shocking. Especially when we found out the number of votes we received! So thank you for making this possible.