Relationship of culture and education

Relation between Education and Culture | Symposium "A"

relationship of culture and education

Culture is the behavioural traits of a group. Education can be the way those traits are passed on to members of the group who are not sufficiently aware of those. Culture strongly influences how an individual approaches education, and a society's culture determines how that society educates its citizens. Because culture. Culture is a very vast concept than education (which is one of the cultural variables). Culture is defined as under: i) Customs, traditions, ideas, and collective.

The educational system of a place is of a very ordinary standard, if its culture is not well developed, because then in the learning process very ordinary interactions are possible.

relationship of culture and education

In such a system formal education is very inadequate, because the purpose of education becomes generally limited to learning of very ordinary things pertaining to social life. But when the culture becomes complex, then it is necessary to transmit the various elements of culture from one generation to another.

Essay on the Relationship between Culture and Education

For this, development of a specialized education is considered as a necessity. Education is intimately relation with development of personality. Therefore, the kind of education depends upon the nature of culture of the Society.

The Connection Between Language and Culture

Besides the school, there are other sources of education. These sources continue on influencing the child from the very beginning. In all these agencies only those parts of culture are effective which are accepted by all concerned. We must not forget that in the educational process an individual chooses for own options from among the various experiences.

Essay on the Relationship between Culture and Education

Sometimes on the basis of his experiences he moulds himself also. In other words, society makes man and man makes society.

In the same society the various children obtain varying experiences.

relationship of culture and education

These experiences depend also on their homes and particular environments. Therefore we must not reach a decision all of a sudden about any child.

relationship of culture and education

Before making a judgment we have to take into account the type of culture which he happens to represent. Who should select and rank the curricular contents? For many years, this selection has been made under the eyes of interests, trends, and ideological and pedagogical positions that make their power prevail.

Much has been agreed in pointing out that the process of selecting curricular knowledge and contents is a political act, indicating that education is deeply involved in cultural politics. In the design of the curriculum, to achieve consensus of positions among the different decision makers is a great achievement, since everyone wants to make their interests prevail. Unfortunately, in this "negotiation," the cultural context in which students are subject to is often not taken into consideration.

In this way, students will gain the tools and concepts so that as adults they can perform fully in society. Education and culture are closely related and it could be said that they are inseparable because culture needs education and in turn education is subject to culture and its work revolves around it, in favor of its transmission to satisfy its requirements and serve as one of the cores to that society.

Closely relations between education and culture

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relationship of culture and education

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