Relationship like gomez and morticia cara

Polly-Vous Francais?: I love it when you speak French!

relationship like gomez and morticia cara

Love it. I want a relationship like Morticia and Gomez have!. As for his pet name, she said, “I've been calling him that for 20 years, even Gomez called Morticia “Cara Mia,” “Cara Bella” and “Querida”. Gomez Addams is the patriarch of The Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams As a young man, Gomez was, per flashback in "Morticia's Romance," a perennially sickly youth, gaining perfect health only after meeting Morticia.

None, however, had looked upon everything she did and said with such genuine interest and delighted enthusiasm as Gomez had done, from her dolls to her favorite foods, and now this.

None had stayed interested in her for very long, though none had held her attention over time, either. Gomez, however, had instantly captivated her. The bat wings in her stomach became an overpopulation of electric eels squirming around and shocking her insides as her nerves threatened to overtake her. The truth was, she was woefully unprepared for this moment. Until Gomez, Morticia hadn't met a man with whom she felt she had much in common, so she had always been content sticking with her dolls and her African strangler, and caring for Kitty Cat.

Mother and Ophelia had made it perfectly clear that Ophelia was to be the first Frump sister to get married — or else. Growing up, Morticia had always felt this was because she was inadequate compared to Ophelia; Ophelia got all the music lessons and charm schools and karate instruction, while Morticia got boarding school in Paris.

Ophelia was erratic and extraverted while Morticia was calm and reserved. Morticia had thought herself the ugly vultureling of the family while their mother doted on Ophelia because she was clearly the smarter and prettier sister who was unlucky in love.

The last few days, however, had done much to change Morticia's perception to the contrary — particularly from seeing not just Ophelia through Gomez's eyes, but herself as well — and Morticia realized that Mother had not been favoring Ophelia, but protecting her. That epiphany did much to change Morticia's understanding of her relationship with Ophelia, as well as herself as a woman. Still, Ophelia had gotten all the attention and preparation and advice, while Morticia received two scant minutes with her mother in a quiet corner of the conservatory when everyone else was busy.

Morticia thought she had a pretty good idea, but Morticia had hoped for some pearl of wisdom, but this was most unhelpful. She gave a sullen and somewhat piqued "Yes, Mother," for the sake of bringing the awkward conversation to a close. Mother then hugged Morticia around the shoulders and kissed her cheek. You'll figure it out when the time comes. Through Morticia's reverie, Gomez had taken her hand and begun kissing her fingers one by one, praising each for the magic and alchemy it was capable of producing.

As his lips worked their way along her wrist, Morticia knew that nothing her mother said could be right, at least not about Gomez. When Gomez's lips reached her neck, he suddenly stopped. Pulling back, he looked awkwardly at the floor. Squeezing her hand, he said, "I guess I'm a little nervous.

She had been, after all, the first woman to successfully come between him and his vaporizer; none before could warm his bronchial tubes the way she had.

relationship like gomez and morticia cara

Did Gomez's attentions so excite her that she was led to an incorrect conclusion about his experience and expectations? Gomez apparently mistook her delay in answering for disappointment. You deserve a better wedding night than this. When you speak French, it drives me wild!

relationship like gomez and morticia cara

In turn, each impassioned response she coaxed from him crumbled her customarily reserved demeanor. Morticia was frightened by the erosion of her self-control — was this what Mother had so clumsily warned her about? Gomez reached behind her, sweeping aside her hair in search of the zipper on her tight black dress, the touch of his fingers sending an electric craving up her spine.

As his arms encircled her, his mouth met hers for the first time since they exchanged their vows. Morticia distantly wondered why he kissed other parts of her so comparatively freely. With her last cogent thought, she decided it was perhaps a good idea to save such kisses for when they were completely alone, given the way her body quivered at the sudden feeling of weightlessness when their lips touched.

Gomez's kisses made even her formidable self-control nearly impossible to maintain. In moments, she and Gomez would be wed in every way possible. Morticia was humbled and awed by his unyielding love for her.

relationship like gomez and morticia cara

Her heart threatened to beat through her chest as she sank into the plush black duvet. She struggled to find her voice, her words part squeak, part hoarse whisper. The candles had long since melted down to nubs and gone dark, and the only sound was Gomez's light snoring.

She wondered briefly if it was this way for all newlyweds, then recalled her mother's advice and thought not, particularly if new brides were to actually follow that kind of wisdom.

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Morticia supposed Mother meant well enough. In retrospect, though, Morticia was somewhat thankful for the lack of preparation.

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If anything, it had allowed her to see she and Gomez were even better-matched than she had been aware. Her insecurities had been for naught, and Gomez had made it perfectly clear that there was nothing she could ever do to disappoint him.

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Secure now in all realms of their relationship, Morticia excitedly imagined the life she and Gomez were about to build together. It would begin with their honeymoon in Death Valley, but what next? How many breakfasts would they eat together? How many of those smiles would he lavish on her as he called her cara?

relationship like gomez and morticia cara

Careful not to wake Gomez, Morticia traced a finger along his jaw, of which she had become so enamored. She knew now that only he could help her navigate her journey as Mrs. When he wishes to know the time he will pull a pocket watch from the breast pocket of his coat the chain is attached to the lapel while simultaneously checking a wrist watch.

Gomez is an athletic, acrobatic, and eccentric multi-billionaire. Gomez's investments are guided more by whimsy than strategy, yet luck rarely fails him. Gomez owns businesses around the world, including a swampbought for "scenic value", crocodile farm, a buzzard farm, a salt mine, a tombstone factory, a uranium mine, and many others.

Gomez Addams

He nevertheless studied law voted "Most Likely Never to Pass the Bar" and is quite proud his law class voted him "Least Likely to Succeed"; and although he rarely practices, he takes an absurd delight in losing cases, boasting of having put many criminals behind bars while acting as their defense attorney; this is somewhat contradicted in the episode "The Addams Family Goes to Court," where it is noted that while Gomez has never won a case, he has never lost one either.

Gomez has offered contradictory views on work; in one episode, he claims that, although his family was wealthy even in his childhood, he nonetheless performed odd jobs and "scrimped and saved [his] kopeks," which he considered character building.

When his son Pugsley decided to find a job, however, Gomez was horrified, claiming that "No Addams has worked in years! He specifically states that Thing always beats him at bridge.

Astin also voiced this character in an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies which featured the family. In the second animated series, also by Hanna-BarberaGomez's voice was again performed by John Astin. Tim Curry took up the role in the television film Addams Family Reunion in and in Gomez was played by Glenn Taranto in the TV series The New Addams Familywhere he returned to the madcap attitude of his original s incarnation with Astin guest starring as Gomez's father.