Raja and kanimozhi relationship

‘Kanimozhi – Raja’ Affair gathers Steam – Fashion Scandal

raja and kanimozhi relationship

If the first marriage was arranged for Kanimozhi by her parents, the second one The two met, embarked on a relationship that has now fructified into wedlock. Thus was born Kanimozhi a rising star in the political firmament of Karunanidhi's extended hidden-facts.info her expensive education and up-bringing at Chennai, she. A Raja, who is now in jail for his alleged involvement in the scam, was known for his close relationship with Kanimozhi. She also owns 20 per.

Interestingly, the turnout for this wedding was even less than the one that graced Kanimozhi's earlier foray into matrimony.

A daughter’s lost paradise

Then, as now, Karunanidhi was chief minister when his daughter married Athiban Bose, head of a Sivakasi-based business family, in Old timers recall how the wedding, which took place the day V P Singh was sworn in as prime minister, created controversy when then deputy prime minister Devi Lal flew down in a special IAF aircraft to attend the ceremony.

That wedding ended in a divorce.

raja and kanimozhi relationship

This time round -- Karunanidhi, one suspects, was only too conscious of the amount of illwill his predecessor, Jayalalitha Jayaram, garnered thanks to the ostentation surrounding the wedding of her then adopted, now disowned, 'son' Sudhakaran -- there was not the least room for controversy.

The guests included Karunanidhi's immediate family, select friends of Kanimozhi, leaders of the DMK and it electoral ally the Tamil Maanila Congress whose chief, G K Moopanar, was prominent on the dais. Jayalalitha had caused half of Madras to be blocked to traffic to facilitate the smooth passage of Sudhakaran's wedding procession. Karunanidhi, for his part, instructed the police to ensure that the traffic down Oliver Road -- a one-way thoroughfare which houses his home -- was not blocked because of the VIP wedding.

If the first marriage was arranged for Kanimozhi by her parents, the second one was love through literature.

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The couple started communicating when Aravindan thought of publishing some of Kanimozhi's poems in Singapore. And lists her profession as politician, poet and journalist. Kanimozhi, now 43, spent her growing years without seeing much of her father as he divided time between two homes and wives. Kanimozhi's mother, Rajathiammal, was Karunanidhi's third wife.

raja and kanimozhi relationship

The DMK MP has a Masters in Economics, was a journalist employed with several publications and also ran a website before she joined active politics. She is also a published poet and is seen as Karunanidhi's literary heir while her two half-brothers joust for top honours as his political heir.

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Within the family, the two brothers are said to be wary of the little sister, for whom their father has a decided soft spot. He has gone out of his way to underscore that fondness and his solidarity with his daughter ever since she was named in the 2G scam.

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  • ‘Kanimozhi – Raja’ Affair gathers Steam

Many say she is building her support base to take on rival Jayalalithaa at a later stage. However, there is strong opposition from Selvi, her step-sister," said a political observer.

Alagiri's bitter dislike for his step-sister Kanimozhi is now well-known. Recently, he submitted his resignation to the 'leader' asking for A Raja's suspension.

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He was also visibly upset over Kanimozhi's alleged involvement in the 2G spectrum scam and wants her to keep a low profile and maintain distance from Tamil Mayyam, an NGO whose office was raided by the CBI in connection with the 2G scam. Kanimozhi is said to be on the NGO's board. Moreover, many of Niira Radia's conversations with her and others, where she is ritualistically mentioned are now in public domain.

Clearly, 2G, A Raja and the vicious loop of multimillion scams have severely dented her image. The feminist seems to have lost her feminism, and the poet seems to have lost her poetry. Only the stink of power, greed and dirty money remains. Thick-skinned and a hard nut, she said on March 26, "We will come out clean.