Ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

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ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

Lagertha and Ragnar's relationship. Now that her former husband, Ragnar ( Travis Fimmel), has returned, the dynamics are much changed. Example 4 - Ivar tries to walk to Ragnar. . Heathens say "look at what i have done, you, the god i look to for guidance, didnt act to help me, .. I guess Hvitserk is pretty normal too, but Ubbe's relationship with all Wasn't Bjorn still a kid when aslaug came sailing to Kattegat impregnated and lagertha left?. I was late in catching on to the History Channel series Vikings, but when I finally His relationship with Lagertha was so enviable, (though he.

But for him, the shame of losing was too great to stay around.

VIKINGS INTERVIEW! Katheryn Winnick on Ragnar, The Seer & What’s coming in S4!

But he was too famous to immediately replace. That puts Floki's relationship with Ragnar back into focus in an interesting way, as the unrequited love that the one-time ship-builder felt for his king was turned into antagonism following the murder of Athlestan.

ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

All that's set to change, as Ragnar's return has apparently softened his feelings toward Floki, which will lead to an intense aftermath for the character: This is a very big thread in the story moving forward.

The shieldmaiden and earl will have a new love interest when things pick up, and this time it's a woman named Astrid, played by newcomer Josefin Asplund. As Hirst points out, Lagertha's history with men has been a string of disappointmentsand now she finds herself with someone she can trust.

ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

Hirst says that feelings of resentment the earl has toward Kattegat's Queen Aslaug will come to a head as well. And Aslaug has been, since Ragnar disappeared, has been sort of the ruler of Kattegat.

ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

Given how much the series has allowed its characters to grow literally and figurativelyit will be interesting to see where this development takes the show ahead of season 5.

So much so that all of Ragnar and Aslaug's sons desire her.


In fact, they all successfully make moves on her, and she sleeps with all of them. Well, she tries to have sex with Ivar to appease his brothers, but soon learns he isn't equipped to follow through.

Lagertha And Björn Leaves Ragnar - THE VIKINGS SEASON 2

Her beauty seems to enchant all of the brothers beyond just a sexual attraction, though I honestly am a bit stumped as to why, because despite looking good, she doesn't seem to have much personality. Yet they all seem to fall in love with her.

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Except Ivar of course. He kind of wants to kill her, but whom doesn't Ivar want to kill? She ends up marrying Ubbe, but on their wedding night, Ubbe can clearly see his brother Hvitserk and she still have feelings for one another.

So, like any good brother would do, he offers to share his wife with him. Check out the sexy three-way marriage consummation above. This scene is probably the only reason why she is on this list. You really don't know what to make of him at first.

He's kind of odd looking, with flamboyant mannerisms and weird giggles. He always paints his face with black liner, making him look of creepy and kind of zombie-esque.

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Not to mention he's balding. I think it's just that the character is just so damn awesome. He's an insanely talented carpenter and boat builder, fearless, loyal and brutal, and his dedication to the gods is unmatched. His personality is so uniquely his; he's actually my favorite character on the show.

ragnar and lagertha relationship advice

We are introduced to her as she trains with Lagertha, and we soon realize she too is a fierce warrior. Her personality seems different from them as well, though it is hard to describe why. Most of the others seem bound by some code of living, and Astrid seems to live outside of that code. However, I didn't like the fact that she slept with Bjorn. Banging your girlfriend's son? Though Lagertha didn't seem to care much, and told her that she hoped it was at least enjoyable.

As the series progresses, his characters becomes more fierce, both in personality and in looks, and soon he develops that rugged Viking look most of the men have on the series. And he is just as hot either way. Despite initially betraying her, he saves her, and truly falls in love with her. What a waste of a beautiful face.

However, she is no meek servant.