Pip and joe relationship essay

pip and joe relationship essay

money In this essay I will be looking at the relationship between Pip and Joe and the In conclusion Pip and Joe's relationship with each other is very strong . I hope to show the different stages of Pip and Joe's relationship and to look at themes and techniques Dickens uses to highlight and change Pip and Joe's relationship. In the first part, the narrator Related GCSE Great Expectations essays. The relationship between Pip and Joe becomes even closer when Joe calls their child Pip after him. As the Related GCSE Great Expectations essays.

This also leads onto the ambiguous way in which Joe uses the word 'hammered'.

pip and joe relationship essay

Firstly he says; 1st Use - " This is a very effective use of language which helps define how Pip and Joe's relationship is changing as Joe is starting to tell him a lot more about his past. Almost directly after this conversation Joe speaks of Mrs. Joe as a "Fine figure of a woman. In this conversation Joe explains to Pip how he is only still with Mrs. Joe due to " Joe was raising Pip by hand as he felt Pip was a " Joe for the sake of Pip.

Great Expectations - The Relationship between Pip and Joe.

Throughout the whole of chapter 7, the contrast between Pip's adult narrative and his language as a child is vast. Adult Narrative - "Joe recited this couplet with such manifest pride and careful perspicuity that I asked him if he had made it himself. Joe's use of dialogue lets his character shine through; the way he speaks and gets his message across is always pleasant and effortless that if you could imagine him speaking to you it would be a soft, quiet voice.

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Joe obviously not being a master-mind mind, Joe says this as he believes it but the point is that he delivers the sentence with such innocence that anyone could believe it which is what Joe is all about - A simple, nice and caring character. Joe allows us as a reader to feel sympathetic and compassionate towards Joe and therefore makes him a much more likeable character, much like the early, younger Pip.

Discuss the relationship between Pip and Joe in Great Expectations.

Dickens uses strong metaphors to portray their companionship. The cyclical structure of the novel would of course suggest not. Their relationship takes a slight turn in chapter 7: I feel Dickens is saying to the reader that it is a good thing that Pip is bettering himself and that we should not blame Pip for trying to get a better quality of life.

One can only speculate.

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Pip counts down the days before he leaves for London with excitement and anticipation. Firstly, the letter is split into two sections — the main letter and the post script. Where the main part of the letter is of a formal tone and a marked contrast to how Biddy would usually converse with Pip, the post script is much more informal, where Joe had deliberately made a last attempt to save their suffering relationship.

It is ironic that this comes in the post script because it is almost like an after-thought. This change in tone between the two parts of the letter is also representative of the change in his lifestyle.

It makes the reader feel extremely uncomfortable when Pip is so judgemental of Joe. From the way he eats his food, the way he wipes his feet, to the way he talks Pip criticizes Joe.

pip and joe relationship essay

Furthermore, when Joe places his hat on the mantle-piece, and it keeps falling down, Pip gets extremely out of temper with Joe. The hat, rather like the post-script of the letter, represents Joes final efforts to save their relationship — each time it falls he catches it and restores it to how it was. It is here that we can see that Pip knows he is being nasty towards Joe, yet chooses to do nothing about it.

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When Joe leaves, Dickens uses emotive language to portray the virtually non existent state of their relationship and play on the emotions of the reader: As a reader we start to question the character of Pip, with such questions as, what has Joe done to him to deserve such treatment?

And what has Miss Havisham done to gain his respect? And of course is comes down to materialistic values because, needless to say, it is Miss. Havisham whom Pip suspects to be his benefactor. Here, Pip rapidly looses much of any of the remaining respect the reader would have for him, because after all, Joe has given him much more than Miss. Havisham or indeed his real benefactor ever has — in the form of friendship, protection and love.

When Pip develops a fever towards the end of the novel, he thinks he is hallucinating that Joe is there taking care of him, he thinks he is deluded and is seeing things; even though Joe is actually there.

pip and joe relationship essay

Evidently we see that Joe has learned to write; his efforts to write his own name are representational of his efforts to save their relationship, rather like with the hat and the letter, both of which he failed to succeed in — but his success in his writing proves that their relationship is convalescing. The changes that Pip and Joe suffer, to themselves and indeed to their relationship are very much apparent from the beginning of the novel; the descriptive metaphors not only suggest complications but also because these are dark and brooding images which suggest a miserable and threatening future for them both.

For Charles Dickens, Pip is a functional character to communicate his views on society in the 19th century, and his views of the absurdity of the lack in change between the social classes.

pip and joe relationship essay

And where was the turning point in their fellowship? Likewise it could have been as late in the novel as when Jaggers announced that Pip was to become a gentleman, this was the ultimate conclusion to Pips arrogance and determination to become a gentleman.

However, one could argue that the turning point in the novel is as early as the first chapter, where Pip meets Magwitch for the first time and agrees to steal from Mrs.