Paul and timothy relationship verses in bible

Paul and Timothy

paul and timothy relationship verses in bible

May 21, Such is the case with Timothy. Scripture contains little direct information about him, but we can catch glimpses through the thoughts and. Feb 12, What title does Paul give Timothy in the opening verses? (1 Tim. . Let's look at Paul, Paul has a very personal statement in the scripture I read at the Mentors are humble, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they. Everyone Needs a Paul, a Timothy and a Barnabas. Avatar dave I've heard leadership and relationship coaches say that everyone needs a teacher, a student and a friend. As Christians, we We study Scripture together. We read books.

For I have no man like-minded, who will care truly for your state. For they all seek their own, not the things of Jesus Christ.

But ye know the proof of him, that, as a child serveth a father, so he served with me in furtherance of the gospel. Him therefore I hope to send forthwith, so soon as I shall see how it will go with me: But I trust in the Lord that I myself also shall come shortly.

paul and timothy relationship verses in bible

Like all great men Paul had a wonderful power of attaching followers to himself. The mass of the planet draws in small aerolites which catch fire as they pass through its atmosphere. There is no more beautiful page in the history of the early Church than the story of Paul and his companions.

They gathered round him with such devotion, and followed him with such love. They were not small men. Luke and Aquila were among them, and they would have been prominent in most companies, but gladly took a place second to Paul. He impressed his own personality and his type of teaching on his followers as Luther did on his, and as many another great teacher has done. Among all these Timothy seems to have held a special place. Paul first found him on his second journey either at Derbe or Lystra.

His mother, Eunice, was already a believer, his father a Greek. Timothy seems to have been converted on Paul's first visit, for on his second he was already a disciple well reported of, and Paul more than once calls him his 'son in the faith. We hear of him as with the Apostle on his first visit to Philippi, and to have gone with him to Thessalonica and Beroea, but then to have been parted until Corinth.

Thence Paul went quickly up to Jerusalem and back to Antioch, from which he set out again to visit the churches, and made a special stay in Ephesus. While there he planned a visit to Macedonia and Achaia, in preparation for one to Jerusalem, and finally to Rome.

So he sent Timothy and Erastus on ahead to Macedonia, which would of course include Philippi. After that visit to Macedonia and Greece Paul returned to Philippi, from which he sailed with Timothy in his company. He was probably with him all the way to Rome, and we find him mentioned as sharer in the imprisonment both here and in Colossians. The references made to him point to a very sweet, good, pure and gracious character without much strength, needing to be stayed and stiffened by the stronger character, but full of sympathy, unselfish disregard of self, and consecrated love to Christ.

He had been surrounded with a hallowed atmosphere from his youth, and 'from a child had known the holy Scriptures,' and 'prophecies' like fluttering doves had gone before on him.

He had 'often infirmities' and 'tears. This favourite companion he will now send to his favourite church. The verses of our text express that intention, and give us a glimpse into the Apostle's thoughts and feelings in his imprisonment. The prisoner's longing and hope. The first point which strikes us in this self-revelation of Paul's is his conscious uncertainty as to his future.

In the previous chapter ver.

paul and timothy relationship verses in bible

In the verses immediately preceding our text he faces the possibility of death. Here he recognises the uncertainty but still 'trusts' that he will be liberated, but yet he does not know 'how it may go with' him. We think of him in his lodging sometimes hoping and sometimes doubting. He had a tyrant's caprice to depend on, and knew how a moment's whim might end all.

Surely his way of bearing that suspense was very noteworthy and noble. It is difficult to keep a calm heart, and still more difficult to keep on steadily at work, when any moment might bring the victor's axe. Suspense almost enforces idleness, but Paul crowded these moments of his prison time with letters, and Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon are the fruits for which we are indebted to a period which would have been to many men a reason for throwing aside all work.

How calmly too he speaks of the uncertain issue! Surely never was the possibility of death more quietly spoken of than in 'so soon as I shall see how it will go with me.

Paul had immediately stopped that. A good ministry then followed. Paul and Silas left for Derbe to escape the persecution. However, Paul thought back to the fruit in that town. During their stay Paul was impressed with a number of Jewish people who both demonstrated faith in the living God but also knew their Old Testament Scriptures.

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He wondered why it was so often the case that women were the more spiritual. And women responded to the Gospel as well, frequently sooner than Jewish men.

Eunice and Lois were just such women. These Lystran women knew the Scritpures very well. They had opted to become followers of the Way. Paul was looking forward to seeing Eunice and Lois and others who had responded to the Gospel.

paul and timothy relationship verses in bible

Much had happened since their last visit. There was the great Jerusalem council dealing with the essence of the Gospel. There was the controversy with Barnabas which centered on the young disciple, John Mark. That had led to the split. Time had gone by. Paul was anxious to see the growth in the believers at Lystra. He constantly had his eyes opened for potential leaders.

3 Phases of a Paul and Timothy Relationship

At Iconium the assembly there had spoken about Timothy—the son of Lois. High on their list were two things: His own mom and grandmom, so alive to the Word, had been teaching Timothy since he was a small lad. Paul would assess Timothy himself. But if all went well Paul was going to ask Timothy to come along with he and Silas.

And so it happened. Key in on someone you respect. Prayerfully ask the Lord to lead you to the influencers who can have formational impact on your life. Pursuing a Paul is not an activity solely for the younger minister.

All can benefit from being a lifelong learner. Perhaps the attrition rate of ministers can be normalized. Train A Timothy A third key ministry-development relationship we observe in the New Testament is embodied in training. When, as a minister, you find a willing, motivated follower, take time and expend energy, and invest in training. Answer these questions to help you evaluate your suitability: Are you a person of patience?

Do you take the long-range view? What is your area of competence? In what skills are you qualified, and what is your specific area of expertise?

How strong are your interpersonal skills? Are your relationships generally healthy? Are you capable of sticking with people over time while they develop?

Paul, Timothy and their Relationship

Are you willing to take risks? Are you willing to accept responsibility to help someone else grow? Is your character worth emulating? Would God approve of someone adopting your behaviors, attitudes, values, language, and mannerisms?

Are you willing to make time for someone else? Is there any sin or unhealthy situation that you have not addressed that could possibly damage your relationship with another person? Are you fundamentally committed to honoring Him in every area? Training is a cyclical activity involving instruction, implementation, observation, and evaluation. Training gives further opportunity for implementation and observation with evaluative feedback, followed by further instruction as necessary with the cycle continuing.

Intentional training is needed in the ranks of our ministers today. Skills need to be learned and competencies need to be refined. Many young Timothys desperately need increased effectiveness. They need to be well-trained. While the primary result may be that the young minister is trained and more effective, several things happen as a by-product of this activity.

Benefit also comes to the one doing the training.

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Furthermore, joy wells up in the heart of the one investing the training energy whenever those influenced become effective in the work of God. Well-trained ministers have a better potential for longevity in ministry just as well-trained marathon runners have a better chance at finishing the race.