Park yong ha and so ji sub relationship trust

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park yong ha and so ji sub relationship trust

definitely stop. It doesn't get better, trust me. Park Hyo Shin still alive, do you mean the actor Park Yong Ha? he died in Reply · Expand *ha jung woo is also gay *that girl from tell me more about so ji sub though, for serious man. . I still remember that rumor why Song Hye Kyo ended her relationship with LBH . The tragedy of Park Yong Ha's suicide has left many in the world saddened, and especially So Ji Sub who was the first to reach the mortuary upon learning. Lets share our loves and feelings to So Ji Sub oppa here. He is a low-class cook who trusts that he can touch the hearts of people who eat the food he makes . .. Kwon Sang Woo and Park Yong Ha, he doesn't have anyone close enough that .. They¡¯ll want to know your relationship with each other.

Right now, I like a woman who works hard at everything she does, and she knows how to do it well. And yes, I would like her to be pretty. Also, I would wish that she likes me more than I like her. Winning in spite of the odds being 8 against Sportsmen learn how to drink early in their lives.

The older teammates make you drink in order to discipline you. So I learned to drink during my senior year in High School. I really drank a lot back then. I think I drank almost every day. On my worst days, I drank more than 5 bottles of soju. Even when I drank, my facial color would not change, and since I always paid attention while drinking, I could remember everything. Besides, I grew a rare habit: However, there was one time I got into a big mess.

As expected, during my Senior year in High School. Before then, I could never make friends outside my swimming circle. But somehow, we started arguing with another gang, comprised of around 30 members.

Suddenly, we all started fighting.

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Since we were so disadvantaged in number, we were losing at first. Around onlookers surrounded us. One or two of the other team ran away. Really, those were blooded rebel days! He said he really like her a lot. But at another article Jisub nim only mention KHY as his friend. They acted together at Glass Slipper. Was he this kind of person? He looked very pure when he joked around.

park yong ha and so ji sub relationship trust

He looks pure when playing jokes! Actress Choi Ye Jin There's a scene after he gets shot by the bullet where we're wheeling him into the hospital.

It was a scene where I had to run alongside the cart and cry. So Ji Sub-ssi wasn't riding it there. Because of the camera, he was hiding in the back.

As I was crying and running, behind me he joked, "Ji-young, I'm over here.

"This is why..." So Ji-sub's 20 smiles

The truth will always be communicated. He is a low-class cook who trusts that he can touch the hearts of people who eat the food he makes. Have you heard of "chicken breast spicy rice cakes"? So Ji Sub's special dish is chicken breast spicy rice cakes! Stylist Hong Eun Kyung He puts chicken breast in spicy rice cakes, and doesn't add onions. For the sake of the staff's health, he puts in honey instead of sugar. When he's cooking, he uses a fruit knife?

So I asked him, "Why do you use such an uncomfortable and small knife? He cooks using a knife used for cutting fruit the entire time. So Ji Sub likes chicken breast, which has little fat and lots of protein. He knows how to cook many dishes with chicken breast.

He has chicken mania.

park yong ha and so ji sub relationship trust

A well-being cook who uses honey and paprika rather than MSG that tastes good immediately. He changes his cooking to suit the tastes of the person eating his food.

He is a gourmand who knows the fun in eating sincerely. He has another hobby that people know of, other than cooking. Photographer Hwang Young Chul: When I first met him, he arrived with a camera.

I was very surprised, because he brought a manual camera. It wasn't even a digital camera, either. So the camera was I thought that since he's an actor, he'd use a nice kind of camera, but it was one that was manually operated. I asked him why he bought this manual camera. And he said "I want to learn properly from the beginning, and take good photographs. If Jisub-ssi hadn't become an actor, we might have become rivals.

If he hadn't become an actor, he would have been a photographer! Photographer Kim Jae Won Jisub-ssi likes it when pictures are taken of him, but he also likes taking pictures. So the thing is When I was taking pictures, he showed a lot of interest in the camera I was holding. So he took the camera He borrowed it for a while, and went around taking pictures at random.

I think that he could become a photographer in the future. By taking pictures himself. His unique method of looking at the world through a four-cornered view finder.

Singer And Actor Park Yong-ha Laid To Rest ~ The Story Begins

The world that he captures has an innocence similar to his pure smile. And always inside the angles of his four-sided corners are his respect for photos that are records of honesty. He has a mania for hip hop music, something quite unlike classic photographs, with its intense rhythms and beats. His talent for rap is above that of an "amateur". He has the energy of a hip hop singer! It's a choppy rap like this, and it has a lot of Jisub hyung's story in it.

It was hard when I was an unknown, and it's hard right now So we took all that, and hyung and I wrote the lyrics together. He released the many hidden words in his heart through a rap song that shot out like a machine gun.

I believed in it, I believed in my beliefs, The time where I fell down and failed has passed me by. Don't just stand by and watch. Whose road of life is it, after all? Don't give up the dreams that I struggled and prepared for. Light my boiling blood on fire - My Way. In his youth he was a quiet and good child. His mother was worried about her son's frail body, and thus in the third grade he was coerced into swimming. For a long time it was his life's dream.

So Ji Sub, who was active as a member of the national water polo team. The intense exercise in the water made it impossible for him to avoid injury. At last, he went through the ordeal of having to give up his dream.

High school teacher Jang Sung Chil: He was practising at a training camp in Ohn-yang, and he broke his elbow. So we went to a hospital, an orthopedic centre in Chun-Ahn, and the director of the hospital told him that he had to give up swimming, that his life as a swimmer was over, that he couldn't use his arm It was a great shock for him to hear that from a doctor.

That's a really hard thing for an athlete, but he overcame it. He debuted as a model in He showed up in episode long shows and grew not as an actor who dreams of success, but as a sedate actor who understands the meaning of "waiting" and "effort". In his years as a newbie, he had to wait 20 hours to film one cut.

The thing that was alway occupying him was his Korean chessboard. Korean chess gave him the chance to confront those senior actors who were like the sky, and they taught him how to act by concentrating on each little step.

He's a chess player who's strong in the second half like the World Cup team! Actor Son Hyun Joo His style is in being strong in the second half.

In the first half, he searches a lot, and in the second half he starts attacking, then takes on defensive measures again. In the first half, I saw him deciding on his fixed directions a lot. In the second half he charges in and always scores a goal And that way, he made my insides squirm. A mother and son, who look alike from both the front and the back. His mother's shoulders have the weight of living on them. Her back view and So Ji Sub's back view are similar.

At a deposit of 5 won, she went to work at dawn to keep their nest that was worth won a month. His mother was always like a lighthouse to him.

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To So Ji Sub, looking at his mother's back view was very painful. When you look at his back view, you feel a lot of loneliness. He's a man with a lonely back! Actor Son Hyun Joo More than the emotions the front gives, the shoulders or back view gives off very big emotional lines. Looking at his mother's back view could have become an experience for acting. It could have become a motive. Those kind of memories can't be forgotten. His tears in the scene that everyone picked as a best scene was not acting.

I love you, Mother. There has never been a moment when I didn't love you. Mother, thank you for giving birth to me. There are so many people to thank, but I want to give this honour to just one person.

Without a comment to the director, writer or fellow actors, he expressed that he wanted to share this award with only his mother. How immediate and strong must have been his feelings for him to say that?

He really loves his mother