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We've rounded up 15 funny memes incorporating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tara's life was ended unfairly, it's true, but Willow continued to grow as a But with Whedon, whether it's an ending of life or ending of a relationship, the way it's .. But things didn't stay that way, and Oz had to go away to find out. By the by, when I say moments, that can include quotes too obviously. Here are a What's My Line, Part 1 - When Oz finally meets Willow. He has . "Beauty and the Beasts", definitely one of the top best Oz episodes. It's the. Oz is also adorably in love with Willow (and the feelings are mutual, if for a Willow and Oz are just starting out their soon-to-be relationship.

It all makes perfect sense. Sure, Buffy had some luck. But, there was a lot of ingenuity and help from her friends. That resulted in Angel having to drink from her, which temporarily put her in a coma. She had to go to school, fight demons, save the world, protect her friends and family, work and somehow fit in a romantic relationship and general social life, all while keeping herself together emotionally.

Her to-do list was a doozy. But, despite all that, Buffy was definitely luckier than the Slayers before her.

The first Slayer probably had it the worst. Implanted with demon powers by a group of men who figured it was better to risk the life of a young girl than battle evil themselves, she apparently had no family or friends to speak of and had to live in uncomfortable conditions. In fact, before Buffy, it was the general rule that the only person the Slayer was supposed to have time for was her Watcher and that was for training and assignments. No wonder Buffy and Willow broke that system.

Of course you do. Less pleasant and tongue-in-cheek, and more screaming in horror. The Gentlemen from "Hush" were the stuff of nightmares.

Easily one of the best one-off villains of the series. One can only imagine that the motivation behind this meme was to poke fun at the original meme by giving it an uber-creepy twist. Hey gurl, who needs good conversation when you can have a creepy smile instead? That was part of what made them frightening within the context of the show. Talk about hey, girl.

15 Hilarious Buffy Memes Only True Funs Will Understand

Most characters would probably flip out in panic or go power trip Hey, Veruca. Instead, Oz mostly took it in stride, even coming up with a way to protect others from the werewolf.

Once he returned, he had almost full control over the werewolf. He was able to turn at will, no longer locked to the full moon.

So he leaves again. Oz and Xander were similar in a few ways at times, particularly when Xander was being more wise than the wise guy, but Oz never really connected with the rest of the group in the same way. In the comics, Oz eventually becomes something of a Zen-like master and is married.

He ends up helping the Scooby Gang and the new Slayers, and even after all that time he retained his stoic nature.

Given that Spike is over a hundred years old, this is a reasonable theory. But, Spike went through quite a few phases before donning his signature look. He started out as a poet, a polite man in society. He went through a s chic phase in Italy with Drusilla. Fittingly, on Angel the original jacket was destroyed, and Wolfram and Hart had another available for him — sort of symbolizing the new Spike. No matter how you look at it, Spike definitely had his own style and it worked.


We also find out that monkeys are the only animal crackers that wear pants. I actually check for pants when I eat animal crackers. I want to know what brand actually puts pants on their monkey crackers. Surprise Willow and Oz go on their first date to Buffy's birthday party, and Oz learns what the Scooby Gang is all about. Doesn't even faze him. Innocence Reeling from finding out about Xander and Cordelia, Willow asks Oz straight out to make out with her. And instead of doing so, Oz tells her that he wants it to be special.

Where are the real guys like this out there? Phases The whole werewolf thing begins. And Willow refuses to leave him over this, and they have their first kiss and everything. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Willow calls Oz, crying because of the love spell Xander and Amy cast that went horribly wrong, and so Oz punches Xander simply because Willow was crying about him. Becoming, part two Willow is in the hospital, and Oz sits with her.

That scene just had to be the absolute sweetest. Anne And Oz is back in high school for another year.

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Which Willow has issues with, but I think she's over it. But they're just so cute. And Willow wants to help him deal, but he would rather bail. Plus there's mention of the Oz half monty, to which we're still left wondering which half. Homecoming And now we're onto the episodes I seriously don't like. And I'm going through a period of seriously wanting to smack both Willow and Xander.

Willow and Tara - Accidentally in Love

Lovers Walk Willow and Xander are kidnapped, adn Oz and Cordelia go off to find them, only to find them kissing. We also find out that Oz can smell her because of the werewolf thing. Maybe she just wears really strong perfume? But in an alternate reality, he does get to kill Evil Willow. I still think they should have remembered it, cuz then Oz would have gotten it out of his system and stuff. Like how dreams are wish fulfillment, same thing.

See, I take one year of psych in high school and suddenly I know all. Amends They made up! To this I say yay. Willow also decides that she wants to sleep with Oz to prove that she's his, but he tells her that he wants to wait till they're both ready.

Is he not the sweetest guy? Dopplegangland After coming back from a gig on Monterey, Oz just feels compelled to hug Willow, as if he has no will of his own.