Osiris and isis twin flames relationship

Twin Flame Poetry | ISIS & OSIRIS

osiris and isis twin flames relationship

History Eternal Twin Flames - Michael Jacksons REMEMBER THE TIME and of Osiris, the one that tried to rape Isis and force her after into a Marriage, after. If you're not familiar with the myth of Osiris and Isis, and how Set killed his All Twin relationships are a reflection of the most ancient and. Posts about The Twin Flame Eye of Osiris and Isis ancient Egypt- Michael Jackson and Elizabeth always had a special Friendship and personal Connection.

Twin flames know who they are. They are divine beings that are powerful lightworkers, each with an individual gift of their own, coming to Earth at this time to maximize the healing of the world first through their own talent, and, second, by their twin-flame journey that leads to sacred union.

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If this is not the story, one has probably confused being a soul mate with a twin. We, twins, have got this. We are rising, and we are taking the places that the Divine has created just for us since the start of creation. We have had accelerated healings, ascension and upgrades these past months that would be enough to make other people busy for lifetimes.

Isis and Osiris Conjunction Fall 2018: Return to Oneness

The work is still in progress. Bearing the twin-flame symbol in mind, it seems that we have done incredible work adequate to unite the two circles together into infinity.

Yet, most of us are still scared of and intimidated by looking up. We have been pointing fingers at the other, blaming them for delays just to avoid such looking up. At this phase, it is becoming imperative to focus on the high point of God, the Sun of Ra.

Isis and Osiris Conjunction Fall Return to Oneness -

Most of us now have this knowing that this light is bound to come to Earth, through us and our sacred relationship. We know the day is close; we know it is very close. It is surely cool here; we are not asked for more than we truly are. We are still allowed to embrace our faults and shortcomings.

osiris and isis twin flames relationship

We bring up the Twin Flame Topic and raise this Knowledge in Mainstream Public ways, they copy me and Michael more than ever before to impersonate and distract. Sometimes it is funny, and over the years and with time and patience it becomes more funny, one gotta laugh and stay cool.

But some days, it is very angering, especially when fresh abusive moves take place, and takes a minute to calm down- in such moments they try to harass focused and concentrated even more, on purpose, to catch you in a weak state already and kick you more and your heart.

osiris and isis twin flames relationship

No more Lies about my Man. But, come on, really? You know who attacks Isis and Osiris, and Horus…that would be jealous Set. First of all, I owned as a little Girl two Birds, and those are the only Pets I ever owned and I did wait for years for them to start singing.

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I wrote about this in previously a few times, and showed Pictures from my Childhood in which you see the Two Love Birds I had, one green and one blue. My Song begins with the words: So, it was not officially published, but aired and copyrighted back then already, with dated proof and all. Here is the original Audio File from