Optimus prime and bumblebee relationship quizzes

Transformers: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bumblebee

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship quizzes

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - [Bumblebee, OC] Raf E. - Chapters : 35 . Miko yawned, "Is there going to be a quiz?" . "A couple years ago she was diagnosed with early stage cancer in her vocal cords. Bumblebee met Optimus Prime when he was delivering a message to him. Though he was unfamiliar with the Autobot's physical appearance, Bumblebee still. When Transformers first arrived in cinemas in , it played into the ultimate Love & relationships · IndyBest how far off are we from Optimus Prime and Bumblebee? Take our fun quiz to find out which character you are.

Since the original movie, there have been a plethora of sequels - five of them to be exact. The most recent sequel is "The Last Knight" released in Shia LaBeouf plays the main character in this film, and his performance was reviewed highly by Empire. The film was directed by Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg signed on as an executive producer in Michael Bay initially scoffed at the idea, stating that it was just a "stupid toy movie" - but he developed an appreciation for the Transformers universe after visiting Hasbro.

Fans were divided in their response to this film. That said, the film brought the Transformers universe to many who knew very little about it - allowing the fanbase to grow substantially. Whether you were a fan of the original toy line, cartoons, or just enjoy the live-action films, we'll see just how much of this action-packed blockbuster you can remember.

As always, there are no real losers to this quiz - if you don't get something right it means you can go back and watch the movie again! It's really a win-win situation here. Question 1 What Planet Are the Autobots originally from? Krypton Cybernetica Cetaganda Let's start off with the basics. What planet are the Autobots from? Suspend disbelief for a second. Even if you haven't seen the first movie, this is still a question you'll know the answer to if you're a fan of anything in the Transformers universe.

Question 2 Why is Captain Lennox excited to return home from active duty? The chance to see his daughter for the first time A homecooked meal He is getting married when he returns His pregnant wife is due soon At the beginning of the film, the soldiers are in an aircraft above the desert in Qatar.

They're each discussing what they miss about home. It seems like they'll all be getting a chance to return soon.

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Some of them long for a certain dish, others long to see a certain person. Some just like the idea of getting a chance to relax on the porch with a cold beer. Can you remember what Captain William Lennox longed to return home to?

It's a right of passage for many teenagers here in North America. More often than not we start out with a beat-up vehicle that has more problems than anything else - but at least it's ours! Nothing beats the freedom of the open road. In Transformers Sam Witwicky's first car is a rust bucket that he and his father pick up at a used car lot. Can you remember what model of car it was? Question 4 Why does the car salesman decide to sell Sam and his father the car? He seems reluctant to sell the car to Sam and his father at the price they suggest.

Can you imagine how different the film would be if Sam didn't end up with the car? Can you remember why the salesman eventually caved?

The other kids are picking on him, flinging rubber bands and spitballs, but he finally manages to explain his report. He does the project on Captain Archibald Witwicky - who was an explorer who traveled to the Arctic Circle with 41 other sailors.

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Sam brings a variety of tools that this explorer used to navigate. Can you remember how Archibald and Sam were related? We see soldiers bonding and chatting on their way to an army base. A few of the film's main characters are introduced here. This squadron of soldiers is led by Captain William Lennox. A video chat between William and his wife is interrupted when an alien robot attacks the military base.

The unidentified robot causes quite a stir at the base. They're about to open fire when it shows it's true form and begins to attack. Can you remember what this Transformer disguised itself as? He is related to Sam Witwicky - the main character of the film. Archibald inadvertently discovered Megatron frozen in the Arctic ice. He accidentally activates Megatron's navigational system which ends up etching the coordinates to the AllSpark into one of his belongings.

Can you remember which belonging that was? Explorer's are known to carry quite a few objects, so there are quite a few to choose from.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship quizzes

Where is the Party Located? It's a typical house party It's a party at a lake It's a bonfire It's at a beach house High School can be a stressful time for teenagers. You've got parents who don't understand you, homework that never seems to end, acne, and awkward growth spurts.

Whoever said these were the best years of your life lied! What better way to let off some steam than partying it up with your friends? Sam Witwicky goes to a party in hopes of running into his crush.

He does, in fact, see her there, along with her jock boyfriend. Can you remember what location this party was held at? Since he can't communicate through speech, he enjoys using clever sound clips, and songs from the car radio to get his point across.

He often turns on the perfect song at the perfect moment. He can be quite cheeky, for a robot. What song does Bumblebee turn on when Mikaela leaves the party in order to suggest that Sam pick her up? It's a pretty catchy one! Make sure to give it a listen. What Kind of Insect?

Bumblebee: 10 Hidden Details Only True Transformers Fans Noticed

The attack in the desert. At this point, we don't really know much about the Transformers and their motives. It's a scary moment when the sand around the soldiers begins to ripple. It's almost reminiscent of the movie Tremors when the giant sandworms burrow under the ground.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship quizzes

Can you remember what kind of Decepticon explodes out of the sand and attacks? It almost kills a few of them It will render all of Earth's technology useless It has the power to wipe out all of mankind It can turn Earth's machines into a robot army It makes Transformers extra powerful The AllSpark is essentially the center of all conflict in the first Transformers film.

It's an object of extreme awe and mystery. The Autobots and the Decepticons both want it for their own reasons. She falls in love, not knowing of Primus' plans for her. She would look up and watch him every so often.

optimus prime and bumblebee relationship quizzes

Raf was making car engine sounds while driving the car around happily only to stop when Raf's phone rang causing Anna to look up. She sighed figuring it was their mother calling. She stuffed her art supplies in her bag as she listened to Raf answer. Right up the street. Yeah Anna's here with me Just five more minutes?

Anna smiled softly and stood up, waiting on him to finish. Anna heard a engine getting closer and looked up too see Jack Darby on top of a motorcycle. He drove up over the wall they were leaning against, landing in front of them. Anna quickly pulled Raf back a bit, not wanting him to get hurt. Anna narrowed her eyes at Jack while Raf just grinned. They all three turned to see two purple cars above them.

The cars raced down the hill and changed into robots. Anna grabbed Rafael and pushed him behind her but gasped, turning around too see the motorcycle also changing into a robot. Anna saw the motorcycle bot run towards the two purple robots, attacking them.

They watched as she punched and kicked them until she got hit while getting away. Anna gasped watching her before looking between the three robots. She looked up and saw a yellow car drive off the side of the bridge, transforming into another robot in mid air. The yellow robot landed on one of the purple ones and attacked the other one. He went to move back after beating up the purple bots but stepped on Raf's tiny car. Anna watched Raf to see how he was going to handle it.


She heard the robot make some beeping noises and understood it completely somehow. It was like computer code. The robot said he was sorry. Raf nodded, "No problem. They stepped on the back of his head to keep him from getting back up causing Anna to frown. She wanted to help but she couldn't do anything even if she wanted too. They ran into the drainage pipe as Anna helped Jack up.

They kept running until they noticed the enemies hand retracting. They all looked back too see the yellow bot's head looking at them. He asked if they were okay, causing Anna to nod. Rafael grinned softly, "Thank you! Anna watched the hole for a minute as Jack leaned down to Raf, "Don't look back! Anna turned around and began jogging after them. She was leaning against the tree watching the new girl, Miko, drawing the motorcycle from yesterday.

It was parked right in front of the main entrance. The robot hadn't moved since Anna left the building. Jack looked over at them as Raf waved a bit as he walked over, "Raf. Look let's just keep this between us and forget anything ever happened. The yellow car from yesterday pulled up to the curb beside them as Raf held onto Anna's arm, "Anna!

Anna looked at Raf and tilted her head. She saw how sure he was about this in his eyes and sighed. How could she say no to that face. Jack blinked, "It wants us to get in? Raf looked at Jack, frowning a little. He turned back around and didn't see his friend. Anna got in the driver's seat as Raf got in the passenger's seat.

As soon as they did their buckles snapped over them and the car drove off. Raf grinned at his sister and began talking with the robot. Anna listened to them as she looked out the window. They were driving in the desert with the motorcycle behind them with Miko and Jack both on it. Anna looked at her phone and sighed, sinking down in the seat. Mother was going to kill her for not taking Raf home right after school. They went right past an intersection, drove on the dirt and up to the huge rock.

When they were almost too close a huge door opened and closed behind them. They were then driving in a small, curving corridor. At the end they entered a huge hanger looking area that appeared to be some type of abandoned military base.

Anna looked out the left and saw another robot working on some machines that appeared to be some type of emergency vehicle. Another one that was navy green and looked kind of like a boulder.

The car, Bumblebee she had learned, stopped and they got out. Anna stood beside her brother as Bumblebee and the motorcycle transformed in front of them. Anna watched them all in awe, feeling her brother squeeze her hand. The blue motorcycle bot put her hand on her hip, "Haven't you heard, Humans multiply.

She saw the bots all staring at her and smiled slightly. Miko grinned and ran up to the green one, "I'm Miko, Who are you?! I bet you're a truck! How much do you weigh? Ever use a wrecking ball or a punching bag? They all turned around to see an even bigger bot standing before them. He was red and blue. He had an air about him that let Anna know he was the leader. All the other bots seemed to highly respect him.

The leader watched them curiously before starting his greeting. Also known as Autobots. In part they are here because our planet is uninhabitable. Ravaged by centuries of civil war. The fuel and lifeblood of all Autobots and Decepticons alike. The combat was fierce and endured for centuries. In the beginning I fought alongside one whom I considered a brother, but in war ideals can be corrupted.

And it was thus that Megatron lost his way. There were valid reasons. She didn't like the girl at all and she was only making matters worse. Jack looked at her before back at the big bot standing before them, "So what does Megatron, or any of this, have to do with us? Can we go now?