Numb3rs charlie and amita relationship help

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numb3rs charlie and amita relationship help

to have a relationship like Charlie and Amita in Numb3rs help solve a wide. Better or Worse Charlie and Amita go on their first date together. and helps the team catch a killer who is eliminating all of his opponents. Amita Ramanujan, Ph.D., is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Numb3rs, played by She and Charlie have had a romantic relationship of sorts throughout the series. The relationship suffered several Also, the two women were proud to see Charlie help Larry accomplish his dream. Though she said she loves.

The brothers' working relationship was a step towards their reconciliation.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship help

Other themes included Charlie's budding relationship with Amita, romantic tension between Don and Terry the first of Don's many workplace flirtations or moreand Don's reserved temperament. Terry left the show and two new characters were added: Don dates Robin Brooks. New agent, Liz Warner, joins the team, and starts dating Don. Amita and Charlie, after the slowest dating relationship ever, finally get together.

Larry is gone to the International Space Station for much of the season. Megan leaves the show and most of the other women who lasted more than an episode ended up sleeping with Don, who appears to have a real problem with fishing off of the company pier: At season end, Charlie has his security clearance revoked.

New agent, Nikki Betancourt, is added to the team. She and Ian Edgerton go on a date after Ian refers to her as 'another over achiever'. Charlie gets his clearance back amidst a mystery of who was after Don, and who stood up for him. Numb3rs features the Eppes family, played by three Jewish actors, yet, three seasons in, there were no canonical mentions of Judaism.

There were hints off camera that the season opener for season 4 would 'out' the family as Jewish, complete with quotes from the three actors as to whether it was a good idea or not. They finally mentioned it overtly "Is it because I'm Jewish?

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As of episode 5. This story line came about due to the urgings of Rob Morrow, who plays the character, at the start of the fourth season. There is a small but solid gen fandom, and Numb3rs is occasionally crossed over with other proceduralsand other shows that reference the FBI or the federal government such as Stargate. A guest character at the end of season 1, Billy Cooper played by Max Martiniwas also popular with slash fans, and his past relationship with Don provided a foundation for some fanfic.

Ian Edgerton played by Lou Diamond Philips is an FBI sniper who appears a couple of times each season; he's occasionally slashed with either brother, or crossed over to other shows. Despite much talk on the subject very few writers have actually sent Amita to her death. This is controversial, however, since incest has long been a taboo in the slash community.

Amita Ramanujan

On the other hand, as Numb3rs hit the small screen, there was a sudden explosion in fandoms where obvious and appealing pairings were incest pairings see HeroesSupernaturalHarry Potteretc. This led to an easing of the taboo in general, but at the same time, to a glutted revulsion, as some fans felt that incest pairings were close to taking over slash fiction.

numb3rs charlie and amita relationship help

They are the most important people in each other's lives They each admit that they can't quite understand their relationship Despite all the jealousy that Don supposedly felt for Charlie, he's thrilled to have him working with him, and when Don's at his lowest, it's Charlie he goes to They're very pretty together both short and dark and cute For once, Don would be dating someone he's not supervising Arguments against: Gets around the problem by making them a little more screwed up than they are on screen.

Gets around the problem by putting them through hell including amnesia to screw them up enough that they could be together. Charlie first took a class from Larry when Charlie was 13, and his father said that all the family heard about that first year was Professor Fleinhardt. They've been friends and colleagues ever since. Larry once called Charlie's relationship with Amita Ramanujan "a black hole.

Their main LJ community is airhockeyislove. The investigation reveals that all three victims may have met their killer through internet chat rooms and were lured to the houses with the promise of having sex with an underage girl.

Also, Larry learns that he may be pulled from NASA's space mission because of his recent bizarre behavior. Nine Wives Don searches for the leader of a polygamous group who is suspected of beating and raping a year-old girl found nearly dead on a desert road. The probe reveals the suspect may be fleeing to Canada, where some members of his cult live. Charlie and Amita cut short plans to attend a math conference at Stanford to help with the investigation.

Charlie Eppes

When they return to Charlie's house, they are surprised to find Alan there with a tipsy Millie. Finders Keepers Don investigates when a deep-sea salvage diver turns up dead in the net of a fishing boat with a bullet hole in him.

The probe reveals the victim may have been trying to locate a sunken racing yacht worth millions, or he may have been involved with drug smugglers.

Also working the case is Don's former flame, Liz Warner. Even more surprising to him is the fact that she's been reassigned to the L. Back at home, Alan prepares to play chess with novice Millie. Take Out Two police officers are gunned down in a restaurant by robbers who strike upscale eateries. Charlie tries to figure out a pattern to their crimes so they can be stopped, but the investigation reveals something much more sinister is going on.

Back at the office, Don is ordered to see a psychologist due to his involvement in several recent shootings. Also, Charlie is troubled when he learns Millie wants him to help her secure funding from a pharmaceutical company with a shady past. End of Watch The badge of a police officer who disappeared in is found on a vacant lot, and his body is later discovered, shot in the head.

Don's investigation reveals that two weeks before the cop went missing, he killed a gang member, and the victim's brother swore revenge. Back at home, Alan is sued over a driving-range project he worked on.