Noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

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noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

Noragami a compound of Nora Kami Stray god. Yato, the stray god who wanders around and begs attention and remembrance from anyone. Manga I have read Noragame 6 times. I did not find yato x hiyori moments. All fans Noragame say yato x hiyori look for signs under. Noragami. From then on, we see Yato and Hiyori's relationship grow leaps and bounds The anime's title Noragami means “stray god” in Japanese.

Especially in the beginning, Yato is only very rarely praised for his everyday actions, and he is more often insulted for the small jobs he does than congratulated for his willingness to put significant effort into essentially demeaning work.

This is a sad truth for many victims of abuse, who, even after leaving their abusers, suffer serious stigma including from those closest to them due to homelessness, unemployment, and the mental illness that frequently follows from abuse. Of all the things that I like about Kazuma, what I like best is that he has never done this to Yato, and that he genuinely tried to help Yato over and overno matter what silly endeavors Yato was pursuing at the time.

Yato and Hiyori: 5 Reasons They Should Just Get Married Already

Another realistic but upsetting moment is the chapter after Yato has been literally kidnapped by his father, when no one but Hiyori shows any concern over his complete disappearance.

Ignoring the double standard for a moment if a female character went missing, she would be immediately searched for, without questionthe complacency displayed by the other characters is tragic because of how often it happens in real life. Thousands of child abuse cases go unreported—or worse, ignored even after they [I]have[I] been reported—every year because others are unwilling to speak up or oblivious to obvious signs of something being wrong.

Despite the fact that he is incredibly talented in many areas, Yato actually believes for some time that the only thing he is good at is cutting things. His shinki keep leaving him.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

This is also part of the feast and famine method of domination. Abuse is more effective when it is inconsistent, and abusers frequently swing from aggressive attacks to overwhelming kindness, confusing their victims.

Perhaps the worst is the context surrounding the issue of shrines.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

Yato recognizes shrines as symbols of affection and signs of being wanted by others, which he desperately desires: Enforcing a sense of helplessness on a victim requires that the victim has no one to turn to. Unfortunately, this backfires spectacularly when she is not only embraced by her friends following the disaster, but the hospital does not collapse because her estranged brother returns, and the family is reunited and made stronger by moving in their grandmother as well.

Hiyori also gains personal resolve and motivation to pursue a human career, which she previously lacked, making her, ultimately, an overall winner in this situation and supporting the idea that Yato is not a god a calamity for Hiyori, but her honest to goodness god of fortune. However, Father did momentarily succeed in his goal because, once again, his emotional abuse works on Yato, convincing Yato that he is harming Hiyori and causing the god to avoid her, isolating himself once more.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

Hell, the whole Kugaha betrayal and deaths of her other shinki might have been averted if Yato had told Kazuma that Suzuha had been murdered by a shinki. His fight with Bishamon in Takamagahara could have been avoided if he had made actual attempts to talk things out with her and find out what had really happened to Hiyori, rather than coming in swinging with Sekki. Avoiding her boyfriend's eyes by looking down into her lap, she answered, "I woke up back at my house almost immediately after she did it.

And between school and everything else that happened during Kamuhakari, it sort of slipped my mind. Frowning, Hiyori started to defend herself, her voice raising a little bit in anger, "W-We're with Kofuku-san all the time and everything's okay most of the time.

I mean, you guys live with her and you've been alright here. Kofuku-san had good intentions, so I'm sure everything will be okay. I only want the best for you, Yatty, and Yukki. Though, truth be told, all three spent the next hour giving each other awkward glances until dinner was ready and they had the chance to talk about something else.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship advice

Edit Father is the one who acted as a father to Yato through his wishes. He often ordered him and Nora to kill several humans and bring back their ears, which Yato was happy to do because Father praised him for his actions. Father seems to view Yato as a tool and does not care for his feelings, as he told Yato to tell Sakura the God's greatest secret to turn her into an Ayakashi and kill her because she was changing Yato into a kinder person who began to think twice about his killing.

Father has lived for several years through divine possession and it is through him that Yato is still alive because if a God is forgotten they die and Father is the only human who has been able to remember Yato for several years. Father enjoys teasing Yato as shown when he teased about kissing Hiyori much to Yato's chagrin.

He also frequently gives Yato jobs to do which involve mass murder causing Yato to disappear for long periods of time, worrying his friends.


He does not care for Yato's feelings and tries to sever his relations with other people as shown through his manipulation in the murder of Sakura and in threatening Hiyori and manipulating Ayakashi to attack her family's hospital, causing everyone to go on a rampage and bombarding her family with lawsuits. Yato wishes to be free of Father's control but fears that should he end Father's life that he himself will cease to exist.

Yato despises his father for the way he uses him to kill people and fulfill his means but has no choice but to conceal his identity lest he loses his "lifeline". It is even shown in chapter 60 that he used to beat up and abuse Yato in the past but Yato is incapable of doing anything against him. Edit The two do not get along.