Nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

Lewis Hamilton's relationship with Nico Rosberg now better than ever | F1 News

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

Nico Rosberg opened up on the secrets of his title-winning season and the difficulties of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton in a revealing can draw a line under Hamilton's backing-up tactics; The highlights of his season. Lewis Hamilton sent a parting gift to his former Mercedes teammate Nico gift to Nico Rosberg as he talks up Valterri Bottas relationship at Mercedes .. championships across rules changes - and that is the big goal for us.". Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are preparing for this weekend's Hamilton and Nico Rosberg certainly give off the feeling that their relationship is Nico Rosberg (left) and Lewis Hamilton dressed in their Mercedes gear ahead of first .. Marcus Rashford's free-kick played a part in the opening goal.

Lewis Hamilton-Nico Rosberg's Duel in the Desert: The press conference | F1 News

It's going to be a weekend like any other where I'm going to go for the race win and do what it takes to get that. Nico, how would you feel about the perception that that's facilitated your championship win if that's the way it happens. And Lewis, how do you feel about that too. We still have one race to go so it would be premature to get into any such discussions but anyways, such thoughts, I don't have them at the moment, in any way because for me it's about concentrating on myself this weekend.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

I really would like to win this race and finish the season with a win. That would be awesome. For me it's… as I said, it's been a challenging season in terms of having the ups and downs that I've had but I think that I've really managed to strengthen. In terms of turning negatives into positives, this year has been a real challenge in terms of strengthening that tool and being able to do so.

Lewis Hamilton v Nico Rosberg: Childhood friends to arch rivals

So I'm really proud of what I have achieved. There have been moments where in the year where… 43 points behind, thought it was impossible to come back but somehow turned it around.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

So, I think this year has generally shown that, for me… continued to show me that anything's possible if you put your mind to it. I'll keep the facing the races that are coming with that mentality. We obviously had a very good relationship generally when we started out, when we were kids.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

Back then a race weekend was generally You go out and drive and you come in and you fool around, you give a bit of information to your mechanic and you go and play Playstation or you go unicycling. We had a lot in common.

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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg talk about how their relationship has changed during their time as teammates for Mercedes. We did all those things.

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I still do everyone of those but Nico has shifted in the sense that he's very very solely focused in terms of looking after himself. And obviously we went quite different ways when we were young: It's a childhood dream for both of us, so it feels really cool. We were laughing about it because we spoke about it when we were 14 years old in go-karts.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

We were team mates for two years, even shared the hotel room and it all worked fine. We've known each other for a long time, we've got a history like no other drivers here probably has - team-mates in - and that relationship remains today. Maybe we are not thinking about the World Championship yet, it's still early days.

Nico Rosberg still hopes to rekindle friendship with Lewis Hamilton

In go-karts we were exactly the same position, although there's a few more people around and a bit more media, and we managed to get through that with respect. There will be tough times, inevitably, but I'm confident we can work through it. People are constantly talking about us being friends and all that stuff.

nico rosberg and lewis hamilton relationship goals

Nico and I, as with anyone, can count our friends on one hand. Nico does not come into those five friends I have, and I don't come in the five friends he has. We work in the same team and we have a great working relationship.