Nhk world meet and speak amy

nhk world meet and speak amy

NHK World TV, Japan's sole English language channel, described as the equivalent of PBS in the U.S., started broadcasting to the Front Range. Today we visit "Kitakyushu-shi", the city in the far North of Kyushu. Amy and Kathy set off from Haneda airport, and in an hour and a half, they arrive in Kitakyushu. NHK's "#Meet and #Speak: #Learning #Japanese, #Episode #02".

Useful Column Last but not least, they board a cable lift for the top of Mount Omuro, one of the famous tourist spots of Ito City. Formed by volcanic activity, its unique scenic beauty has earned Mount Omuro designation as a national monument.

nhk world meet and speak amy

Gateway to Japan Shizuoka This time, our trio will be experiencing the history of Shimoda, which lies in the southernmost part of the Izu Peninsula. Shimoda, where the trio have come, is full of beautiful white sandy beaches. Many foreigners living in Japan come here to sightsee and stay at the many beach resorts.

As the first port of Japan open to the west, Shimoda is homed to many historic streets. Shimoda is a flourishing port town and lots of fish are landed here. The coastal landscapes are another highlight. Useful Column The fish with the vivid red coloring is red snapper, a specialty of Shimoda. Shimoda, as well as the rest of the Izu Peninsula, is famous all over Japan for this prized fish.

Memorable Highlights This is the 20th episode. Today, let's look back on the adventures the trio have had in Japan so far. We will also go over the Japanese they have learned during their travels. It's the show that teaches you Japanese while traveling Today we'll look back at past travels and check in to a traditional hot springs resort in Izu.

Useful Column Japanese Inns usually serve traditional Japanese meals to be eaten with chopsticks. Let's learn the correct way to use chopsticks.

First, hold the first chopstick like you would hold a pen. Then, slide the second chopstick between your thumb and index finger. It's now a Tokyo sight in its own right. The key to its popularity is that you can visit various Tokyo spots in a single day.

Meet and Speak

Naturally the bus visits the usual shrines and temples, the downtown area, and the latest hotspots. There are also all-you-can-eat tours of gourmet Japanese food, and cruises around Tokyo Bay. The wide variety covers every aspect of the city. Useful Column There are ten touch screens placed around the deck. Each explains what the visitor can see from that location. Building history is shown through satellite footage and maps. It seems there was a castle here years ago.

Discovering Shibamata Tokyo Lined with shops and restaurants, Shibamata is a temple town with a friendly backstreet feel. The Edo River flows nearby and the calm scenery makes the area feel less urban. A popular Tokyo tourist destination, the area attracts over two million visitors each year. Useful Column The difference between visiting a shrine and a temple is that you don't clap your hands at a temple. Instead, bring your hands together just one time. Walking the streets of Asakusa Tokyo Asakusa is a "commoner town" that grew up around Sensou-ji Temple over years ago.

This popular tourist area still holds an abundance of history and culture. Useful Column Kaminari Okoshi is an Asakusa specialty. Made from toasted rice sweetened with sugar and other flavors, Kaminari Okoshi has been a popular sweet since the Edo period. You can buy some to take home or sample freshly made Kaminari Okoshi onsite. As one can see, the castle towers would come up with numerous ways to protect the castle. Spiritual home of the Japanese people, Isejingu Mie Mie prefecture, located near the center of the Japanese archipelago.

It is in a very accessible location, being relatively close to Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto.

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Shima peninsula, the cradle of pearl farming Mie In this episode, Amy and Kathy explore the Shima peninsula, famous for its pearl farms. The two girls are traveling to Mie prefecture. A twenty minute train ride from Iseshi, they arrive at Toba station. The city of Toba is located in the Southeast region of Mie prefecture. Many can enjoy its fresh seafood, including oysters, which boast one of the largest productions in the country.

nhk world meet and speak amy

This aquarium in the city boasts Japan's top number variety of fish kept. The city is also famous as the birthplace for pearl farming. Useful Column "Ama" is referred to a female diver that free dives into the water to catch shellfish such as sea urchins and turban shells. They can stay underwater well over a minute, for a repeated number of times.

It is said that there are more than 2, ama divers in Japan, but roughly half reside here in Mie prefecture. Here we can have a taste of their history and culture.

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The girls grab the super express train, a minute ride from Kashikojima station. They transfer to the Iga Railway and head for Iga. Iga city is located in the Northwest region of Mie prefecture. Hundreds of years ago, they were warriors that specialized in espionage activities. Immensely popular among foreign tourists, multitudes of people visit Iga every year.

nhk world meet and speak amy