Neuro and yako relationship

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neuro and yako relationship

Neuro and Yako keep the real nature of their relationship out of the public eye, so sometimes Fuwa makes theories about Yako's relationships. Neuro is a demon detective that came from hell, with the purpose of seeking the ultimate mystery in the Human World. In public Neuro makes Yako act as the. Discuss, what do you think of the 'evolvement' of Neuro and Yako's relationship? What do you think the future holds for the two? This chapter in general?.

Appearance Edit As the laws of the Demon World require a demon not to draw too much attention to oneself in another world, Neuro usually takes his human form in most of his appearances.

He can freely transform any part of his body into his demonic form though and appears to be capable of transformation as well, though not to the extent of X's abilities. In his human form, Neuro takes the appearance of a tall handsome young man in a blue suit and black shoes and gloves.

His blue coat has yellow triangular buttons and he wears a white sleeveless shirt underneath his coat. Neuro's hair is mostly yellow with three reddish-black bangs in front.

neuro and yako relationship

He keeps triangular hairclips at the tips of his hair which, when tied together or bitten into provide Neuro with demonic energy. Neuro's black bangs appear to stand when Neuro senses a mystery nearby, acting somewhat like radars. Neuro doesn't keep his human form entirely human, as he still retains his sharp teeth, claws underneath the gloves and almost inhuman vibrant green eyes.

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Neuro's true demon form resembles a purple bird similar to a toucan or parrot. He has a large yellow beak with sharp teeth and small beady eyes in this form. He has a pair of yellow twisted horns on the back of his head and his ears appear to be covered in dark brown fur.

Neuro also has feathered arms in his demon form which he can use to fly as shown in the anime. In the manga, he does not have wings and states that he cannot fly.

He is later shown using the demon tool Evil Flyer in order to be airborne. Personality Edit Neuro is mostly a self-centered, sadistic and arrogant character, often focusing on getting the mystery as quick possible. As a demon, Neuro understands little on human feelings and is usually uninterested in the culprits' motives, though this becomes one of his weaknesses in the HAL arc. Neuro also commits blackmail and manipulation to achieve his goals. Neuro thinks of Yako as nothing more than a slave to use at the beginning of their 'partnership', and enjoys abusing and torturing her at every chance he gets; however, his most sadistic traits surface the most when he has been angered for no matter the torture, he has never inflicted serious damage upon Yako ; most specifically, in a situation similar to DR 's battle, one of the most violent displays of Neuro's sadistic nature so far in the series, going as far as to abandoning him to his fate in a river.

As the manga has progressed, Neuro has changed his views on humans. While he initially found humans interesting at best, he now shows some care and trust for them, specially for Yako; such as rescuing her several times in the series, leaving the responsibility of finding HAL's password to her, and even to give Godai and Sasazuka instructions to deal with Vijaya. Near the end of the manga, Neuro sees Yako more than a slave, but as a partner; although she gets caught into his torture habits, Neuro entrusts Yako to grow stronger and making sure his next arrival will be a world full of puzzles.

Abilities Edit As a demon, Neuro is most probably the most powerful being in the series when he is at full strength.

neuro and yako relationship

During his second encounter with X however, he reveals his genetic structure was becoming more "human" to adjust with the conditions in the Human World. Nevertheless, Neuro is still much stronger than a normal person and is still able to defeat powerful foes such as X and members of the New Bloodline, even in his drained condition.

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By consuming the criminal's mystery Neuro appears to drain them of their energy as well, since most of them either revert back to their non-monstrous form or become weakened. Neuro is able to take hard hits like gunshots and easily shrug them off in seconds. He also proclaims that when he first entered the Human World he could easily resist an atomic bomb, though this isn't actually demonstrated.

He also once stated that his body is able to stand a billion and thirty six degrees. With his gradual transformation into a human however his high endurance has become less apparent, and he is much more fragile than he was at the start of the series though still surpassing a normal person's endurance. Neuro has amazing strength in his entire body, being able to easily tear apart wood and metal with his bare hands and in one instance, dropping down from a tall building and safely landing on his tongue.

Shouki Miasma is the main source for his strength but since it's lacking in the human world, Neuro will be forced to use Demonic Energy to convert or replenish his strength.

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At one point in the series, he easily breaks several recording cameras just by snapping his fingers. He once showed to Godai that he can flatten a yen into a thin pizza-sized plate with just a shonen-jump book. Neuro is very intelligent and knowledgeable, being able to handle situations calmly and finding the best or most suitable solution to most problems. He had begun absorbing Human World knowledge since his entrance into the Human World, and in his first twelve hours he had already mastered knowledge equal to Yako's academic studies.

He has shown to have great tactical ability, foresight and even small detailed knowledge that can be used to create successful plans. In battle, Neuro always stays calm and collected. He never panics and always tries to stay a few steps ahead of his foe. After some snooping around, they manage to catch Aya's demented fan. Yako realises the fan couldn't have been behind the murders and tells Neuro, who immediately gives her some praise for at least knowing that fact.

They later attend Aya's concert, where Neuro throws Yako onstage during Aya's performance to reveal Aya as the killer. After Neuro gives the deductions on how the crime was done, Aya asks Yako to personally tell how she could come to that conclusion. Yako reveals Aya had done the crimes out of the need of loneliness, and Aya willingly gives herself in, stating her satisfaction in having the honor of Yako solving her crime. Neuro praises Yako again after the case and tells her he hopes to see her improve further to assist him in his search for the greatest mystery.

After Aya's case, news on Phantom Thief X begin circulating the media.

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Around that time, a new client requests Yako and Neuro to help keep an eye on his son, who had been acting suspicious recently. They come across the son's secret hideout where he had been cruely killing local pets and compressing them into boxes just like Phantom Thief X. Yako and Neuro eventually corner him with the help of some police officers, and he reveals his motive for copying X.

Neuro ignores him and reveals the real X however, and X is arrested by the police. X kills the officers in the car on the way to the police station however, and disguises himself as Yako to kill Neuro though Neuro isn't fooled and X escapes. X later captures Yako to use her against Neuro, and brainwashes her with the electronic drug. During the final battle against Sicks, Yako manages to turn XI back to her former identity of Phantom thief X by letting her see memories of Ai in her brain, effectively turning X to her side.

In his final moments, X says that it is thanks to her that he has found his true identity, and changes into Sasazuka to say his goodbyes, supposedly to make her cry as a mean of revenge for being defeated by her, but more likely as a way to thank her. Three years, later, Yako has become a worldwide famous detective, and is shown helping to capture terrorists in Mexico.

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neuro and yako relationship

Nothing to the casual observer that anything was wrong. But it could not be any farther from the truth than that She sat there holding his hand and watching him grow weaker. After his last fight with Sicks the demon has not healed like usual.

neuro and yako relationship

Neuro did not look so good, his skin was chalky and cracked, the black of his hair was gray and the blond was so dull. The demon was barely breathing and instead of his body radiating the usual heat he was cool to the touch.