Nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

Japan–Pakistan relations refer to foreign relations between Japan and Pakistan. Contents. 1 Postwar; 2 Mutual diplomacy; 3 High level exchanges. In addition, as the current year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship with India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and also the. Overview. Nepal and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan enjoy excellent bilateral relations. The two countries established diplomatic relations on 29 March

It formed a group with India and two other countries for strengthening its case and mustering the support of the various member countries of the United Nations.

nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

Pakistan supports increasing number of non-permanent countries and making the Security Council more democratic. Firstly, India is still an inferiority complex caused by its defeat in its war with China Probably it wants to equalise the status.

चीन खोलेगा नेपाल में रक्षा विश्वविद्यालय//China will establish defense university in Nepal

Secondly, India wants to be a power of Asia. If it gets a permanent seat then its status may not be less than China at least in the home continent. Thirdly, the problem of Kashmir is bleeding wound of India. It failed to neutralise the indigenous intifada armless movement launched by the Kashmiris for their right of self-determination.

Its status in the apex body of the United Nations may help it in this regard. Fourthly, the countries located in the region of South Asia have differences with India.

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The project is part of One Belt One Road initiative. It is mainly an economic project but it has certain political and strategic implications. It is a revival of the oldest international trade highway Silk Route.

nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

The Japanese companies are mainly engaged in the automobile sector. Japan felt the danger to its investment. However, its apprehension reduced its intensity due to a number of factors. Firstly, China and Pakistan invited all the countries to participate in the corridor. This offer encouraged Japan to think on the other side of the corridor ie cooperation. Secondly, despite territorial disputes with China, Japan wants to improve its relations.

The summit meetings between the two countries indicate that Japan wants to normalise its relations with China. Japan is a trade and investment-oriented country. It may not afford Chinese opposition in different regions of the world including the region of South Asia. It seems that this time Japan decided to go beyond U. S approach and protect its interests. Japan and Pakistan are working jointly on various projects. Both have the same opinion and stand on different issues.

Peace in the region of South Asia is a convergence between the two countries. Terrorism is also convergence as both countries have suffered from terrorist acts.

Japan and Pakistan desire peaceful solution of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is landlocked country.

Nepal–Pakistan relations

Its nearest access to the warm waters is the seaports of Pakistan. A country having interests in the region of Central Asia and wants to take benefit from the natural resources of the region, will have to support and play role in peace efforts in Afghanistan. Sino-Pakistan relations is also convergence. Japan is making efforts to have improved relations with China. Thus, normal relations between three countries may further strengthen their ties.

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Maritime Security is a problem which all the countries want to address jointly. Maritime rule of law will ensure smooth sailing of ships without any danger.

It expressed will of the participating countries for peace in the warm waters. Japan and Pakistan enjoy good economic relations. Continuity and Change in Economic Relations and Security Interests has written that Japanese companies Nichimen laid down its branch in Karachi in Another company Kanematsu Ghoso also founded its branch in Karachi.

Japan–Pakistan relations

The bilateral trade agreement was ratified between the two countries in According to the same source, Pakistan exported different items worth of million yen whereas imports stood at 1. It indicates the balance of trade in favour of Japan. Pakistan exported volatile oil, chemical products, textile yarn, textile goods. It imported automobile, machinery, steel. Pakistan and Japan have signed several mutual treaties in different areas.

Pakistan and Japan are engaged in dialogues and consultation in various fields aimed at improving cooperation and coordination. Security dialogue includes the areas of terrorism, security of the regions and other regional issues etc. Its sixth round was held on 20th April in Tokyo.

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Japan desires normal relations between India and Pakistan as it may create a peaceful atmosphere in South Asia. Japan and India have warm and good relations. Thus, it may play role in the solution of the problem of Kashmir. Japan played a momentous role in resolving Tamil problem in Sri Lanka in the s. The main challenge to bilateral relations between the two countries is CPEC. Pakistan has been reiterating its support for Nepal's sovereignty, territorial integrity and peaceful development.

nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

Following the rising diplomatic tensions after the Uri terrorist attackIndia announced its boycott of the summit, alleging Pakistan's involvement in the attack. Its meetings provides opportunities for the business communities of the two countries to meet and discuss business opportunities in each other's countries. There are Nepali students undertaking higher studies in the field of medical science, engineering, pharmacy, information technology, social science, management, and mass communication in Pakistan.

Pakistan provides long and short term training's to the government officials of Nepal. Besides, some Nepalese students have been studying in the areas of humanities and business administration on self-finance basis.

Pakistan has also provided short-term and long-term trainings to Nepal Army officers.

nepal and japan relationship with pakistan

After the devastating earthquake of Aprilthe Government of Pakistan sent immediate assistance to Nepal. It dispatched rescue and relief teams, food, water, tents and other relief material.

Pakistan took part in the International Conference on Nepal's Reconstruction and pledged support to Nepal. Security relations[ edit ] In recent years, both countries began developing military cooperation, with Nepal importing arms from Pakistan. Culture[ edit ] Nepal and Pakistan signed the Cultural Agreement in May which aims at promoting cultural relations, establishing inter-universities relations, and cooperation between Radio and Television.