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Obviously it allows me to help steer things and offer advice about what I Nariko is really defined by her relationships: with her father, Kai, her. animation video kai action nariko played voice scenes king cgi bohan acting graphics watching fight scene cut based movies animated. See more. As Nariko kept rubbing his back, Kai relaxed until his glare looked more . "So you're telling me I should break off any relationships between.

I can use my falcon vision to give Lloyd a warning of our findings. Everyone stood there, worried, before Hikari clapped her hands together, bringing them all out of the worried trance they'd fallen into. Kai shoved his hands in his pockets and frowned down at his feet.

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I guess we should get ready, then. She crossed her arms and shut her eyes, a rather uncomfortable look crossing her face. Like from a snake? I guess that means the Serpentine are back on the loose.

Seriously, that kid was like a baby glue stick; he refused to part ways with his 'mommy'. Both Nariko and Hikari were kind of scary in their own way. Nariko, despite having the darkness purged from her, was actually still incredibly scary intimidating around people, since she didn't really know how to act around people besides kids and the ninja. Hikari was just scary because Kai peeked around the corner, and Micah shooed him away.

Hikari smirked slightly at her kid before turning back to Nya and nodding, a more serious expression on her face. Nya, is what that 'Perfect Match' machine still weighing on your mind? And a machine's opinion is, to be bluntly honest, very screwy.

Like I told you back at Borg Industries, I don't need a machine's opinion on my love life," Nariko said quietly. With the exception of Zane and Pixal, most machines can't tell emotions from, say, a can of peaches. And yes, I'm aware that I sound like a Hallmark greeting card right now. I'm not saying you need to go around between those two trying to figure out what you want It'll also give Jay and Cole a break, and it'll give you as much time as you need to figure out what you really want," Hikari said quietly.

Nya blinked and stared at the both of them. Don't act romantic around them. Just act like you normally would with, say, Zane, or me, or Hikari. Just treat them like they're a friend. Or, if you have to, think of them like a brother.

I think I like that suggestion," Nya said slowly, twisting her hands together slightly and fidgeting with her Samurai X bracelet. It's more of a Band-Aid on the situation, though, because if I know either of them- and I do- they're just going to keep arguing," Hikari said, grimacing, "but it might cool down the conflict a bit. Okay, I'll go break it off right now," and Nya stood up, a small smile on her lips.

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I think I really needed that. Nya chuckled, before leaving the secluded corner they'd been in. So when Heavenly Sword came out, it had a lot riding on its shoulders. Luckily, the game delivered a thrilling action experience, complete with incredibly well-written and -acted cutscenes featuring the work of WETA digital and benefiting from both the motion capture and voice acting of Andy Serkis, also known as Gollum. The relationship between the two women and the rest of the clan, as well as the evil King Bohan, make up the bulk of the cutscenes.

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Still, all those characters needed something to say, and Rhianna Pratchett was the mind behind the script for the game. Rhianna was gracious enough to talk with us about writing Heavenly Sword, poking fun at Sony, and new content for Overlord.

Rhianna Pratchett is one of the writers trying to keep story and characterization strong in gaming, and as always her insights are both fresh and amusing. When you began writing Heavenly Sword, how much information did Ninja Theory give you?

They knew it was going to be an action game, obviously, but do you have outlines for each character, or did you create Nariko and company from scratch? There was actually a first-draft script in place when I came on board, which is as rare as rocking-horse poo in the games industry, it really is. So Nariko, Kai the two main characters in the gameet al. So character-wise there were some good bones then and some goddamn fantastic concept art! My job was to brainstorm the story, characters, relationship, themes, etc.

From that the cutscenes were drawn and visually scoped out. I remember you saying that you finished Heavenly Sword before Overlord.

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Script-writing for a game is an incredibly flexible process. It has to be due to the nature of games development. So the script was really written in sections as the level design got locked down and then folded together, and polished up all nice and fancy for the outside world.

Even a linear game does not mean a linear script-writing process. After I finished the main script, I also worked with the level designers to scope out and write the level dialogue—everything that occurs in a level but does not include cutscenes or ambient stuff.

When it came to the combat chatter we needed to hire another writer Andrew Walsh to help me out since there was a huge volume of dialogue that needed to be created. It also all had to not only change in tone and delivery depending on the actions of the player during the combat but be pretty much unique from encounter to encounter. So finishing the main script was by no means the end of my involvement. When voice acting goes tear-inducingly wrong!

Do you get nervous before seeing a final game to see how the developers took your script and translated it into cutscenes and dialog? It must have been easier knowing someone like Andy Serkis was involved with bringing your words to life.

Been there, heard that, cried myself to sleep.