Mystogan and erza relationship questions

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mystogan and erza relationship questions

Read Mystogan was Jellal from the story Who I am Jerza by BurningErza ( BurningErza Rabusa) with 24 reads. fairytail, jellal, I heard Erza said it's my first mission but it got a wrong move! She was "You asked many questions Titania.. now cut these thing off! . Jellal and Erza gets a little tangled up in their relationship. The Fairy Tail manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro . He has said that his father's death influenced the relationship between Natsu and the dragon . Abandoned at infancy by her mother, Irene Belserion, Erza is enslaved at the Tower of Heaven at age 11 and befriends Jellal. Laxus instead challenges him to a fight to prove which one of them is the strongest member of Fairy Tail, disregarding Gildarts and Erza. Mystogan states his.

He sees his actions as a game, even if said game results in the loss of lives, his very own included. After he was revived by Wendy Marvell, he suffered from amnesia and seemed to be somewhat afraid of the world. Though not remembering his own identity, he remembered Erza's name, respectively.

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As he learned of his sins, Jellal wished to die, as he believed it to be his only form of atonement, but Erza convinced that through living, he can find a way to make up for his past horrid deeds. Following these instances, even when arrested by the Knights, Jellal remained calm and even happy, just as he did when he was a child.

Mavis Vermilion even commented that Jellal possesses the same "heart" as those in Fairy Tail, in spite of the fact that he isn't an actual member. Seven years later, after regaining his memories and having returned to his original personality, Jellal is now a calm, mature, intelligent, and kind individual.

He has shown a cheerful side, as he often smiles when pleased, or when his friends are happy. While as "Mystogan", he makes sure he acts quiet and aloof, so as to not arouse suspicion to the fact that Fairy Tail is housing an escaped convict.

Despite this, he still feels he deserves punishment, as he told Ultear and Meredy that "punishment" is the theme of their guild. It is this guilt that keeps Jellal from responding to Erza's feelings, which he reciprocates, as he believes he doesn't deserve her. Despite his rather serious nature, Jellal does have a comedic side, as in his fight with Jura Neekis, where a direct result of Ultear sabotaging his battle with the Wizard Saint, he has fits of hysterical laughter, as well as reacting strongly to the sensation of peppers he had in his mouth.

Later, when he walked back to his teammates, Jellal felt ashamed, and stated that he had no words to describe his feelings of shame and embarrassment. She also served as the guild's 7th Guild Master during Makarov's absence in X which her age is Erza is a young woman with long, scarlet hair and brown eyes.

She lost her right eye as a child and now has an artificial one which was created by Porlyusica. She has a slender, voluptuous figure that Lucy Heartfilia described as "amazing. Her Fairy Tail stamp is blue and is located on the middle of her left upper arm. Erza's specialty in Requip Magic allows her to requip not only armors but different outfits as well, enabling her to change her attire at any given time.

Erza is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of the other guild members, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. This, coupled with her own tragic childhood, caused many of her guildmates to avoid her due to her social awkwardness.

mystogan and erza relationship questions

However, she has a great sense of justice and pride in being a member of Fairy Tail. According to Lucy, in the letter she wrote for her mother, Erza is "cool and beautiful, warm and full of passion", while to Erza Knightwalker, Erza is strong, cool and a little scary but relied on by everyone. Jellal, when he had lost his memories, remembering nothing but the name "Erza", said her name was "full of kindness, brightness and warmth".

Erza describes herself as someone who was always crying, since she wasn't able to protect those dear to her.

Several examples are when Rob tried to shield her from destruction, and when Jellal was captured because he saved her and was brainwashed by "Zeref". Also, Erza has stated that she feels uncomfortable and insecure when she's not wearing armor. However, when Erza encounters Ikaruga, she overcomes her fear and defeats her without her armor. Despite her reserved personality and mostly dressing in her conservative Heart Kreuz armor, Erza has been shown to have very little modesty and an unusual view on the concept in general.

Many of her armors are skimpy, revealing and feminine, and when out of armor she has an affinity for sexy and revealing clothing. He and Salamander went for a round and ended up destroying half of town. Council released him from prison like a year ago.

That was certainly unexpected. He had expected the council to either imprison or execute his counterpart for attempting to revive Zeref but he had a nagging suspicion that Fairy Tail had played a part in that decision. How they did it, he had no idea but he was happy for Erza. Mystogan knew of her relationship between the Earthland Jellal and there was no doubt that they were together by now.

Raising a hand, he waved at Lavin and set off for the guild. Since Earthland and Edolas were complete opposites of one another, did that mean he didn't stand a chance with Knightwalker? Because, he thought to himself grimly, things just seemed to be going quite badly for him.

The guild was rowdy as always, the faint scent of alcohol lingering in the air, the atmosphere warm and cozy. It was just as he remembered it.

Mira was behind the bar, busy serving different guild members as Cana drowned her sorrows in the corner with Macao and Wakaba. Levy was discussing ancient runes with Freed, while Gajeel glared daggers at the other man. Mystogan raised his eyebrows, surveying his fellow guild members in a secluded corner on the second floor. Well, this was an interesting development. More importantly, he couldn't see Makarov. He had really hoped to be able to speak to the master.

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He needed some advice and there was no one better than the man who was more of a father to him than Faust. His eyes closed wearily. What was he to do now? They stared at each other for what seemed like ages before Mystogan spoke again. What happened to you?

mystogan and erza relationship questions

His eyes widened as the small cat grew steadily in size until he was taller than the man. The two pulled away from one another. After a few minutes of bantering, he returned with two big mugs of beer. Handing one to his companion, Pantherlily sat down. What brings you back to Earthland, my Prince?

How did you even get back here? Swallowing, he leaned back in his chair. That only happens when you lose control of…" He sighed and told Pantherlily about all of the past events, the Devlin war, his magic and last of all, he told him about Knightwalker.

He told him every little detail in the hopes that his friend would understand, or maybe he just needed to say it out loud so that he could understand what was going on himself. I don't know why but I do. But at the same time, that thought pains me because I know I do. It makes me want to fall in love, and it makes me never want to be in love ever again. It makes me want to be happy, and it makes me want to be sad. It makes me want to accept everything, and it makes me want to throw it all away.

I probably know Knightwalker better than anyone, and from what I hear, she likes you. She clashes with you over your methods but in the end, the both of you are trying to do what's best for Edolas and that's what's important. Knightwalker doesn't like to show weakness. And she sees you as her weakness. Believe me, she's on your side. He raised it to his lips and was about to take another sip until a small bundle rammed into his waist, smashing him to the ground.

He fell to the ground painfully but his eyes widened in surprise as he recognized the person. He didn't know how to deal with crying children, so he settled with patting her on the back. Wendy beamed at him, choking back a sob. I don't believe it. It would be amusing to see Mystogan try to explain his romantic ideals to the child. He was almost tempted to tell Wendy but then it wouldn't do to anger the young prince now, would it?

Mystogan x Erza

He lost track of time as the three of them chatted away happily. He missed these good times when he could just forget his worries and spend the time relaxing, surrounded by friends and people who cared about him. He was tempted to stay behind in Earthland. He could do so by resuming his identity as Mystogan. Edolas had settled down now even without magic and he was sure there were more than capable people who could take his place. But could he do it? Could he just abandon Edolas and return to Fairy Tail?

A table smashed into the back of his head and he found himself face flat against the wall. Mystogan slid down the wall slowly and a dark figure loomed over him.

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That's my cat," Gajeel snarled, jabbing a thumb into his chest. I'm just talking to him," Mystogan protested. The dragonslayer huffed childishly. I won't let you take my cat! Was this guy serious? A thick book flew through the air and hit Gajeel squarely in the face and he fell backwards.

No one's trying to steal Lily.

mystogan and erza relationship questions

Quit being so paranoid, ok? Gajeel looked at her pitifully and said something unintelligible and Levy rolled her eyes. Pantherlily smirked at Mystogan, who was looking utterly bewildered. Soon, Natsu charged into the fray, flames shooting out of his mouth. Are they fighting without me? Levy shook her head in despair. She would never understand why men had to keep fighting. Mystogan turned back to Pantherlily but the cat had shrunken back to his chibi form.