Mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

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mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

The nature of the relationship between Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer is unknown, and seems to vary between productions. Due to the similarity of their. Webmistress's Relationship: Siblings That title belongs to both Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer) and I might make a shrine for him. I decided to get rid of that quiz, and re open a new section for trivia, 'Macavity's Very Evil and Sinister Cats. -elevators symbol the ups and downs of relationships How did the original London version of "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" differ from the . mu test 2.

Can they pull the show together in four weeks? Urban Legends The gang is bored on dark and stormy night, so they decide to go around and tell urban legends and ghost stories. Give me a V! After much begging and pleading, the gang give in to Rumpleteazer's and Mungojerrie's request to go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater, with other overly obsessed fans. As if wearing costumes, and listening to the other people yell at the screen. The terrible duo never told them about the Virgin Games.

When she introduces her to the gang, she takes to the females like they were old friends. But when the males try to get to know her, she pushes them away. Why does she hate toms so much? And what is the secrete she's keeping even from her cousin? But they all want to do something completely different from each other.

A fight breaks out, and soon it's friend against friends. Come Home Rumpleteazer spends a night over Bombalurina's and Demeter's. After seeing their happy family, Teazer begins to think of her family.

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Somethings definitely wrong with our favorite jellicles. Final Act Jellylourm always knew that it was coming, the day her father would die. But she was never fully ready for it. Girl's Night In Demeter and Bombalurina are having a sleep over, and they invite all the queens to come. Secretes are reveled, and there is a crazy game of truth or dare. After hearing about the last sleepover the toms plant cameras and microphones over the house so they can know what really goes on at a queens sleepover.

What they see is not what they expected. Two of a Kind How can two jellicles so different be the same? They all end up making a wish on the star. Mistoffelees magic somehow becomes unleashed, and the gangs wishes come true. Now their all living in a wish world, and Mistoffelees is the only one able to get them out.


Game Over Mistoffelees magic is causing trouble again. This time it transports them into one of Tugger's video games. Now they have to work together to find a way out of the game before they get a game over. He offers the two a ride home, and they accept. He's a speed demon, and the usually quite Demeter loves the ride, so he offers the two another ride.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

When Bombalurina finds out what her sister and her friend are planning on doing she tries to stop them before something bad can happen to them. Camp Complain The gang decide to go camping for a weekend, but soon find themselves wishing to be back in the city. But when Munkustrap and Rumpleteazer get lost in the woods, it;s up to the gang to find them. That is if the two don't kill each other first.

From Hatred to Friendship Demeter reluctantly lets Tugger give her a ride home from the coffee house. But when his car breaks down, they find themselves stranded in the rain. They soon find themselves discovering things about each other that they never knew before. Will friendship spark between the two. Beach Romance Bored, the gang take a ride down the shore for the weekend. As if the beach isn't enough fun, they also buy tickets for the rides on the boardwalk.

Hints of relationships begin to spark, and Rumpleteazer takes it upon herself to give the couples a little push -cough- shove -cough- in the right direction. Remember the First Time We Meet? Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots seem to be fighting all the time anymore. Talk of a divorce arise, but this doesn't go over well with Mungojerrie, Jemima, and Rumpleteazer. They try to spark love again between the two, by recreating their first date. Band Together The gang decide to start a band together, and soon finding themselves playing at the coffee house.

Things That Arent There Anymore: Leave it to my smart little sister to make a quiz with incorrect answers!

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

I hadnt gone through the quiz until a few months after we put the thing up because I thought QAK would have correct questions and answers. Well, I was wrong. These were a bunch of pages of pictures of the video actors with and without thier make up.

Due to Angelfire reducing our webspace from 50 mbs to just a mere 20 mbs, we had to rid of our pictures pages. We decided to just link externally to another website, which is currently Oriana's Moonlit Playground. We're grateful for it! Cat Nips - Video Bloopers Page: Just recently I decided to rid of this page. Its a very long and tedious page to do. They were nice for awhile, then some pissy and too extreme Cats fans came in and kept calling us 'Cats Haters' because, yes, we did make fun of some Cats, but really, we didnt mean it!

Our content was no where near what those Cat Hate sites are like. Saying our site was like those sites was a complete disgrace, and fighting was breaking out on the Polls page. Also, our original html page for the Polls page was lost somewhere on our old computer.

Quote by T.S. Eliot: “Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were a very notori”

Oh well, no big loss. Interesting Facts About Cats: These weren't that interesting really. So, we rid of it. All the power to QAK, who made every background, but we just didnt have room for them in our directory. And, the site took a long time to load, and she didnt want to redo her current site so. I guess thats gone for good. I dont know if we'll replace it. Big apologies from us to all of the wonderful fan art artists! As with the other pictures, we just dont have room for them in our directory.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

This RPG really was wonderful! I have been in a few RPGs, and this one beat them all. The RPGrs were more then excellent and did a great job with plots and storylines, as if we had our very own Cats Soap Opera! But sadly, after a year on the internet, the RPG died down. But, my love for RPGing was too strong so I had to start a new one.

mungojerrie and rumpleteazer relationship test

Basically, for the same reason all of our pictures pages, for the exception of our shrines, are down; not enough room in our directory! Besides, we love the video and all, but I must say my love for the video itself isnt as strong as it used to be. Which Cat Are You? This was actually just a joke test, and wasnt really anything worthwhile, except a laugh. I rid of it just because of other important things to work on during our big summer renevations, and didnt have time for it.

This might, yet might not, actually be replaced sometime. If it is, it will be a more realistic Cats personality test. Jaqueline But call me that and I will kill you. Brown hair, brown eyes. Mungojerrie, Rumpleteazer my main favs But I do like Tugger a lot too. Least Favorite Cat s: Yeah, yeah, you all can hate me now. Favorite Song s from Cats: It all depends on the production and version. Yes, the Ad Dressing of Cats! Least Favorite Song s from Cats: Yes, I have to be like the only one who really doesnt like the song Memory.

I like the more upbeat songs, not the slow and sad ones. I guess it depends on the actress singing. Favorite Line from Cats: Is that a hobby? Also, I like to draw and exercise as much as I can and sing to songs, even though I cant sing. The Cat most like me, and why: I guess I have a personality a lot like her. Mischievious and playful, a bit conceited If I could be in Cats, I'd be: I cant play a serious type, I dont think, I'd rather be the troublemaking clown.

And Rumpleteazer would be it!