Mrs hughes and mr carson relationship trust

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship trust

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, thank you for not living happily ever after. in that for the rest of us, for trust is the currency of all relationships. George I can see growing up with Thomas as his most trusted friend and . Mr Carson and Lady Mary are endearing but Violet and Isobel make I liked the family-like relationship Daisy had with Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason. Relationship and Marriage Author, Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson. So with It's these things that build trust, not secrecy. 3.

Always argue in a British accent Let's face it, everything sounds better in a British accent. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently proved it.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship trust

This leads me to believe that arguing in such an accent could mean one of two things for American marriages. One, we'll at least sound a bit more refined in the heat of the moment, that is if we go with a Received Pronunciation accent, rather than Cockney. Think upstairs Downton, versus downstairs. And two, it's possible that many arguments will end in laughter. After all, who can stay serious and angry when using words like "kerfuffle" and "tosh.

At least, for me. I can't even fake a British accent.

Why Downton Abbey's Mrs. Hughes And Mr. Carson Are The New It Couple - Role Reboot

Just ask my undergrad theater professor about the Shakespeare scenes I attempted way back when. That said, I can do a fairly good Scarlet O'Hara impression. But I have a feeling if I go Southern Belle during an argument, my husband Ted may just turn to me, hopefully with a wink in his eye, and say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. Don't keep secrets, they always have way of revealing themselves Should I list the number of Downton Abbey characters who have attempted to keep some sort of secret from someone, only to be found out eventually?

Even the Dowager Countess is included in the list of secret keepers. Her romance with a Russian Prince comes out several decades after the fact. While secrets in any relationship aren't ideal, secrets are especially damaging when they're between spouses.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship trust

So if a secret doesn't have to do with a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift, don't keep it from your partner. As seventeenth-century French dramatist Jean Racine once wrote, "There are no secrets that time does not reveal. It's these things that build trust, not secrecy.

Teamwork makes for a richer life "You've lived your life, and I've lived mine," Matthew tells Mary in season 2.

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You know, until Matthew was killed off in a car accident so actor Dan Stevens could pursue other things. Yes, I'm still a little bitter about that. It wasn't uncommon for Matthew and Mary's initial ideas on how a problem should be solved or a conflict addressed to be drastically different. Yet, with time and effort, the two always seemed to find common ground and reach compromise.

Or, if they couldn't agree, they still respected one another. Together, their teamwork allowed them to balance each other out and life was richer as a result. Not to mention, Mary was nicer.

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I think we'd all agree, that she was a much more likeable character when she was with Matthew. Kind of like Katniss with Peeta. But let's not get derailed Love can be comfortable "You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady," Mrs. Hughes, meanwhile, is the soul of efficiency. Unlike the other servants, they each have their own office. In the privacy of their chambers, Carson polishes the silver and filters wine in solitude, while Mrs. Hughes rotates linens and occasionally experiments with newfangled contraptions like the toaster.

5 Lessons on Marriage From Downton Abbey

Carson sits at the head of the table, and Mrs. Hughes at the foot. This is a very pleasant fiction, on levels—allowing for both a workplace where a sudden marriage between two professionals expected to remain single would be tolerated in these positions; and one where a lifelong housekeeper and butler would even have the emotional bandwidth to fall in love with another human being. Hughes are, not so subtly, a rehash of another fictional butler and the fictional housekeeper he was in love with—Mr.

Halfway through the book, for example, Stevens relates of a terrible evening where his father dies during an important dinner for his employer, Lord Darlington. When she is attempting to tell him how she feels: In fact, I cannot recall what it is you might be referring to.

Events of great importance are unfolding upstairs and I can hardly stop to exchange pleasantries with you.