Moyes and ferguson relationship quiz

Love & relationships Sir Alex Ferguson (left): 'When we discussed the "We unanimously agreed on David Moyes," Ferguson said in a .. Let It Ride: Almost Nobody Aces This '70s Car Everton manager David Moyes. No pressure, then "So what time was the Fiver published on the day Ferguson retired? You guys At least I'll remember the day he retired for the pub quiz. Feel I now have quiz. How to fix the tattered relationship between the football family and the media? Ban all. QUIZ: Name the starting lineups from the FA Cup final Antonio Conte now though as his relationship with Roman Abramovich had broken down. Wembley went to extra-time before Alex Ferguson's United lost out David Moyes reveals how close Toni Kross came to joining Man Utd in

The man who succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson was on Goals on Sunday this morning and it was pretty clear that he feels Ed Woodward was the man who prevented him doing the job to the best of his ability. Woodward succeeded David Gill as chief executive the same summer Moyes arrived and, if the former Everton manager's account is to be believed, there were clear teething problems as the accountant tried to find his feet in his new role.

Camped outside Old Trafford all day in the wind and the drizzle

David Gill had left which was a real big thing for Manchester United. He was someone who was very important to the club and to how things ticked along at the club. I should have gone into the job immediately. It was Manchester United's decision that it would happen on the first of July, which didn't please Everton or Bill Kenwright or anybody.

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We were in for the top players at the time. We didn't get them. Manchester United were in for the top players recently and they'll be in for them again this year. I think David Gill was someone who understands everything. And I think him and Sir Alex Ferguson had such a good relationship together that it really helped that club work.

There is a deep joy in my heart because of what you have shared with me, not only in this past year but over the years I have been in football. I always will" — Aston Villa's Stiliyan Petrov announces his retirement from the game, and his plan to set up a new foundation to help leukaemia sufferers. I blindly admired everything he did, and defended him against those who attacked his rudeness and his ruddy nose.

Obviously the news of his retirement has hit me pretty hard.

moyes and ferguson relationship quiz

Where do I sign up? You guys never really understood how Fergie time worked, did you? Surely better than Levein's …" — James Smith. At least I'll remember the day he retired for the pub quiz.

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Feel I now have some link to him. Thanks Lord Ferg for ruining my birthday" — Ian Henderson. Also, if you've nothing better to do you can also tweet the Fiver. Today's winner of our prizeless letter o' the day prize is: So here you go — sign up here to view profiles of the kind of erudite, sociable and friendly romantics who would never dream of going out with you. It's an opportunity for somebody and I back myself for most jobs in the Premier League," he deadpanned.

Assistant Aitor Karanka responded with some textbook mixed signals: Vietnam this summer — the first Premier League club to play there. Leopards don't change their spots," he idiomed. If you're interested, you can sign up here. Paolo Bandini on why Italians can't get over Lord Ferg's longevity — given the average life span of Italian gaffers.

If the Queen supported her local team and wasn't such a glory hunter, who would she follow?

moyes and ferguson relationship quiz

Test your wits with our football geography quiz. How to fix the tattered relationship between the football family and the media? Ban all journalists, says Marina Hyde.